A horrific attack took the lives of 59 people and wounded more than 500 at a Las Vegas Concert. It is the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

It’s generally understood that since the Las Vegas concert featured Country Western music that the motives are clear. Whether the shooter was in fact  a soldier of ISIS or not, the targets were Americans whose only crime is a desire to Make America Great Again. Now we have lost 59 innocent and beautiful Americans. More than 500 others were caught in the crossfire of the Left’s programmed hate.

The basics that have been widely reported so far:
  • The incident occurred Sunday night at about 10 PM local time.
  • The shooter is Stephen Craig Paddock-a 64 year old white male of Mesquite, Nevada.
  • He opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas into a crowd of 22,000 people.
  • The shooting was described as ‘prolonged bursts of automatic gunfire.”
  • Sheriff Joe Lombardo states that it appears he used a “fully automatic weapon” to carry out the massacre.
  • While witness said that the gunfire seemed to come from above, others say people were shot using bullets. Initial reports cited multiple shooters but Sheriff Joe Lombardo claims Paddock acted as a “lone wolf.”
  • Paddock “was known to authorities” although there is no clarification on that point as of yet.
  • Early reports said that when the SWAT team broke down his hotel door he was already dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. Later reports stated that the FBI Swat team killed him. Not 100% sure on this.
  • ISIS claims that he was a “soldier of the Islamic State.” Amaq, the ISIS propaganda agency claims that he converted to Islam several months ago.
  • US Officials, including FBI agent Aaron Rouse do not back up that claim, saying there is no evidence that Paddock was involved with any foreign terror groups.
  • He had 20 rifles  in his hotel room plus a camera system to watch out for law enforcement.
  • He’s stayed in the hotel room since September 28th.
  • A search of his home turned up weapons and ammo.
  • He was the manager of his apartment complex.
  • In the weeks leading up to the attack Paddock gambled tens of thousands of dollars in the casinos but there’s no word on wins or losses.
  • Two on-duty police officers were among the wounded-one died.
  • Marilu Danley, an Asian female,  was Paddock’s roommate and girlfriend. Law enforcement does not believe she was involved. She is currently out of the country.
  • Paddock’s brother Eric said the shooter had no known mental illness or political or religious affiliation. He rarely saw him.
  • The shooters father was a career criminal who was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List from 1967 to 1977. The FBI diagnosed him as “psychopathic,” armed and extremely dangerous.
  • His brother Eric says the shooter “was just a guy.” Something happened. He snapped. He was just a guy.” These could be the words of a shocked brother However, when someone stockpiles weapons, rents a hotel room and outfits it with camera equipment. that is more indicative of someone who is planning something-not just ‘snapped.”
The Not-so basics…

Paddock’s girlfriend of mixed Indonesian descent (only mentioned to rule out angle that he was a white supremacist) was conveniently out of town in the Philippines when the greatest shooting massacre in US history was committed.

Although Islamic ties are being dismissed, it’s odd that his girlfriend was recently in Dubai around the time that ISIS claims he became a soldier.

Girlfriend Marilou Danley in Dubai

Prior to this attack authorities in Las Vegas had been put on high alert because ISIS was plotting an attack in that area. According to Newsweek, “The 44-minute-long video released in May showed footage of the Las Vegas strip from 2015, calling on its supporters to conduct attacks with knives and vehicles, everyday weapons that its supporters have already used many times in the West over the past several years. The footage also showed New York City and Washington, D.C.”

Democrats “cry” for gun control

Democrats including Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren predictably and immediately politicized the event calling for gun control. Hillary capitalized on it by bringing up the subject of silencers. “Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.” This was in the same flurry of tweets that she said we shouldn’t politicize the incident.

Democrats do NOT cry for victims-because they’re pro-Trump.

President Trump called the shooting an act of “pure evil.”

“Pure evil” pretty much describes the Trump-hating Left.  A top legal exectutive of CBS, Haley Geftman-Gold, wrote on her facebook page, [SIC] “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

Hard to imagine what type of individual would say such a thing. Then again-she is a high ranking media exec. Even CBS could not justify the remark. She has been fired.


“Woman not involved.” How could Marilou Danley be his roommate/girlfriend and not see and/or be alarmed by his stockpile of weapons and camera equipment?

“Lone wolf.”  Once again we have a “lone wolf” gunman who has commit a national atrocity. A “lone wolf” who has conveniently commit suicide or been killed before being interrogated.

