In spite of tremendous obstacles due to an attempted coup, President Trump signed more bills into law than the last four administrations.

It gets better-not only has President Trump signed more bills into law than his predecessors, the Republican led House has passed more bills than any other House in the modern era!

The Washington Times published news about a report from House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

“To date, President Trump has signed 37 bills into law, placing him ahead of the last four administrations,” the two Republican leaders noted in a report issued Thursday.

At this point in his presidency, President Obama had signed off on 24 bills. President George W. Bush signed 15, President Clinton 33 bills and President George H.W. Bush 35.

The two leaders had other news of interest to voters weary of a do-nothing Capitol Hill.

“The Republican-led House has passed 158 bills, making it the most productive in the modern-era,” the pair said in their report, noting that during the equivalent passage of time in the Obama administration, the House passed 131 bills.

The lawmakers had passed 67 bills at this point during the George W. Bush era, 60 during Mr. Clinton’s time in office and 41 during the George H.W. Bush administration. Mr. McCarthy says it’s “record Congressional productivity to date.”


The Mainstream Media successfully  painted a picture of a congress in ruins. They implied that with all that’s going on, very little was getting done. It seemed that with all that was going on, even alternative media swallowed a bit of that toxic blue pill.

The lies are off the hook. 

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand eloquently stated the following lie, “Has he kept any of his promises?” she asked. “No. F— no.”

Numbskull  Nancy Pelosi came out AFTER the epic fail of Comey’s hearing on Thursday and said that President Trump is a job killer!  Whaaat? Put the old dog down and out of her misery please!

If you want to ruin your weekend, her statements can be seen here. Check out those eyes, huh?

The Leftist media’s message that President Trump and the “sluggish, weak” Republican Congress are unable to accomplish anything due to “being plagued with scandals” is a bold faced LIE.

I often say that the Democratic Party is the party of depravity, destruction and death. Leaving deceit off the list is a mistake that will not happen again.

Obviously the  only ones that aren’t working on behalf of their constituents are the Democrats akaThe American Left Globalist Party. Joining hands with the RINOs, their entire focus-ironically-has been to interfere with our election.

The Dems earn their hefty paychecks by lying, smearing, obstructing, and utilizing every connected media platform they can find. They sucked up our resources and polluted the minds of millions of Americans with the Russian/Trump conspiracy hoax. A fraud perpetuated on the public unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Gillibrand made another classy statement. “If we are not helping people, we should go the f— home.” If only she meant it.

Imagine what President Trump could accomplish if he weren’t battling so much evil on so many fronts!  Pass this good news along to weary Trump supporters and Trump bashers. In spite of the Dems, not because of them, he is MAGA!

What is your favorite Trump success so far? Comment below!

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