Some rapper most people never heard of made a “shocking” video of a white child being hung.

“XXXTentacion” produced a music video depicting a white child being hung. Apparently the purpose was a call for racial justice and revenge for police brutality.  The child is encouraged to hang himself. The kid obliges and there he is, hanging with his feet twitching. The viewer is spared any loss of body functions.

The first obvious question is, who would let their child play that role?

No doubt it was some “Liberal” white-guilt Mom. Not only would she have the opportunity to appear “cool,” she probably figured the payday could go toward little Henry McHangy’s transition therapy. Just guessing.

The casting director said that the scene of the white child hanging is meant to point out that America no longer finds the shooting of black men shocking.

Actually what’s not shocking at all is the Left’s continued push to stir racial divide. In fact, it’s downright boring. Even more boring than wannabe rappers. “Look at Me!” is an apt title for the childish, attention starved loser’s video.

TripleXtensions or whatever his name is, doesn’t have the creativity or talent to improve the music industry by introducing  something new, and he sure as Hell doesn’t have the creativity or talent to make the world a better place.

If you want to waste your time, the video is below.

The video has plenty of random dildo images for some reason. There’s also plenty of violence against white people, cops and authority figures. Plenty of fire and rioting too. What a surprise! How original! It already has more than 7 million views. What it doesn’t have is one ounce of creativity or realization that it’s 2017. Same old devil horns, same old churned out pop music industry rap-crap. However, due to the hate crimes leveled against white people, we can all rest assured that You Tube won’t pull it down or demonetize it.

TripleXTheater must have attended a school swamp.

He’s not only talent-challenged, he’s history-challenged. He’s working for the same white elite scum that enslaved black people years ago and enslave and exploit them to this very day to serve their political agenda. Whatever he’s being paid off to do is chump change for the Powers That Be  who rule the Racist Nazi Democrats.

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Essentially, Triple XTardation and his fans on the Left are lynching themselves. 

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