President Trump has proposed building the wall out of solar panels! How awesome is that?

Here’s 5 ways the solar proposal for the wall is a winner:

Win #1 The wall  would pay for itself.

The electricity generated would allow the wall to pay for itself.

The bonus win here is that a self-paying wall would disarm the Leftist opposition in Congress. They’d have a hard time explaining #resisting funding the wall.

President Trump will revisit  funding of the wall with Congress in September.

Win #2  Mexico could pay

In a funny twist, if the electricity generated were to be sold to Mexico, another campaign promise would be fulfilled.  Mexico would end up paying for the wall.

A bonus win would be more money to #MAGA.

But it’s not a smack in Mexico’s face. They would benefit by having another energy source for their country.

Win #3 In-your-face Paris Climate Accord!

This proposal comes just a few days after President Trump shook up the Globalist establishment by pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.

If we don’t hand over billions to the UN Green Climate Fund  for addressing “climate change”(translation-paying ransom to other countries to stop polluting)  we could use that money to improve our water, air and earth.

A bonus win would be the mud-pie hurled at the weaponized  environmentalists. Green Soros-funded NeverTrumpers would gnash their teeth in bitterness if he were to construct the wall out of something they “believe in” so passionately. Their heads will explode with bitter confusion. If only they thought of it first.  But creativity from the Left is dead thanks to cerebral pollution from toxic hate.

Win #4  Border security.

Obviously another big win is that it would keep our border safe. Even without a barrier, President Trump has reduced illegal crossings by 70% in just 4 months by enforcing laws that are already on the books.

The wall not only protects us from gangs, cartels, and other unvetted unsavory characters, it protects our economy from being imploded due to job loss and burdensome “entitlement” programs.

Win #5 Protection from terrorists.

Since we’re faced with the additional problem of terrorists crossing through our vulnerable borders, the obstruction from the Globalist Left is as always, very telling.

Thank God we have a President that actually wants to see the nation remain intact and protect his people rather than be complicit in murdering them.

The solar wall design was presented by Gleason Partners.

Balancing nature and the budget

A painful fact that the greenies don’t want to face is that the manufacturing of solar panels is detrimental to the environment.  Another stumbling block with the Left is that pros and cons of all decisions need to be weighed.

IMO,  the benefits of a solar panel wall would outweigh the cons. Not sure how it would work as a barrier, but it sounds great. Anyway it will be fun getting under the skin of the climate criers and other Trump-haters in a constructive way.

This would not only be innovative but would lead the way to greater prosperity, safety and energy independence.

What do you think of this idea? Comment below!

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