This weekend thousands across the country protested in favor of abolishing ICE, opening our borders, and essentially protecting MS-13, drug smugglers and child sex traffickers.

Condescending Democrats love to claim Trump supporters are “uneducated.” But these protests prove that there’s nothing more ineffective that a brain on Blue.

Here’s some points lost on their hate-fried brains:

Thomas Homan, the retiring ICE director pointed out that while the Democrats call for ICE to be shut down, it’s actually the Border Patrol who (rightfully) separates families.

President Trump signed an order that took care of the problem 10 days ago.

In spite of overwhelming evidence they refuse to admit that this was all worse under Obama and started with Bill Clinton.

They are blind to the stats that millions of American children are separated from their families due to incarcerated parents-thanks to Democrats’policies regarding incarceration.

They’re fighting for illegal criminals to have more rights than American criminals.

The fight for open borders is a smack in the face for Black and Latino communities alike on many levels.

The involvement of Planned Parenthood in these protests drives home the insanity of claiming to “care” about children when on the other hand, they can’t torture, murder and dismember pre-born infants fast enough.

How can they claim to care so much about children, while fighting for open borders that would endanger them, particularly in terms of child sex trafficking.

But wait-isn’t the Democrat Party anti-gun? Why would they want all those unvetted, unchecked guns flowing across our border?

Democrats are so desperate to overthrow the US that they’re ignoring an important statistic-51% of Americans (including Democrats) are opposed to illegal immigration.

They’ve exposed their dirty little open secret that what they really want is open borders. What they really want is death to America.

Be careful what you wish for.

Democrats never figured that President Trump would appear to cave so quickly and ensure that families would not be separated.

Their call to keep families together backfired in 2 major ways:

1)Inciting hate and violence to insist that our border be a gaping hole is their only solution now. They were forced to come out of the NWO closet.

2)Between President Trump signing the order to insist that families remain together, and Session’s policy to make adults and children take a DNA test to prove they’re related, child sex trafficking has just been stopped in its tracks. Anyone caught with someone else’s child will be immediately incarcerated.

Will these nationwide protests be the nail in the Democrat Party’s coffin?

The amount of people in the #WalkAway movement is breathtaking. Many minorities-including Latinos are proudly opening up about the moment they decided to walk away from the Democrat Party.

No wonder the Democrats are desperate to open those borders and release the Hellgates of chaos and imported votes.

As the Party reveals itself as a force tied to Globalist interests and focused on the destruction of America, how can it be salvaged?

Isn’t it rotten to the core at this point? How is it that they can continue to hold power in our Congress and create our laws if their aim is to destroy this country and the Constitution? Even if the Party were dismantled, would they simply plant their cancer in another political Party, such as the Green Party?

Another important question: who is funding all this sedition? Soros? Barrack Obama’s “Organizing for Action?” When the call is to open the borders, which is essentially a call to take down America, have protests crossed the line?

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