President Trump delivered a MOAB Easter Message and Made America Proud Again.

This was a week that should be remembered for centuries to come. Not just for military victories that have rocked the world, but for President Trump’s epic MOAB Easter message last Friday.

The MSM is locked into headlines blaring baseless Trump/Russia allegations instead of trumpeting massive victories that should make all Americans cheer.

President Trump dropped a MOAB on ISIS, killing at least 100 of them. He showed us his strategic brilliance by forging an alliance with China. As a result, they’ve joined us in pushing back against mad man Kim Jong-Un.

Our fairly elected President is orchestrating military, peace keeping and trade strategies simultaneously,  around the globe.

He dropped a basket of bombs in an epic  MOAB Easter message. 

It was one LIB Bomb after another:

  • Respected the Jewish celebration of Passover.
  • Showed reverence of  the Jewish people.
  • Recognized the State of Israel.
  • Respected Christians celebrating Easter.
  • Hammered in that greatest threat to religious freedom is terrorism.
  •  Recognized and respected all religions, including Muslims and Hindus.

With a  final and subtle Obama Bomb he acknowledged those of us still struggling, thanks to the last 8 years. He gave us hope and promised to heal our situation.

Wow! In your face “Liberals!”

Our President is not afraid to call upon God, to protect our country, our first amendment rights, and to recognize and call out our enemies.

If  “Liberals” were celebrating  the holidays, this must’ve put a damper on things.

Have you ever seen a Presidential Easter address like this? Comment below!

The entire address can be seen here…

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