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Real Great American Mike Adams Adds Another Layer to Kavanaugh Kill

Thought you nailed the true motives behind the Kavanaugh Kill? 

We all know that the Kavanaugh hearings are not about allegations of  #MeToo rape or #MeTooForTheRightPrice gang rape. 

If Brett Kavanaugh were pro-abortion or pro-Open Borders we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. If Kavanaugh was a RINO no one would ever have heard of Doctor Christine Blasey Ford or been subjected to her ear and eyeball assaulting “testimony.”

The underlying layer of lies is clear.

Democrats will fight tooth and nail for women’s “right” to murder their own unborn. They’ll make good on their promise to “Liberals” to destroy our country by dissolving our borders and our rule of law. They will take back the control of this country that they lost in 2016 by any means necessary. 

Yet there could be a far more sinister motive behind their public assassination of Brett Kavanaugh and his family.

Mike Adams of Natural News, Real.Com Video and “Counter Think” lays it out:

 The timing-Brett Kavanaugh would be seated on the SCOTUS in October-shortly before the Midterm elections.

 President Trump is slated to declassify and release Deep State Documents-in October.

 The documents expose Obama illegally spying on Trump campaign officials and FISA Court abuses within his Administration to carry that out. 

  It’s possible that some documents may be related to Hillary Clinton’s obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence.

When this happens it will set off a chain reaction of events:

 Many lawmakers and independent media outlets will call for the indictment and arrest of Deep State operatives such as Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, James Comey, Andrew McCabe Peter Strzok-all the way up to and including Obama.

  McCain escaped this skirmish by death, but his complicity will also be exposed.

 So called “journalists” who conspired could also be held accountable. (However, Obama may have greased the wheels for them. In 2012 he legalized propaganda to be used against the American people. Shortly before leaving office he revived Operation Mockingbird, allowing FBI agents to pose as journalists.)

 The documents will reveal that the Left attempted to steal the 2016 election and when that didn’t work, to launch a coup to overthrow it. In short-this was no “conspiracy theory,” but an actual conspiracy. 

• The FBI’s crimes and complicity involving this ongoing coup will be exposed to such a level that the institution will be utterly destroyed. 

Back to Brett Kavanaugh….

 If these revelations result in President Trump taking action to indict these Deep State traitors and to set up military tribunals, his orders will be challenged by the Globalist Left who will push for hearings in the SCOTUS.

 Therefore it is imperative for Kavanaugh, who is committed to upholding our Constitution, be seated on the Supreme Court. He would rule in favor of President Trump’s constitutional powers to arrest and convict the Deep State traitors. 

• The chain reaction of these mass arrests would involve an historical uprising from the Left and their idiot army, setting off a state of national emergency.

President Trump would then need to utilize the executive powers set in place by Obama for Hillary.

“President Hillary” would have used the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax as an excuse to shut down our information stream. As you recall, her “other dream job” was to control Facebook. Alex Jones was featured in her Wheel of Blame for losing the election.

But instead of using Obama’s EOs to finish America off, it would be President Trump who could seize control of national communications, including Google, MSM and social media to inform the public.

• President Trump will need the support of the Supreme Court-the support of the extra vote provided by Brett Kavanaugh- to wield the power granted by these Executive Orders.

• Even now President Trump can declare a national emergency due to our borders being crashed by foreign nationals. He can demand that our military protect our borders and declaring a national emergency would allow him to wield Obama’s weapons against the Deep State. 

Doesn’t the  Left’s vicious desperation make even more sense now? 

It seemed that they just wanted to use their hypocritical textbook sexual allegations as a means to sway the Midterms.

However, Democrats could just as easily garner votes by stirring outrage that Republicans nominated Kavanaugh in spite of his being a gang rapist. 

If their primary concern is Kavanaugh overturning Roe vs Wade the plan they’re hatching now to impeach Kavanaugh even after he’s seated would be enough.

But the sweat of their desperation has a far more fetid stench than that. 

It’s all in the timing.

President Trump is about to declassify and publish records that could lead to mass arrests of Democrats-and RINOs- who are guilty of sedition and treason.

The death penalty is the traditional sentence for traitors. They’re literally fighting for their miserable lives. 

2 things Hillary said that we can agree with:

1. “Those who do not accept the results of an election are a danger to Democracy.”

2.”If that f*cking bastard wins [they’re] all gonna hang from nooses.*” 

Be careful what you wish for.

President Trump appeared to cave by allowing the FBI to investigate Ford’s assertions. He gave them one week to wrap it up.

Outraged Americans demanded the nomination move forward. 

But wait.

Could the call for the investigation backfire on Democrats?

The backlash is already in motion as Americans demand that the FBI investigate the accusers.

Why did Dianne Feinstein hold onto Ford’s letter until the 11th hour?  Will the FBI investigate Foggy-headed Christine Ford’s pay-for-play-along GoFundMe account that has swelled to over $700K? Why did she scrub her social media accounts? Did she commit perjury by presenting herself as a “Psychologist” when she is only allowed to operate with that title as a researcher?  

Let’s face it. The only way this country will heal is if Obama, Hillary and the rest of the Swamp is drained.

But how can that happen unless the case against them is rock solid and airtight?

Unless President Trump can step in and control national communication, it has to be such a solid case that Demstream Media and Technocrat giants Google, Facebook and Twitter cannot bury or spin the evidence.  

The case has to be so solid that every last Democrat with mind and soul left intact will #WalkAway from the American Globalist Democrat Party. 

Does it go beyond treason and sedition? 

Will we find out how Swampmonsters have acquired such massive wealth while “serving” the American people?

Is their increasingly aggressive call for Open Borders rooted in the gravy train of opioid smuggling, gun running, human trafficking and child sex trafficking?

Is that why President Trump-immediately after taking office-signed an Executive Order that would freeze the assets of anyone involved in “serious human rights issues and corruption?” 

Where is Jeff Sessions?

Could he be busy earning his nickname “The Silent Executioner?”

Will we owe him an apology? After all, since when does President Trump not fire someone who it totally incompetent? 

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*”Fact checkers” claim she didn’t say that


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