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Real Great American President Trump at UN: Democrats and Globalists Crushed! (video)

President Trump just pummeled the Globalists on their own stage with his speech at the UN today.

President Trump’s speech at the UN underscores that he is both a savage warrior and God’s gift to our nation. This is why we voted for him. This is why we support him. This is why Globalists, Democrats and their idiot armies hate him.

He took on the Globalists at the UN this morning as he addressed:

• Protecting our sovereignty.

•  That we are now the number one energy producer in the world. 

•  We will not apologize to anyone for putting our needs first.

• That he aims to promote peace in the world. He cited progress with North Korea. 

• Addressed the dangers of open borders, including unprecedented human smuggling. 

• Unlike nations that are dying in Europe, he refuses to allow Americans to bow to the policies of mass migration dictated by an unelected group of tyrants in Brussels, unaccountable to our citizens. 

• Busted Iran-their sponsoring of terrorism and war on their own citizens and surrounding countries. 

• Put Globalist vampires on notice-our trade deals will no longer be one sided. 

• That other nations should do the same-seek to protect their sovereignty and protect their citizens.

• That “refugees” need to be cared for in their own countries-that they should make “their countries great again.”

• He destroyed the Democrats’ new bait-socialism. He reminded the world that  Venezuela was among the richest of nations just a short time ago. Now-thanks to socialism it is in a shambles. He reminded the world that that has always been the end result of socialism and communism.

• He praised and supported Israel. A bold move since the UN and UNESCO have a track record of siding with Israel’s enemies.

He wrapped it up eloquently. “We should choose peace and freedom over domination and defeat.”

This is why we voted for him. Why we support him. This is why the Democrats and RINOs aka the American Globalist Party is obsessed with taking him down. 

He just wiped out the entire “Progressive” Democrat platform in one morning. 

The Demons, the Amalekim of the world have just been put on notice. America will not be destroyed on his watch. America will remain intact. We will not salute the UN or the EU flag.

That said, those same evil forces will cheer that the smug Germans were laughing during his speech. But of course they were. German Globalists think it’s funny to destroy their own citizens. To witness the rape and murder of their own people. Things sure haven’t changed much in Germany. Sadly other nations have followed their lead. RIP Sweden, RIP France. RIP Netherlands-the list goes on. 

The Left will continue to ridicule President Trump, and continue efforts to destroy him. They were sick when he took the opportunity to list his accomplishments. But he had to. Fake news is a global trend.

The Leftist idiot armies are blind to the historic moment they have just witnessed. But the Leftist Powers That Be know what he’s talking about. It’s bound to be a tough week ahead. 

In combing the MSM comments section this was my response to Leftist ridicule:

Anyone who doesn’t understand that they just witness our President protecting this nation from a One World Government and the death throes of the Democrats’ new bait of socialism is a damn fool. Or shall I say-has been fooled due to mainstream media. Obama legalized propaganda to be used against the American people in 2012. Wake up people! Can all this programmed hate feel so intoxicating that you support the death of your own country?

Demstream Media will never show it, but citizens around the world admire and applaud President Trump. Orthodox Rabbi Yosef Mizrahi said that President Trump ought to be PM of Israel. Citizens in the UK  fought back against the spin as they chanted “Donald Trump, we love you!” His speech promises that with his approach their countries could survive and thrive. But of course that won’t happen until their citizens rise up against the EU. 

Lastly, he boldly thanked God.

And surely it is God Who gives him the strength to fight so many battles on so many fronts. Who ensures his victory over overwhelming odds. . 

Is President Trump perhaps the greatest American President in history? What are your thoughts on this speechComment below this post or directly on the Real Great Americans facebook page. Thank you:) 

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Fox News video 

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