President Trump’s budget required that welfare recipients work for Food Stamps.

The Dems howls of course. Free food is a great method to bribe voters and an awesome way to keep minorities weak, suppressed and dependent.

Naturally those on food stamps weren’t happy. But they will be.

Breitbart reported that “President Trump wrote in his letter to Congress, “We must reform our welfare system so that it does not discourage able-bodied adults from working, which takes away scarce resources from those in real need. Work must be the center of our social policy.”

There are many fiscal reasons for doing away with free food stamps. Aside from balancing the budget, there’s the element of abuse. And it’s not fair to the rest of Americans who work long hours and still can’t feed themselves and/or their family properly due to being overtaxed on their paycheck.

The Left paints this as cruel. But it’s more like “tough love.” 

“Being unemployed takes a tremendous toll on a person.  The more a person depends on the government for sustenance, the more they become comfortable wallowing in poverty.  The more elusive success and the American Dream becomes.

On a soul level they’re far from reaching their potential or seeing their personal mission in life unfold. That’s soul crushing . They’re nothing kind about that.

The longer a person is unemployed the more unemployable they become.  Sadly there are many employers who won’t consider hiring someone who has been out of work for more than 6 months. Some especially cold hearted employers only hire people who are already working!

Without the daily ‘workout” they become like a flaccid muscle. Precious years of resume building, skill development and growth are lost. It looks like a gift when in fact, it’s robbery. Not just on a money level. It’s worse. It’s precious time stolen.

The work for food stamps program not only gets recipients back into the habit of setting their alarm clock, it offers job training. This is the perfect opportunity for them to train in something that would align with their talents and abilities. It’s not just a ticket to a j-o-b, it’s a ticket to a career. Not that every day is a cakewalk in any workplace. But the satisfaction of a well earned paycheck is a real confidence builder and offers opportunities to advance.

If a person cannot find a job immediately they can work through volunteering. Not only does volunteering build a resume, it takes a person outside themselves. Nothing can lift the soul more than doing something beneficial for others.

3 quotes that sum up why it’s great to work for food stamps.

1) “We are no longer going to measure compassion by the number of people on these programs. We’re going to measure compassion by how many people we can get off these programs.” ~White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney

2)“In America we worship God, not the government.” ~President Trump

3)“Give a man a fish: you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish:you feed him for a lifetime” ~Maimonides

It’s always interesting to note that the cities that have fallen to the depths of despair, poverty and ruin are run by democrats.

As this work for food stamps program is going into effect,  Los Angeles County Supervisors want to expand their food stamp program by 50%. They’ve even put together a marketing team to advertise the freebies. They don’t want to give money back to the government that they don’t use.

Obviously the Dems will gasp in horror at the thought of people having to work for food stamps. It’s another hammer to use against the Trump administration. George Soros will probably fund some anti-hunger group to create more havoc and anarchy.

But there is only good in this.
  • Food stamp abusers will drop out of the program.
  • Remaining recipients will probably choose healthier foods.
  • Those who remain will be contributing to their own lives as well as to the country.
  • If volunteers are used to clean up the urban decay of Democratic leadership, the environment will be cleaner, healthier and more uplifting.

What do you think will be  some other benefits for people who will work for food?Comment below!

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