The Democrats demean Holocaust victims on a daily basis.

It’s no surprise-it’s their MO. They exploit black people and Latinos all the time in order to pad their voter base. Then they abandon them in dangerous, run down “sanctuary” cities. Their Nazi cry is disgusting and exploits the unspeakable tragedy of the Holocaust. Democrats demean Holocaust victims and spit on their memory.

See 100+ Facts That Prove Democrats Are Racist Nazis

It’s become so absurd that a  high school teacher in Georgia recently made students leave her classroom because they were wearing MAGA tees and hats. She said they were the equivalent of a swastika. Clearly our School Swamps need to be drained. How anyone could equate MAGA with Nazi Germany only reveals the depths of their stupidity and the level of programmed hatred in their soul.

We can’t let them get away with it.

It’s disgusting and vile and an affront to those who were tortured and murdered under Hitler’s regime. For example, my son’s Grandfather left Germany and came to the US as Hitler gained power. However, the rest of his  family did not escape. All his brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews were “exterminated.” He had nightmares every night for the rest of his life .

I wonder how he would feel about some snarling Hillbot “Liberal” calling someone a Nazi, just because they have a different opinion. Just because they support President Trump-America’s  most pro-Israel President ever.

The Democrats war on Christians also underscores their ignorance. True blue Christians are huge supporters of Israel and the Jewish people.

Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty~Goebbels

It is ignorant and cruel to exploit the victims of the Holocaust. The Left calls us Nazis and White Supremacists because we support the most pro-Israel President ever.

Ironically the same Party  who claims to loathe Nazis is the Party that continually turns their backs on Jews and Israel.

Ironically the same Party who claims to loathe Nazis coddles Jew-hating radical Islamists and Jew-hating countries who support the eradication of all Jews. Yet they call us Nazis.

Ironically the same Party who claims to loathe Nazis  fosters pro-Palestine and anti-Israel sentiments across college campuses.

Ironically the same party who claims to loathe Nazis idolizes their Feminazi leader Linda Sarsour-a radical pro-Palestine Jew-hating Muslim who told followers they cannot be feminists if they support Israel.

Ironically the same Party who claims to loathe Nazis  still mourns the crushing defeat of their beloved Queen of Corruption Hillary-whose campaign was largely financed by countries who murder women, homosexuals and Jews.

Ironically the same Party who claims to loathe Nazis whose true leader-George Soros-happens to be an actual, self confessed and unrepentant Nazi collaborator.

Ironically the same Party who claims to loathe Nazis runs on the abortion platform created by Hillary’s admired woman,  Margaret Sanger.  It was Sanger who developed a system of eugenics to wipe black children off the face of the earth. The Democrat’s death idol Sanger actually inspired Hitler.

Ironically the same Party who claims to loathe Nazis burns books-Kristallnacht style-and forbids speakers on campus who have an opposing political views.

Ironically the same Party who claims to loathe Nazis is scrambling to destroy statues and other historical evidence of their crimes and to erode culture. Just like the Nazis did.

Ironically the same Party who claims to loathe Nazis colluded with actual real-deal  Nazis to launch a coup in the Ukraine.  See “That Time Soros, Obama, Hillary and McCain collaborated with Nazis.”

Ironically the same Party who who claims to loathe Nazis aligns themselves with UNESCO. It is UNESCO that has tried to obliterate Israel and remove all historic Jewish ties to Jerusalem.

Ironically  the same Party who claims to loathe Nazis utilizes their Antifa militia who pretends to hate fascists and Nazis. Yet the Democrat’s Antifa militia is funded by the head of the Democratic Party-Nazi collaborator George Soros. Antifa symbols and chants are directly tied to Nazis.

Democrats utilize the humiliated, emaciated bodies of Holocaust victims as projectiles and human shields. 

This vile tactic of theirs is not limited to Jewish people.

The constant exploitation of the black community is equally vile. Continued charges of racism in hopes to ignite a Civil War hurts any member of the Black Community whose life is being ripped up by programmed hatred and bitterness. It also demeans the memories of those who were  horribly oppressed-by Democrats- and struggled for freedom and Civil rights.

They play the same game with the easily manipulated Feminazis.

If you’re offended by their desecration of the Holocaust, strike back with the facts.

It’s Truthbomb time. 

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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