President Trump’s victory was an answered prayer for sexually abused children.

The media has been oddly silent as President Trump has arrested over 1500 pervs involved in child sex trafficking rings in just one month. Compare that to Obama’s 400 arrests for a full year.

That’s funny. They’re not at all silent when it comes to shutting down stories about Pizzagate rather than investigating them.  Ben Swann of CBS46 was the only exception. To watch his video about the allegations regarding an enormous pedophile ring catering to Washington elites, click here…

This may be the last chance we have to protect our children from politicians who promote pedophilia, since it was on the fast track to becoming “normalized.” And even legalized.

Hillary would have been Obama in drag.

Pretty much everyone would agree that Hillary Clinton would have continued Obama’s legacy and further hammered any of his nails into America’s coffin.

We dodged a lot of bullets when Hillary blew the rigged election.

We dodged nuclear war, the TPP, being overrun with murderous “refugees,” the increase of Radical Islamic Terrorism in our country, Sharia Law, a nuclear war with Russia and the complete and total annihilation of our country through her “dream of open borders.” and competing Barrack’s radical transformation of America.

What is not appreciated often enough that we also dodged a bullet for the legalization of pedophilia and other perversions.  

We should appreciate it more. There has been no shortage of disturbing clues that point to Hillary’s war on children.

You can judge them by the company they keep…

Wikileaks revelations exposed her choice for Chief of Staff John Podesta as a possible satanic pedo perv setting  #Pizzagate in motion.

Wikileaks also exposed that the Clintons enjoyed numerous trips on the “Lolita Express” to Jeffery Epstein’s island.  It’s alleged that both Clintons engaged in sex with minors there.

Wikileaks again. Hillary Clinton had extremely puzzling ties to a convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby. Hillary got her off the hook with a lawyer who is also a convicted sex trafficker. BTW-Silsby now works for Amber Alert. Creepy. We might know more about it, but when Investigative Journalist Monica Peterson went to Haiti to investigate the Clinton connection to child trafficking she was murdered.

The Clintons were also pals with convicted serial child  molester and  Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

How many friends do you have that are pedos or child sex traffickers? Please by all means, comment below.

Hillary’s disdain for the lives and well being of children.

The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it~Margaret Sanger

Hillary said she  was “in awe of” and “enormously admires” Margaret Sanger. Unborn children didn’t stand a chance as Hillary promoted  “women’s health” and Planned Parenthood. Sanger would have been proud to see the “merciful” bloodbath still underway.

But the question always is,  if “women’s health” is so important-why not promote birth control instead of abortion, a  dangerous surgical procedure? Is it the illegal yet lucrative trade of human organ trafficking? Or something even more sinister?

Radicalized SHillaries love to celebrate  and brag about their abortions.

Hillary Clinton is so cold that she believes that even one minute before delivering a full term baby, that baby has no constitutional rights.  And that it’s perfectly OK for that  baby to be torn to shreds to abort it. Even though he or she would be  just one minute from being delivered as a whole and perfect little human being.  It’s beyond chilling.  But why not just deliver a baby one minute from being born and put it up for adoption?  Why would infanticide and dismemberment  be preferable?

There was even a petition for “after birth abortion.” People who are not psychopaths call that infanticide. If Hillary “won” and things kept trending in that direction, it wouldn’t be long until Susan Smith or Casey Anthony would have been their sheros. Maybe they’d join the terrorists in leading the next women’s march.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” ~George Orwell

That would certainly explain the transgender agenda. Confusion is a favorite tool of the globalist elite.

Hillary would have continued and expanded Obama’s legacy of jeopardizing children’s safety with the  trans-bathroom issue. That opened the Pandora’s Box leading to trans-scouting and  trans-sports and even trans-showers.

The Left has become aligned with and immune to degradation.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo  sank to a new low when he tweeted his take on the trans-shower issue. He claimed that 12 year old girls are the problem if they don’t want to see a male’s genitals in  the locker room.  A search to see if CNN disavowed their anchors comments was nowhere to be found. If  you find one, please feel free to share in the comments section.

But something truly evil went under the radar in 1015.

Obama and congress were set to legalize 12 perversions. Including bestiality, polygamy and pedophilia!

Watch this interview with former Republican Representative Tom DeLay.  Although it’s impossible to find this charge corroborated on mainstream media, it seems legitimate and is certainly worth the watch…

If true, this is incredibly sick but not at all  far fetched. Canada’s Prime Sinister, Justin Trudeau legalized bestiality last June. Why?

How is that not animal abuse? Or just downright disgusting? And for what purpose would it be legalized? Who are they trying to protect? What are they trying to promote? How many people were pushing for this law change?

Not that the left cares about the percentage of the population that demands laws or those affected by passing them. If that were true, we wouldn’t have seen the transgender bathroom issue. That effects less than 1% of the population, but the laws would adversely affect 99% of the population. (minus the radicalized lefties)

The Radical Left is compelled to promote  perversion.

Wikileaks revelations expose that many who are in power are truly Luciferian. Only Satan himself would be happy about laws that defile and destroy the most innocent and vulnerable. He would also relish the war on Jews and Christians.

Isn’t it interesting that many of these perversions are also Islamic “religious” practices for those who practice Sharia Law? So this may have been a clever way to pave the path for the  invading army of “refugees” that she was planning to flood our country with. Ripping up our constitution was another goal of both Obama and Clinton. How convenient. There were many reasons that they wanted to rip up our dusty ol’ constitution. But one reason could be that our constitution forbids immigration from those who practice  Sharia Law.

Certainly the only “god” that would be pleased by a “religion” that practices rape, gang rape, honor killing, child marriage, polygamy, wife beating, murdering homosexuals,  the genocide of Christians and Jews, bestiality, genital mutilation, beheading and making snuff films is the god of the underworld.

So that might explain the otherwise inexplicable common bond between these two seemingly opposite groups. Radical Islamists and the Radicalized Left.

Both groups are  aligned with perversion, hatred and Luciferian practices.

Whether they know it or not. Or admit it or not.