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The Real Racists Cry “Islamophobe!”

The Real Racists Cry "Islamophobe!"

ISIS teaching kids to play with severed heads. Image Alalam


The real racists cry Islamophobe! Time to stop looking at  the color of people’s skin.

“Liberals” should understand that no one gets a free pass for practicing and promoting terror, murder, child abuse, stoning, honor killing,  murder of gay people, acid attacks, bestiality, polygamy, and gang rape. Even when they’re not white.

And just because others don’t appreciate such acts doesn’t make them an “Islamophobe,” it makes them sane and decent.

Ultimately we’re going to have to call out the bastardized version of Islam for what it is. We have to snatch away their phony  badge of “religion.”  Rip up their phony passport to commit unspeakable crimes.

Radical Islamists are nothing more than a vile sect with vile practices. The only spiritual entity they please and worship is Satan. The three great world religions are all Abrahamic which means that they all are bound by the 10 commandments. Radical Islamists do not abide by the commandments. They scoff at them. They turn them upside down and call the name of Allah.

Double standard racism.

If Radical Islamists  were white and lived in the Midwest with a charismatic leader. They’d be ridiculed by “Liberals.” If the women wore funny dresses and men had multiple wives, they’d be surveilled at the very least. But if it were discovered that their children were being abused it wouldn’t take but 5 minutes to make arrests, send the kids off to social services  and shut the whole operation down. The nation would applaud law enforcement. Tears would be shed for the children. Many would scorn the wives who allowed the practices to continue.

“Liberals” seem to share our shock about the mass suicide in Jonestown. There’s an article outlining the massacre in Left-leaning Huffpost. There were enough questionable practices going on in their Guyana compound  that concerned relatives asked a Congressman and journalists to investigate. That ended badly. As they were leaving, they were approached by members seeking to escape. Jones had  the Congressmen and four others in the entourage killed. Tragically, 909 people died. One third of them were children. Their charismatic leader, Jim Jones, convinced them to drink the cyanide-laced  Kool-aid. Ironically, accusing Liberals of drinking the Kool Aid  since they invite their own death by embracing terrorists falls on deaf ears. Their cult leaders have them under their spell.

Then there’s Scientology. Because the members are largely white, anyone and everyone feels free to make fun of their “religion.” Scandals such as kidnapping, financial fraud, holding people hostage,  working members to the point of abuse, blackmailing, bullying,  and intimidation are regularly exposed and frowned upon. Scientology keeps their members and secrets under lock and key. They know they won’t get a free pass. Yet the worst activities that they’re accused of pale in comparison to radical Islamists.

The list goes on, No need to belabor the point. 

The real racists are the ones who cry Islamophobe! Time to stop caring about the color of people’s skin. No one gets a free pass to commit atrocities.

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  1. people who support islam are fools supporting acceptence of a religion not thier own and fitting in and accepting laws of country they live in should be suppoted.. but as long as moderate muslims support and applaude the acts of thier terrosit kin the should be sunned, jailed deported as soon as possible. we americans do not support abusers, child rapist, murderas,and slave owners. even islam countries do not want them.

    • Totally agree! Just saw that “The religion of peace” murdered 28 Coptic Christians in Egypt, many of them children. Ramadan is off to quite a start:(

  2. Lori

    Radical Islam is not a religion. It is an ideology. It should not be treated as a religion, nor given any protections that religious groups can claim. It is an ideology of all things evil, and there is no room for it in our country…or in the world for that matter. It needs to be ERADICATED, ERASED from this planet.As long as it exists, it is a threat to all who do not practice it.

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