The Left has lost its last 2 collective braincells over President Trump’s “countries that are shitholes” remark.

We don’t even know for sure that President Trump said those exact words when he questioned why we’re only inviting migrants from countries that are shitholes. He’s pushing for merit-based immigration rather than inviting our own destruction.  

We do know for sure that tattle-tail Dick Durbin is a chronic liar who has made outlandish bogus “reports”  in the past. We do know for sure that Obama called Libya a “shitshow” and no one on the Left cared.  And we do know for sure that Lindsey Graham, who said he chastised the President, called Mexico and other Latin American countries “Hellholes.” 

We also know for sure that some countries are in fact, shitholes.

The Left knows it too, but they’re desperate to keep Trump-hating outrage and race-baiting alive. Before all the Trump-hate programming took hold, the very Liberal “Vice” knew that certain countries were shitholes. They made a slew of  amazing documentaries about them, such as The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia, Prostitutes of God, and Conflict Minerals: Rebels and Child Soldiers in Congo. The links to the videos are below.

Haiti: the poster child of shitholes 

The Left is in faux-hysterics about the word shitholes but refuses to acknowledge or care that the Clinton Cartel raped Haitians when they were most vulnerable. 

In response to the feigned outrage from the Left, Conservatives reminded howlers about the Clintons raping Haiti after the earthquake.

Many people posted the famous meme of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dress purchased on the backs of suffering children…

Which one of these girls had their dress paid for by the Clinton foundation?

“Ah want you to listen to me…”

Hillary and Chelsea had the gall to chime in on the President’s remarks, which spurred a harsh backlash regarding their treatment of Haitians. 

Ah did not have seckshill relations with that woman” 

Honest Bill Clinton lashed out against the Haiti-rape misappropriation of funds resurfacing, calling it a lie and insulting.

Defahn what “is” is

Could it be that he was referring to the word funds rather than resources? 

Wikileaks hurled a truth bomb with this uncomfortable reminder that Clinton aid Doug Band sent an email about Chelsea using Foundation resources for Chelsea’s wedding. 

A shithole by any other name…

Meanwhile, the Clintons and the Left can take their sanctimonious reaction and tell us that a country where children are fed cookies made of dirt in order to survive is NOT a shithole. A country notorious for child sex tourism is NOT a shithole. A country where the UN “Peacekeepers” sex trafficked  and gang raped young children is NOT a shithole.  A country who does not have access to clean drinking water and 80% of the population does not have proper sanitation is NOT a shithole. A country who is continually ranked among the poorest countries in the world is NOT a shithole.  If that’s NOT a shithole, what word pray tell, will they pull out of our hijacked thesaurus to describe it? 

According to the CIA, Haiti is the poorest  country in the Western hemisphere. Somalia wins the prize for the poorest country in the world. 

The Left obviously feels that it’s more important to deny that a nation or American city is impoverished, just as long as they can weaponize Trump’s truthful remark.

If “Liberals”  don’t see it or experience it, it doesn’t exist.

Libs living in Malibu don’t have to share filthy urine-soaked streets with miles of homeless hoards, like others from Hollywood to downtown Los Angeles do.  Elite Libs in Chicago take offense that we’d refer to the war zones there as a shithole. 

If we don’t call these countries and cities out for what they are, there is no need to fund them or fix them. It’s painfully obvious that the Left would rather ignore the tragedy that is Haiti, Libya, or Detroit to prioritize their political agenda.

Most of all-they sure as Hell don’t want to be called out on the ripple effect of their policies. The priority is to keep the orchestrated destruction under the radar. 


The Left must be thrilled! A new reason to dust off the “Trump is a bigot” card.

All their other tactics in the ongoing coup have backfired. This surely will too. As the Right fires back they will remind Democrats and all minorities witnessing and/or engaging in the melee that Democrat-run cities have become shitholes.

