Former President George W. Bush is set to hit the campaign trail to support GOP Candidates.

But will this help them or hinder them? George Bush has exposed himself as a blatant, unabashed RINO. Will his preferred candidates be outed as fellow RINO’s?

Are the Globalists so out of touch with the Trumpian movement that they have no clue that RINOs are held with the same contempt as Democrats? That we recognize them both as hijacked Parties whose only interest is setting America on fire and handing her ashes over to-as they openly call it-the New World Order?

Or is this a  way to create chaos and confusion and undermine Republican candidates? Are they that clever? 

We will never forget 9/11.

And without a deep-delve into all the “9/11 conspiracy theories,” we will never forget the following about George Bush:

• Prior to 9/11, his Daddy, George H. W. pushed infamously eerie speeches touting the New World Order. 

• W’s reaction, or rather his non-reaction-when informed about the 9/11 attack during a visit to a second grade school classroom. What his former Chief of Staff revealed is that Bush knew that the attack began even before walking into the classroom. 

• That immediately following the attack  2 dozen of his Bin Laden pals were rushed out of the country on a private jet-without being interrogated. 

• Bush Jr. and his family fought against Trump and joined hands with Hillary. The Bushes are “With Her.”

• His smoochy behavior with Michelle Obama lately has been telling. 

• In October of 2017 he bashed President Trump and promoted the idea that he and his supporters are white supremacists, emphasizing the  Left’s initiative to make “nationalist” a dirty, racist word. In addition he echoed RINO McCain’s statement, “We live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil.” when he echoed, “Our identity as a nation, unlike many other nations, is not determined by geography or ethnicity, by soil or blood.”

Tell that to 242 years worth of Americans who fought, bled and died for this country. Was there ever one Veteran who went into battle believing that he or she was putting it on the line for the New World Order? 

Are Bush-loving Republicans ready to smash their idols? 

Can they come to grips with the idea that the Bushes, McCain and other RINOs are playing on the same team as the Democrats?

Will they ever be able to forgive those on the Right who dare question the 9/11 attacks? Is General Stubblebine a tin foil hat kook? 

What are your thoughts about George W. giving the nod to Republicans? Comment below! If you think this post is share-worthy, would you do the honors? Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement! God bless. 

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