Candace Owens just gave the Left more reasons to hate her. 

Last June the Lying Left launched yet another dirty smear campaign against President Trump, this time regarding his stance on illegal immigration. They kicked the Trump-is-a-racist-because-he-wants-to-protect-our-border-and-uphold-our-lawscampaign off with a photo of a child crying in a cage at an ICE detention facility. They howled about children “torn from their mothers’ arms.” Yes, suddenly the Left cared about children.

However, it was quickly revealed that the famous photo of a caged kid was not even taken at an ICE facility, but at a staged demonstration protesting “Trump’s ” zero tolerance policies. Leftstream media blasted away with the same fervor displayed with their Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax.

MSM failed to focus on protests about ICE detention centers under Obama. The Left ignored explanations that the process of separating “families” is a measure in place to protect children from sex trafficking.

Is it possible that they ignored those points because it will remind voters about the mistreatment ff detainees under Obama? And that Obama handed over 6,000 children to child sex traffickers? 

Anyway, having their lies exposed didn’t stop the Left from ramping up their game with calls to abolish ICE.

Candace Owens decided to rip the Left’s lies about ICE to shreds. 

Candace packed her bags and with camera crew in tow, she visited an ICE detention facility in Florida.

While there she discovered horrific “mistreatment” of children!

Please sit down and be sure that your minor children are out of the room as you hear her report on the shameful, gut-wrenching abuse involving such crimes as *gasp* rooms more spacious than college dorms, free hair styling, zumba classes, arts and crafts, and most disturbing-24/7 access to medical care. 

(real warning: there are a lot of F*bombs in her video below)

Globalist Democrats rely on deceit, death and destruction. 

What else have they got to run on? It seems that panic is in the air. They’re no doubt worried sick about the November elections and the revamping of the Supreme Court. They’re watching in horror as their (legal and alive) voter base is #WalkingAway.

But what else has them lashing out like cornered rats? Is it too much to hope that there’s some indictments about to be handed down?

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Candace Owens verified twitter account

USA Today-kid in cage photo

Fox-ICE centers under both Obama and Trump

Snopes-admits Obama gave children to sex traffickers. (don’t want to benefit them with a link. Cut and paste if you’d like…



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