President Trump whipped out the presidential pen aka his new magic wand.

It’s the first Monday of a new era for Americans.

On his first official workday President Trump has already protected our nation by signing the order to reject the TPP!

We didn’t just dodge a bullet, we dodged a nuclear missile.

Had Hillary “won,” the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal absolutely would have been passed. Hillary helped to craft it and hailed it as the “gold standard.” She only publicly denounced it once she saw it could cost her votes. Creepy VP choice, Tim Kaine  was hot for it.

The highly secretive TPP was not crafted by our government officials, but by 600+ banks and corporations. They had more access to the bill than our own members of Congress. Talk about a conspiracy!

Some of the corporations included chemical giants Monsanto and DuPont. Most of the contents were not disclosed, but some that were disclosed included deregulating and removing oversight of our banking and credit industries, removal of labeling for products-(including food) to display country of origin. This would have included GMO content as well.

It also would have made it nearly impossible to file suits for damages against large corporations. So for example, the TPP would have allowed Monsanto to destroy the world’s food chain with GMOs and left farmers and citizens with no recourse to sue for damages for destroying their crops or suffering health consequences. It also penalized businesses for favoring USA owned businesses.

The TPP was an instrument of the global agenda.

It would have paved the way to remove our borders and dissolve our country into  Hillary’s “dream of open borders.” And her masters’ dream of a New World Order.

One of the scariest parts about this trade deal is that the public had so little knowledge about it. And because it was a trade deal it wasn’t sexy or exciting so it was a bit of an eye glazer. It underscores the importance of being diligent in digging for truth in our government. And not relying on Mainstream Media to inform us.

Our last administration promised transparency but that was one of many deceptions. This bill was anything but transparent. It was secretly designed to “fundamentally transform” aka destroy our country.

Had the irrational show-offs at the Manipulated Women’s March bothered to educate themselves instead of ogling their idols who publicly grab their own p*ssy, would they still be crying for Hillary and her TPP?

Sadly,  many of the radicalized left are doomed to the soul death of misdirected hate.  They’ll remain clueless about how lucky they are with our new President who looks out for ALL of us – even them.

Please share this so left-leaners who still possess  their faculties can join us in sending out a  BIG THANK YOU  to President Donald Trump!