WaPo reporter Dave Wiegel was busted for posting a phony pic depicting empty stadiums in President Trump’s Pensacola, Florida rally.

“Journalist” Wiegel had posted a pic purposely depicting what seemed to be a weak turnout at the rally. He was there. He had to know the rally hadn’t begun. 

President Trump hit back hard. He tweeted the following:

Weigel apologized. Apology not accepted.

MSM and Hillbots are livid because although the “journalist” “apologized” President Trump said he should be fired. So now they’re  the victims because big bad  Trump won’t accept his “apology.”  

MSM hit back with their beta fists.

MSM is the victim  now. Along with their rabid followers, they cry out that President Trump is attacking our First Amendment.

None of them complained when Hillary threatened to shut down Breitbart or Alex Jones. They do not complain when George Soros’s Media Matters, Face Book, Twitter, You Tube and Google continue to censor, demonetize and shut down free speech from conservative voices.

President Trump is not attacking free speech. He is attacking false speech.

If they want to exercise their right to print false news then they need to call themselves what they are-tabloids or bloggers. They need their press credentials and WH press passes revoked.

Then let them write whatever garbage they want about empty stadiums, Obama deserving credit for the Trump effect in the stock market, Russians interfering with our elections, downplaying the violence of Radical Islamists, Melania’s high heels, the President’s 2 scoops of ice cream or whatever nonsense makes them happy.

But they cannot continue to write propaganda to divide this country.

Obama conveniently repealed our propaganda laws in 2013,  allowing propaganda to be used against American citizens. He revived Operation Mockingbird in September of 2016, allowing FBI agents to pose as journalists.  These actions gave birth to the virulent Opposition Party/Media. They need to be reversed.

The RT Option

Russian hysteria was promoted by our own fake news mainstream media. The Russian Collusion Hoax was not seeded in truth, but in opposition research aka fictitious opposition slander. 

Ironically, in response to our own fakestream media, the Justice Department insisted that RT,  Russia’s news outlet, register as a foreign agent.

Since American  media is clearly working on behalf of Globalist interests rather than American interests, they ought to also be forced to register as foreign agents.

“Apologize later.”

Lefties wail that because Weigel apologized with a correction,  President Trump is being mean  by doubling down and suggesting that he be fired.

However, President Trump was not born yesterday. “Apologize later”-after the damage is done- is the oldest trick in the book.

Again, Weigel cannot possibly be sorry because he was there. He knew the rally hadn’t started. Is he saying he snapped a quick pic and headed home?

#NeverTrumpers latch onto the printed lies and never notice or acknowledge corrections. Their attention is easily diverted to the next yummy lie du jour. 

All that divides us as a country is access to truthful information. The flow of truthful information is the Globalists’ worst nightmare. 

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