The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Soon the war of Fake” words will be over. State sponsored MSM is Freaking out!!!!

When President Trump suggested that they move the press briefing room to a different room MSM went ballistic! Why? It’s an assembly room. With 4 walls. Oh yeah-and it’s still in the White House.

We all know why. They want full control of the narrative.  President Trump wanted to  move it, not to annoy them, but to invite more journalists to cover the events.

It’s called access. And transparency. 

That they would fight such a concept blows the covers off their own seedy motives.

Pres. Trump  has upped the ante by reserving  four  SKYPE seats so more journalists can partake in the process of government and enjoy our constitutional right to freedom of speech and the press!

Another UGE advantage is that the more cameras and witnesses are available, the less easy it’ll be for MSM to twist and skew facts per orders of the powers that be.

Trump continues to defy the  establishment.

Elite globalists flipped out when he appointed Breitbart’s Steve Bannon as his Cheif Strategist. Not only did he not back off, he’s adding 2 more Brietbart-ers to his team.

National security editor and total badass Sebastian Gorka is expected to  be part of the National Security Council.

Laura Hahn will work under Steve Bannon. Hoo boy! The left was outraged! Why? Are they no longer the champions of women’s rights? Is she too young? Do they prefer that snake people have no opportunity and success?

Frosting on the cake.

Breitbart is kicking ass with more followers than any mainstream media outlet.  With typical brilliance they’ve amped up their credibility by snagging some top talent from MSM sources.

Politico reports,

Breitbart is hiring more reporters from mainstream media outlets, continuing a trend as the populist and nationalist website expands in Washington and beyond.

Sam Chi, a senior editor at RealClearPolitics, will be an editor. Kristina Wong, previously from The Hill, will cover the Pentagon and Department of Defense. Sean Moran, a policy analyst for Americans for Prosperity and the Chamber of Digital Commerce will be a policy reporter. The hires were reported by Axios.

John Carney from The Wall Street Journal was hired earlier this month to lead a new finance and economics section.

Mainstream Media is comprised of pathological liars. Even when put on notice they just can’t stop themselves.

Breitbart reported 3 lies they told on Trump’s first day!

Lie #1: President Trump was focused on the crowd size at the inauguration. He mentioned it in passing in his speech at the CIA, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer took the media to task for trying to downplay attendance figures. But to say — as CNN’s Anderson Cooper did — that crowd size was Trump’s focus on his first day in office is simply absurd. On Cooper’s program Saturday, CNN played a clip of Spicer’s first press conference that only mentioned the crowd size issue — leaving out Spicer’s preceding comments taking a journalist to task for reporting, falsely, that Trump had a bust of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. removed from the Oval Office. The crowd issue was secondary — but CNN chose to focus on it because it was less of a slam-dunk against the media than the bust. Whatever the numbers on Inauguration Day, Spicer’s point was that the media were more interesting in undermining Trump, and promoting anti-Trump protests, than in covering the actual news of the day.

And let’s not forget the inauguration photo they blasted showing no attendees-because the area hadn’t opened yet! Other photos showing the massive attendance were quickly published to refute the propaganda. BUSTED!

Breitbart continues,

Lie #2: President Trump insulted the CIA. Extending the faux outrage at Lie #1, the mainstream media criticized Trump for talking about crowd size in front of the CIA’s memorial wall for agents who have died in the course of their duties. The media showed considerably less concern when President Barack Obama spoke before the same wall about the release of the prior administration’s interrogation memos, impugning the integrity of the CIA and giving valuable intelligence to terrorists.

Lie #3: The anti-Trump protests in Washington, D.C. were important. The protests were nothing more than the venting of outrage at Trump’s election. For all the talk of “women’s rights,” there was nothing particular to point to that Trump had done about anything relating to women. The demonstration was large, but also disorganized, as well as vulgar, and protesters left heaps of trash over the various routes they took, including protest signs abandoned at Union Station as they left the capital.

These arrogant bastards aren’t used to having their covers blown. Well the elite insider party is over now! The truth will prevail!

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