Why would the FBI be so quick to dismiss a terror link?  Obama ordered the DHS to scrub records that linked Muslims to terrorism back in 2009.

Some may jump to a conspiracy that this was a planned attack by the Left. One thing for sure, it’s an insane jump to believe that anyone from the Right would attack an event filled with patriots. If not a planned attack, it may fall into the category of “don’t let a serious crisis go to waste.” That said, considering the evil the Left is capable of,  there’s no reason to rule anything out either. Why would the Left plan such an attack? It could have been an event staged by the Shadow government in order to incite a “revenge attack” from the Right.

Considering how quick Dems are to call for gun control it could be a false flag designed to disarm Americans while we are clearly embroiled in a Civil War,  an ongoing coup, and an attempt for Globalists to take over our country.

As the Dems and their court jester celebrities scramble to smear our President in every possible way, this attack adds more fuel to the fire. He will surely be heavily criticized as someone who doesn’t care about victims of gun violence,  but sides with the NRA.  As it is they’ve already got their stop-watches out to criticize the time it took to make his official statement.

This timing is extremely odd. Trump-hating Mayor of Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulin Cruz, is being outed for holding back supplies to her own citizens who are desperately in need as a way to bash President Trump’s hurricane efforts. Just as she’s about to be exposed-this handy crisis comes along. Now considering how planned this event is, it is not to say that the shooting occurred for that purpose. But again, the Left will “not let a serious crises go to waste.”

“You’re all going to die tonight.”

One witness said that 45 minutes before the concert began a woman pushed her way into the front row and said,  “You’re all going to die tonight.” The witness said that the woman and her boyfriend were escorted out by security. Yet we’re hearing nothing about the FBI or CIA hunting that woman down. Word has it that this clip is being widely shown in the UK but not here.

What we can suspect and/or expect.

The media will point the finger of blame towards Donald Trump for the actions of a hateful Liberal who was inspired by their own  24/7 churning of hatred and calls to violence and #Resistance.

The media is no doubt freaking out that one of their own -a Left winger- is responsible for the worst gun massacre in US History.

In addition to probably being one of their own-a Trump hater-he may have ties to ISIS. That would not suit their narrative as radical Islamists are an ally of the Globalist Left whose violence is constantly being downplayed.

The media will ignore that this was a hate crime-the shooter targeted a concert that would not have one single Hillbot or Berniebot in attendance.

They will claim that his motive is unknown and guns are the problem.

“Journalists”  will ignore the pattern of violence that is occurring as Antifa has called for violent attacks on groups and crowds filled with Patriots and Christians.

There will be more. The Left’s ideology is strongly connected to Antifa and ISIS. It’s all about hating Americans who love America-especially white Americans. Every radical Leftist has been perfectly groomed to become a soldier for ISIS.

Their Gun control arguments are absurd.

Hillary Clinton calling out for banning silencers as it relates to this incident is ignorant. Silencers cannot be used on automatic weapons or they’ll melt.

Fully automatic assault weapons have been illegal in this country since 1986. It’s possible that he’s had one since then. Transferring ownership of an old one is a massive expense.

A semi automatic weapon would have cost Paddock about 15 grand or more and he would have had to go through intensive screening.

He could have made some modifications to a semi to turn it into a fully automatic.

Anyone Hell bent on committing a crime using an automatic weapon is far more likely to buy one through the black market rather than at Walmart.

All of the scenarios involving the weapon point to careful planning-not mental illness.

Paddock was on the 32nd floor. Being intent on mass murder, he could have just as easily constructed one or more bombs and dropped them down on the crowd.

There’s something they want more than our guns…

Many media outlets are already running with stories about all the fake news and hoaxes that are circulating the internet regarding this story.

Many publications are complaining about Google allowing fake news and Russian fake news stories about this event to dominate the internet.

They’re ridiculing amateur journalists and sleuths. Some were madder than Hell that a 4chan story showed up on the top of the search engines before it was “debunked” by Google.

Our free speech has been under aggressive attack since the election.

As they ramp up efforts to overthrow our election and finish Obama’s carefully laid groundwork to destroy the USA  it is vital that they shut our communication networks down.

We’re big boys and girls. We can figure out how to spot fake news. We don’t need George Soros, Google and Zuckerberg to be the self appointed “fake news police.”

Correction-not everyone can spot fake news. That’s why MSM still has an audience.

Fact-the Left’s unbridled hatred of Trump and Trump supporters spread through their MSM propaganda outlet is responsible for this horrific bloodbath.

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