Minorities who are still being exploited will hopefully wake up to the hard, cold fact that Democrats don’t care about minorities at all. Hell, they don’t even care about DACAs aide from their votes to ensure the future of the Democratic Party.

A recent memo from the Center for American Progress was co-authored by Jennifer Palmiari, the former Clintons communications director. The memo  validated long held suspicions that Democrats “care about” illegal immigrants for one reason only-their votes. The memo stated:

“The fight to protect Dreamers is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success. 

“If Democrats don’t try to do everything in their power to defend Dreamers, that will jeopardize Democrats’ electoral chances in 2018 and beyond. In short, the next few weeks will tell us a lot about the Democratic Party and its long-term electoral prospects.”

American cities: home grown shitholes. 

The Dems exploit minorities and immigrants for votes and cruelly and callously turn their backs on the minorities who are suffering and dying in once beautiful cities purposely turned into shitholes. Dems suck the coffers dry and tell their constituents it’s the fault of the rich white guys in the Republican Party. 

Obama, Hillary, Sellout Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and all the rest- point the finger of blame for their citizens’ plight at the rich white guy.  So minorities who are losing their mind due to the insufferable lifestyle Dems created for them don’t notice that the Democrat Party is loaded with incredibly wealthy pimps-most of them white. 

Cruel and Heartless

They’ve branded their Party as the compassionate Party, but it’s anything but.

It is the ultimate cruelty to profit off the backs of those who are struggling. To ignore the needs of Americans while importing more bodies for votes. To rob their own people of resources to bribe would-be voters. To deny innocent children safety, financial stability and a better education through school choice. To ensure that children in Democrat run shitholes have no future is shameless. 

Shitholes are no coincidence or accident. 

The failure of Democrat-run shithole cities is by Globalist standards-a success. 

The Democrats have always been corrupt, but now that the Dems and their RINO plants have merged into the American Globalist Party, the failure of their cities and districts is all part of the master plan. 

The worse the better. The sooner the better.

The Globalist mission is to turn America into a third world shithole. The game plan was to  impoverish the country and  roll out the carpet for an invading army of radical Islamic extremists. That plan was foiled by the 2016 election. 

Their only hope now is to import masses who will keep them in power. Their hope is to take down the Trump effect by  souring their slaves on all the strides that President Trump has already made. They will bury news that black unemployment is at a 17 year low. They’ll ridicule tax breaks and bonuses as  “bread crumbs” in the hopes that their zombie base doesn’t realize they’d never have enjoyed one single crumb had their precious Queen of Corruption been seated on her throne.

That is how the Globalists aim to overtake America.

By allowing our borders to leak like sieves, Dem/Rino Globalists still hope to flood our country with people from shithole countries who will not assimilate and create an unsustainable burden.

Open borders provide easy access for an invading army of radical Islamists who will find their way into one of our shithole “sanctuary cities” or 20 plus no-go zone Islamic military training camps.

It’s the same method employed by European Globalists.

Migrants who refuse to assimilate and who vow to destroy host countries have overtaken once beautiful countries and cities like Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, and London and turned them into gang-banging shitholes. 

When citizens complain or show concern for “the new normal” that “fundamentally transforms” once vibrant nations and cities they’re called racists. 

Silver lining

The Dems like to talk about a blue wave. Their downfall will be the tidal wave of black and minority communities who wake up to their lies and manipulation.

The more that minorities are inundated with images about Democrat-run shitholes  in response to this highly publicized hysteria, the more they’ll realize that it’s the greedy Globalist Democrats who are killing them.

Their anger is misplaced. As long as minorities are avowed Democrats, they’re fighting on behalf of  the most evil, whitest, richest scum on the Planet. 

It’s not any country’s fault that it’s a shithole-it’s the fault of their “leaders.” Just like American shithole cities are the result of their “leaders.”

This controversy is like Wikileaks-keep the attention focused on anything other than the truth that is revealed.

Your thoughts? Comment below!

Seems like a good place for a slideshow of shitholes. Share away….


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