One of the basic tenets of the Native Americans is to leave the land as you found it. But the photo-op starved protesters at Standing Rock never got the memo.

Activists camped out to protest the possible pollution of Sioux land due to the Dakota Pipeline.  But they gave themselves the green light to pollute Sioux land. The radicalized left doesn’t see its own hypocrisy, ignorance or filth.

They’re the uninvited guests in a bad sitcom  that refuse to leave (I thought he was your uncle! ) Their collective egos are so bloated that the thought would never occur to them that they’re not only not  “cool,” but downright obnoxious.

Insidesources.com reports,

Trump’s approval (to proceed with the DAPL) comes two days after the Standing Rock Tribal Council unanimously passed an evacuation order for the camps. The order would close the main Oceti Sakowin, Rosebud, and Sacred Stone camps within 30 days. In addition, the council voted not to provide temporary shelters to anyone remaining at the camp after a February 19 deadline.

During the meeting, tribal representatives voiced their frustration with the protesters, who increasingly interfered with everyday life for area residents.

“What’s that bridge got to do with the DAPL?” asked representative Frank White Bull, in reference to Backwater Bridge, the site of numerous clashes between police and protesters. “We need that bridge.”

Lawmakers from nearby Cannon Ball, ND have also met to formally condemn the continuation of the camps and to forbid the construction of any permanent camp on the site.

“The building of an alternative site for the camp(s) within the Cannon Ball District is not needed or wanted,” read a resolution drafted by area residents. “If there is to be any kind of a ‘site’ for the commemoration of this historic event that took place with all the tribes, the people of Standing Rock need to vote on where, what and cost before any ‘shanty town is built.’”

The Standing Rock tribe has been pressuring the protesters to remove their camp before spring snowmelt in the coming weeks causes the river to flood. Without appropriate preparation, the river could be contaminated by garbage, debris, and human waste from the water protectors’ camp. The tribe’s actions follow more than a month after North Dakota’s governor announced an emergency evacuation order for the area surrounding the camps as a means of urging people to depart.

It’s important to remember that not all of the Sioux wanted them there in the first place. That’s right. Not all Sioux opposed the pipeline.

CNN  quotes Fool Bear Sr.

Fool Bear has had it with the protesters. He says that more than two years ago, when members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe could have attended hearings to make their concerns known, they didn’t care. Now, suddenly, the crowds are out of control, and he fears it’s just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.
Go down to the camps, he says, and you won’t see many Standing Rock Sioux.
“It irks me. People are here from all over the world,” he says. “If they could come from other planets, I think they would.”
The presence of all these people has become a downright nuisance to his community, he says. Given the roadblocks, residents of Cannon Ball are often forced to go more than 40 miles out of their way.

They’re in total denial about their lack of awesome-ness .

When the Standing Rock Sioux Council demanded that  donations be seized and that the protesters leave, they immediately assumed that the leaders had been “compromised.”  The alternativemediasyndicate  headline  blasted, Standing Rock Sioux Council SELLS OUT and BETRAYS Protesters, Calling For Removal of Camp, and Seizing Fundraiser Money.

That pretty much sums up their narcissistic projection.  

The Standing Rock Council betrays the protesters! It’s all about them instead of respecting the needs and traditions of the Standing Rock residents.

Now that their own adolescent needs have been met they leave behind an overwhelming mess. The spoiled “in crowd” teens crashed  the seriously awesome party and trashed the parents’  house, leaving the nightmarish cleanup to the host.

The Daily Wire reports,

The Standing Rock Sioux allegedly feared the pipeline had the potential to contaminate the Missouri River, the source of the tribe’s drinking water. Now they fear a new problem. The garbage left behind by the activists.

Bulldozers are pushing massive piles of garbage and snow into containment units at the former Standing Rock protest site, which will be taken to a landfill for proper disposal. Volunteers are also helping with the cleanup.”

According to The Washington Times:

“Those involved in the clean-up effort, led by the Standing Rock Sioux, say it could take weeks for private sanitation companies and volunteers to clear the expanse of abandoned tents, teepees, sleeping bags, blankets, canned food, supplies and just plain garbage littering the Oceti Sakowin camp.”

Some protesters have remained to help with the cleanup, but not enough. Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman Dave Archambault II urged activists to lend a hand:

“Please, once again, we ask that people do not return to camp…The fight is no longer here, but in the halls and courts of the federal government. Here at the camp, those who remain should be working together to help clean and restore the land.”

This is not to say that their cause wasn’t noble or their hearts weren’t in the right place.  It’s not to say that we shouldn’t care about the Standing Rock Sioux or possible effects of pollution due to the Dakota Pipeline.

It’s just that the Dems and the radicalized left have become their own worst enemies.  It’s hard to take anything they do or say seriously anymore.  Even when it’s something that is truly problematic. Something that if addressed with mature dialogue and joint cooperation, solutions could be found.

Rational folks on the right are fed up with the  crudeness of hypocritical  “protesters”  who claim that want to make the world a better place.

Apparently setting fires, destroying property and viciously assaulting anyone with a different opinion is the “high ground.”  Yet they claim to be “anti-facist.” Would someone please  send them a pre-Soros dictionary?

They fight for once noble causes that have been hijacked by George Soros and polluted and politicized by his filthy money. Now they’re working for the worst interests on the planet. Fighting for everything  and everyone they claim to hate.

Their signature footprint is destruction, hatred, trauma and filth.

Last October during the protest they polluted the pristine air of Standing Rock with the insufferable stench of bellowing smoke by setting tires on fire!

The Washington Times reported,

Activists threw rocks, burned tires, set blazes, lobbed Molotov cocktails and even fired gunshots as officers in riot gear moved to clear protesters Thursday from a camp illegally blocking the Dakota Access pipeline route.

The confrontation saw 141 protesters arrested as they tried to stop law enforcement from removing the blockade on private land, hours after thick black smoke rose from a flaming barricade along Highway 1806 near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

Meanwhile, the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services reported that a protester pulled out a .38 caliber gun and fired three shots at law enforcement, narrowly missing a deputy, while a driver was run off the road by protesters and shot in the hand.

 “Protesters have started two fires on the Backwater Bridge and are throwing Molotov Cocktails at law enforcement,” said department spokeswoman Cecily Fong in a late Thursday statement.

Officers used pepper spray against protesters who hurled projectiles, including rocks…

Entitled Wannabe Woodstock protesters must be rebelling against doing their chores. Or stereotypical housework. But they just look rude and entitled. 

Their porno-parade aka “Womens March” in Washington was another prime example. The shameless mess they left behind was disgusting.

But this example is even more tragic. Because they’ve disrespected and victimized the Standing Rock Sioux and  polluted their land.

Please comment below. And if you should hear about any disavowing or outrage or an apology from anyone on the left,  please comment to let us all know!

Here is a very sad video about these “protesters” who squatted on Standing Rock.