President Trump drew thunderous applause at his North Dakota rally when he defended ICE-the Left’s latest target.

The Left has been waging all out  war on families and children. Suddenly they’re weeping crocodile tears for families and children who are separated at the border. They’re not only blaming President Trump for this decades-old problem, they’re blaming ICE for enforcing our laws.

They accuse one of our premier law enforcement agencies-ICE  of being uncivilized , inhumane, and violating Civil Rights in the way they treat people who break the law to enter the US.

Yet they have no problem with the FBI.

Isn’t it uncivilized, inhumane and a violation of Civil Rights to conspire in the destruction of a political opponent? Isn’t it uncivilized, inhumane and a violation of Civil Rights to frame an innocent man for crimes he didn’t commit? Isn’t it uncivilized, inhumane and a violation of Civil Rights to net in Patriot General Michael Flynn and other associates in the process of destroying a political opponent?

So they’re OK with an FBI that operates as the Deep State, thanks to its corrupt leadership. But ICE-ooooh they hate ICE.

In ICE’s defense Presdient Trump said,

“Politicians have called for a complete elimination of I.C.E. You know what would happen to parts of our country? It would be overrun with the worst criminal elements you have ever seen…These radical democratic protesters, they really want anarchy,” Trump hammered, “But the only response they will find from our government is very strong law and order…We will not tolerate attacks on our law enforcement,” Trump continued, “We will protect our law enforcement like they protect us. These are our people and we have their backs.”

But why did he leave this incredibly important aspect of ICE out?

It’s quite likely that along with ICE preventing the purposeful implosion of our economy through unsustainable migration, the Left wants ICE iced because they prevent human trafficking and child sex trafficking.

As stated on their website, the agency works tirelessly to uncover, dismantle and disrupt human trafficking. 

“In fiscal year 2016, HSI initiated 1,029 investigations with a nexus to human trafficking and recorded 1,952 arrests, 1,176 indictments, and 631 convictions; 435 victims were identified and assisted.  ICE continues to make human trafficking cases a top investigative priority, bringing traffickers to justice and connecting victims to services to help them restore their lives.”

Is it possible that President Trump doesn’t want to tip the Left off? Is it possible that his Administration is in the process of cracking down on the Left’s connections to human trafficking and child sex trafficking? Why haven’t we heard much from Anthony Weiner and Huma? What about that “insurance file” on Weiner’s laptop?

The arrest of a major perv-Joel Davis

Is it any coincidence that Joel Davis was arrested last Tuesday?

Davis was the chairman of the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict-an organization devoted to ending sexual violence. This lofty position covered a dark secret and probably allowed him to win trust and gain access to vulnerable children. He was arrested for soliciting sex with children as young as two years old from an undercover agent.

The Daily Mail UK reported,

Joel Davis “solicited an undercover FBI agent to send sexually explicit videos of minors….Davis allegedly told the agents that he was sexually interested in children of all ages. He is accused of sending the agents sexually explicit photographs of infants and toddlers, including some of the children engaged in sex acts with adults…’As if this wasn’t repulsive enough, Davis allegedly possessed and distributed utterly explicit images of innocent infants and toddlers being sexually abused by adults.”

Could the Trump Administration be harvesting tips from Weiner’s laptop?

This deviant monster possessed child porn depicting sexualization of children and small infants.  It’s been widely surmised that Davis worked on the Clinton campaign, although mainstream media hasn’t made the connection yet. Even if they did connect the dots, would we expect them to mention it?

Dear Left, You can’t “care about children” and child sex traffickers at the same time. Sincerely, Logic. 

The Left is OK with crooked FBI kingpins aiding in the take-down of a political opponent. The Left is not OK with ICE who protects women and children, from human and child sex trafficking.

Shouldn’t we find that suspicious?

President Trump is in the process of branding Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters as the face of the Democratic Party. The Democrat platform seems to stand for the “rights” of illegal vs Americans (anyone but Americans for that matter), higher taxes, baby-killing, anarchy, government corruption, identity politics, socialism, discrimination, fascism, censorship, flag-burning, cop-hating, anthem-hating, gun-grabbing, etc, etc.

Maybe it’s time to brand them the Pedo-Party?

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