James O’Keefe is what an investigative journalist looks like.

He describes himself as a “guerrilla journalist” and rightly so.  He’s announced that sometime next week he’ll be releasing videos exposing the Deep State. And he’s gonna name names.

(Will update with exact date and time in the comments section below) 

O’Keefe has exposed the following though his Project Veritas undercover videos:

• “American Pravda exposed fake news” during Hillary’s campaign.

• Voter fraud in New Hampshire  involving Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

• Voter fraud in Colorado-busting Work For Progress, Greenpeace, and Rep. Joe Salazar’s campaign.

 Allison Lundergun Grimes who was running for Senator of Kentucky lied about her support of the coal industry. Key donors Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, real estate tycoon Niko Elmaleh, and New York Knicks owner James Dolan repeated the claims of campaign workers, saying Grimes will “f***” coal workers the moment she’s elected.”

 North Carolina Senate race between Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis-showed multiple campaigns providing instructions to an undercover “illegal immigrant” on how they could cast fraudulent votes. James O’Keefe also went undercover and was offered ballots 20 times and was only asked for ID once.

What James O’Keefe’s starts with a camera ends in the courtroom. 

The videos and the  Project Veritas legal team have brought players to justice.

For example, during Hillary’s failed run, Project Veritas exposed DNC consultant Bob Creamer, who was caught scheming to pay people to incite violence at Trump rallies. Creamer was forced to resign.

O’Keefe’s work exposing corruption and voter fraud at ACORN( Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) led to it being defunded.

As you may recall, Obama-who famously told the world that they didn’t need to be citizens to vote for Hillary- used to work for ACORN as both a community organizer and later, as their attorney. 

Growing pains.

Unfortunately the ACORN video did come back to bite him as one of the employees sued him for $100,000 for smearing him.

Just the same, many states investigated ACORN’s voter registration tactics and found them to be guilty. O’Keefe is careful not to make similar mistakes and has continued taking personal risks to expose corruption.

Naturally every time his camera shines the light of truth on corruption, “Liberals” remind him of that error so they can continue to remain willfully ignorant.  

This time he’s going after the Deep State. 

Do you want to see the faces of the Deep State? Tired of the press conspiring with “anonymous sources?” In our next release, we’ll name names, show faces, and you will be able to see the first-hand account of their self-described crimes….What we’re releasing next week… we must expose them in their own words. We’re going to make the hidden deep state individuals internet famous.

Check out the teaser in the Tweet below….

We will unmask and show you the faces of representative members of the Deep State. Government exists with the consent of the governed and that consent cannot be manufactured by the masked and subversive, it must be informed.6,25110:00 AM – Sep 14, 20184,275 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy “

Will it matter if he will expose whales or minnows?

Even if it’s just the smallest mutant fish in the murky swamp, isn’t it vital to expose how many are lurking in our government? How many seditious bottom feeders are feasting on our tax dollars with impunity? 

But who knows? Grab the popcorn!

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