President Trump will find solutions to help Venezuela.

The country is collapsing under widespread violence and hunger. President Trump is taking the plight of the country very seriously. He reached out to Colombian President Santos to help Venezuela.

When they met at the Oval office the two leaders discussed how they can work together to put a halt to the shared  problem of drug trafficking.

President Trump also asked  President Santos to help to put an end to the crisis in Venezuela. He stated that the US will offer humanitarian aid.

From the official White House transcript.

President Santos and I also discussed the deteriorating situation in Venezuela, and it is really in a very bad state, as you see and as we all see through the media.  The stable and peaceful Venezuela is in the best interest of the entire hemisphere, and America stands with all of the people in our great hemisphere yearning to be free.

We will be working with Colombia and other countries on the Venezuelan problem. It is a very, very horrible problem.  And from a humanitarian standpoint, it is like nothing we’ve seen in quite a long time.

….  Venezuela was a very, very wealthy country, just about the wealthiest in your neck of the woods, and had tremendous strengths in so many different ways.  And now it’s poverty-stricken.  People don’t have enough to eat.  People have no food. There’s great violence.  And we will do whatever is necessary — and we’ll work together to do whatever is necessary — to help with fixing that.  And I’m really talking on a humanitarian level.”

President Trump puts Obama, Hillary, and Bernie Sanders to shame.

The Wall Street Journal stated that Obama was “shamefully silent” on the Venezuelan crisis.

Some of Hillary’s emails revealed her direct sabotage of the country. Thank God she didn’t “win,”  although she and her Hillbots are still having trouble processing that.

Aside from the loss of faith in the integrity of our election system, it’s no loss for America that Hillary stole Bernie’s hard fought bid. 

Bernie Sanders’ socialist visions have largely been discredited, thanks to the Venezuelan crisis. All but the most ardent Brain Dead Bernie fans can see the nightmare and the parallel universe of a Bernie-run America.

Supporters and some in the media claim that Bernie never praised such hardcore policies. However, he has actually stated “I am a socialist and everyone knows it.” And no one can dispute this video that captures him praising breadlines in communist countries…

When the policies he’s been pushing all his life had a massive fail in Venezuela he found himself on the hot-seat. While he was campaigning he was interviewed by Univision’s León Krauze. Bernie refused to answer questions about Venezuela.

Bernie’s socialism was a siren song for snake people and others who were slipping through the cracks and living in the death throes of the American Dream.

His message was  both dangerously seductive and destructive.

Bernie promoted a sense of entitlement. He campaigned on free education, free healthcare and “wealth redistribution” by sucking the ambition out of the wealthy and punishing them for success with outlandish tax burdens.

As for his “redistribution of wealth, I’m still waiting for my check from him.

Bernie also fostered raging envy, jealousy and resentment of successful people. The Left has a hypnotic superpower of fooling their followers into ignoring how incredibly wealthy the the Dems are.

If Bern’t out voters really looked at the Venezuelan parallel universe, would they still be asking for a “free ride?” Probably not. Which would explain the lack of outcry from the Globalist Left for the once super-wealthy country that has dissolved into a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions.

The Globalist Left and their PR firm, MSM will not appreciate this.

It’s one more narrative-crushing success that they’ll have to black out.

For starters, it will make Hillary, Obama and Bern-Bern all look really bad. Rightly so. But there’s another big problemo with President Trump’s compassion, generosity and friendship. Venezuela is full of………..Hispanic people.

God help us all with what loud noise they’ll create to drown that one out!

Prayers for Venezuela!

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