President Trump’s War on Pedogate gained steam with the passage of 3 new Bills.

Mainstream Media stubbornly refuses to focus on the President’s war on Pedogate.

Instead, MSM obsessively chases elusive Russian unicorn fairy tales to captivate their programmed audience. Don Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer for opposition research during the campaign dominated the headlines this week. It’s already backfiring and strongly pointing to a set-up from the dirty Dems.

Russian slander is front page news while accomplishments and hope are buried.

Real issues are buried as well. Such as the pedophilia epidemic .

If Pizzagate/Pedogate were exposed MSM would be as well.

Pizzagate was the tip of the iceberg. Pedogate is the larger global web.

It’s no surprise that  the media doesn’t want to cover President Trump’s war on pedophiles. If they covered the amount of arrests, and the actual number of missing children, that would be an admission that there’s a massive problem.

It would also expose the media’s massive problem of not  covering Pizzagate.

Instead of covering Pizzagate, MSM has covered it up.

They’ve suppressed all questions, theories and investigations. As we all know, Pizzagate was brought to light through Wikileaks after John Podesta’s email was hacked  (his password was “password) Pizzagate involves allegations based on code words and “art”  that an elite group of pedophiles was operating out of Comet PingPong- a pizza restaurant in DC.  Some that were implicated included John Podesta, his lobbyist brother Tony, Hillary Clinton and Obama himself.

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The media delivers the narrative to the curious public that the idea of an elite ring of pedophiles is absolutely absurd and nothing more than “alt right conspiracy theories.” They ignore ample historical evidence to support that elite pedo rings have, in fact, existed and claimed many young victims.

Unlike the 80’s when pedo busts and milk cartons dominated the headlines, the media has coordinated a massive cover up. Therefore, the media can’t report a successful war waged on pedophilia because then they’d be forced to admit that the rampant epidemic exists.

They would be forced to admit that Pizzagate is at least, a real possibility.

See Jeff Sessions addressed Pedogate. It’s No “Conspiracy Theory.”

DC Pedo Swamp monsters must be freaking out.

President Trump has launched an aggressive war on human trafficking. In particular, he is targeting the biggest scum on earth-pedophiles. 


  • There were 1500 arrests of pedophiles in the first month that President Trump took office.
  • Last February in a press conference President Trump said “I want to make it clear today that my administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking.  And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government to the federal and at the federal level, and the other highest levels, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem.”
  • Los Angeles “Operation Broken Heart IV” resulted in the arrest of over 186 child predators last month.
  • Jeff Sessions spoke before an audience of 1500 law enforcement officers on the issue of child sex trafficking.  He said that “the scourge of child sexual exploitation is getting worse.” He made it clear that this administration was going after this scum.
  • Over the past few weeks the House has passed more than a dozen bills that are related to human trafficking.
  • Today 3 bills were passed. The Frederick Douglass Act is the main bill. The bills all passed unanimously. It’s hard to imagine the publicity that a member of Congress would receive for publicly opposing them.
Today President Trump announced the passage of 3 Bills that will fight this evil epidemic.

And he’s only just getting started. President Trump will surely join PM Theresa May in her promise to take the lead to end human trafficking.

Did someone say Russia?

Brace yourself for plenty more Russian allegations, absurd articles of impeachment, Antifa riots or whatever else the political opposition and the media can cook up to bury this important news.

These bills will fight human trafficking for all victims, which is great news for everyone.  It’s especially good news for children who are victimized by the evil pedophilia epidemic.

It won’t be such good news for the DC elite who engage in this abomination.

The political pedos’ distress is due to their own culpability and the real possibility that they’ll be flushed to the surface and held accountable. Those individuals engage in disgusting acts that prey on children for their warped personal pleasures.

Some theories suggest that for the political elite who have this proclivity, being able to blackmail them with captured video is one of the “fruits” yielded by massive surveillance.

Another common theory suggests that some politicians have been set up. The theory is that they were drugged and photographed in compromising positions with children by DC thugs to control them through blackmail.

But it’s not just these individuals who view President Trump’s war on Pedogate as a serious threat. Part of the Globalist agenda involves preying on our children.

Drain the pedo school swamps.

There’s another way the Globalist elite is sexually molesting our children-through our taxpayer funded school swamps.

The Globalists destroy our children’s precious innocence and natural development by introducing  them to explicit sexual information at inappropriate ages.

Their “teachers” aka groomers are using the classroom to destroy our children’s innocence and break down their intuitive boundaries.

“Schools” are promoting the transgender agenda to kids as young as 3. Kids in elementary school are being “taught” age-inappropriate subjects such as gay marriage, oral sex and anal sex. Just because it’s all framed in a text book or presented in a classroom, it is in fact, inappropriate and pornographic.

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Parents have meekly allowed the state to wreak havoc on their children’s psyche.

Parents are allowing government employees in school swamps to  sexually abuse their children under the guise of teaching about “health issues” or “preventing bullying.” They can call it whatever they want. it is in fact,  psychosexual abuse.

Rampant Pedophilia and Sex Trafficking is a spiritual issue.

President Trump is battling many enemies on many fronts.

But given the dark nature of these crimes against children it could be argued that the head of snake is not George Soros or the Rothschilds, but Satan himself.

We’re not just embroiled in an epic Globalist battle for money,  power and world dominance. It’s the epic battle of good vs evil.

Continued prayers for President Trump, an end to the Luciferian epidemic of child exploitation and prayers that  God will heal this planet.

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