James O’Keefe has done it again! His American Pravda undercover video series debuted by busting CNN fake Russia/Trump “news” coverage wide open!

As you recall Project Veritas exposed rampant DNC voter fraud though James O’Keefe’s undercover videos. This time he’s exposing fake news in a project called American Pravda.

Part One features scandal-ridden CNN. The CNN expose is just the first part of James O’Keefe’s American Pravda  series.

The main focus is the Trump/Russian collusion conspiracy that has dominated the airwaves. It leaves no doubt that CNN fake Russia news coverage was a fraud perpetrated on Americans.

O’Keefe explains that the goal of the project was to uncover the driving motivation behind the decision making process of mainstream media corporations.  He also wanted to see if the networks actually believed that the Russian/Trump collusion story they were feeding their audience was true or not.

CNN  Supervising Producer John Bonifield was caught on camera with the real scoop.

The undercover team interviewed Producer John Bonifield of CNN Atlanta.

In the video below Bonifield admits that he really didn’t think that Russian interference was all that big of a deal since governments, including our own, interfere with elections all the time.

Bonifield also correctly states that the candidates know how the game is played  and Hillary didn’t play it right.

Bonifield admits that CNN peddles baseless gossip about Trump/Russian collusion for one reason.

When the undercover journalist asks why they persist with the Russia story the answer is  simple-ratings. And ratings=money.  CNN has made millions by peddling Trump/Russia collusion hoax.

Truth is not the priority.

Bonifield admits that the Russia story is “mostly bullshit right now” and that they “don’t have any big giant proof.”

Here’s another bombshell admission from Bonifield, “I think the President is probably right to say, Look, you are witch hunting me.”

Bonifield agrees with President Trump. There’s no smoking gun and no real proof. The Producer pointed to all the leaks they receive. He concludes that if there was a real nugget of absolute proof that President Trump was guilty of colluding with the Russians, that most certainly would have been leaked .

So it doesn’t matter that CNN believes that the story may not even be true. It only matters that their audience, who laps up hateful news about President Trump, offers a big ratings grab.  So they feed them the false narrative they hunger for.

This is a tragedy of epic proportions. The false narrative shapes the dim witted Anti-Trumpers’ reality. As a result, the toxic  #resist effect rumbles throughout our entire country, creating chaos, division, mayhem and violence.  It also gives free reign to sedition within the government.

In the 8:48 minute video below. Bonifield admits that he and most of his colleagues feel “very cynical” about the news business. Wonder why.

Alternative media schooled CNN.

Breitbart dealt the first death blow.

Breitbart exposed a major fake news story from CNN last Thursday.

It’s referred to as the “Scaramucci-Russia story.” Scaramucci is  a former member of Trump’s transition team.

The Los Angeles Times explains,

The story, citing an anonymous source, said Senate investigators were examining a meeting between Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci and an executive for the Russian Direct Investment Fund. The $10-billion fund makes direct investments in Russian companies.

Scaramucci, who founded hedge fund specialist SkyBridge Capital, served on Trump’s transition team

Not only was the story totally bogus, it was initiated by Senate Democrats. One of them was Elizabeth Warren.

CNN had to pull the piece, which also made headlines.

CNN President Jeff Zucker and his HR team then launched a high profile investigation. Breitbart reported that “three of CNN’s senior-most editorial staffers have resigned as a result of the growing scandal.”

More  embarrassing headlines followed about their fake news hit piece as CNN scrambled to create new guidelines for their Russian coverage.

James O’Keefe  just delivered a knock out punch.

James O’Keefe is showing CNN what investigative journalism really is. It will be interesting to see if, after all this, CNN will continue to whine about being treated unfairly in the White House Press conferences.

This IMOwired twist is missing from other reports.

The Anthony Scaramucci mentioned in the CNN hit piece is a contributing CNN commentator. IMOwired posted on June 12th that it was Scaramucci who wrote in a CNN column that the Trump/Russia collusion story was actually a witch hunt.

See “Stop the Presses! CNN Admitted the Russia Theory Was an Anti-Trump Witch Hunt!”

That is so odd. Maybe because CNN is so big they didn’t realize they were falsifying a report based on one of their own contributors? Imagine his surprise when he read that his own employer did a hit piece casting him in the starring role.

It’s also ironic. If CNN had the integrity of their right-leaning commentator they could have saved themselves the headache of scrambling  to save their network.

Apparently Scaramucci wants to continue to contribute.  As the Los Angeles Times reported, “CNN also issued an apology to Scaramucci, who accepted it with a tweet on Saturday. “Everyone makes mistakes,” he wrote. “Moving on.”

Sean Hannity calls for Zucker to be fired. Naive?

He tweeted, Hey@CNN when will you fire Zucker? He has destroyed the network with lies and VERY FAKE NEWS.

IMO Sean Hannity is either eager to make a point about having to fight calls for his scalp after covering the Seth Rich story and/or he is surprisingly naive.

Jeff Zucker may be the CNN President. He appears to be the top decision-maker for CNN news coverage. But he is by no means the top dog.

Firing Zucker would be strictly for damage control and appearances, much like the firing of their 3 editors.  He would be replaced with another media mogul puppet.

CNN will continue to deliver propaganda. Not just for ratings. Not just for money.

But because CNN, along with other mainstream news sources, is the PR firm for the DNC. Both exist solely to promote the Globalist agenda.

The CIA created Operation Mockingbird, allowing the CIA to infiltrate and influence the media. Our propaganda laws were repealed under Obama in 2013, allowing agencies to  use propaganda against Americans. Wikileaks revealed that the CIA invested 600 Million dollars in The Washington Post.

O’Keefe explained that CNN has mentioned the word Russia nearly 16,000 times since the inauguration. That’s very interesting when you consider that repetition is one of the keys to mind control.

Case closed.

DO you think that the “leaks” from anonymous sources are real, or fabricated by the MSM?  Comment below!


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