Proud Navajo. Proud American. Patriot. Pastor. Loving Husband, Father and Grandfather. Courageous. A man of honor.

“God had planned it out. That the Navajo language would be used to save Democracy.” ~Roy Hawthorne Sr.

On April 21st, 2018 Navajo Code Talker Roy Hawthorne Sr. passed on. He was 92.

Code talking originated in WWl by the Cherokee and Choctaw. A variety of Native American nations were recruited into the service in World War ll for this purpose. The Native American Code Talkers utilized their native tongue to create an unbreakable code to transmit secret messages over the phone.

The Marines employed the Navajo. Roy Hawthorne was one of them, serving in the 1st Marine Division in the Pacific Theatre. He was promoted to corporal.

The National Museum of the American Indian explains, 

“The Code Talkers’ role in war required intelligence and bravery. They developed and memorized a special code. They endured some of the most dangerous battles and remained calm under fire. They served proudly, with honor and distinction. Their actions proved critical in several important campaigns, and they are credited with saving thousands of American and allies’ lives…”

…Despite everything that American Indians had endured in the past, the warrior tradition—the tradition of protecting their people—called many of them to serve in the United States military. They cared about their communities and the lands on which their people had lived for thousands of years. Many of them also served out of a sense of patriotism, wanting to defend the United States. For some American Indians, the military offered economic security and an opportunity for education, training, and world travel.”

Indoctrinated “Liberals” miss out on the big picture.

Today’s Left Wing Globalists seek to indoctrinate our young generation with an intense hatred of America by focusing on our past sins. They emotionally manipulate students and others who mean well.

However, in the process of painting the hateful narrative, many great Americans go unrecognized. This is especially tragic for minority communities who could benefit from the pride and inspiration derived from learning about their forefathers’ success and accomplishments.

This is how Roy Hawthorne felt about America,

“When I was inducted into the Marine Corps and when I raised my hand and swore allegiance to the United States and to the Marines, that is when I became somebody. That’s when the whole world realized it wasn’t true that Navajos were non-achievers,” he said. “That they were achievers. That is what makes me proud that we were chosen to do this specific task. And so we did.”

Yes. Slavery was an abomination. Yes. The way our forefathers treated the Native American population is heartbreaking and shameful.

But we evolved. The spirit of what is good and just prevailed and we will be victorious as we continue to improve upon what has been built.

It is tragic that students in politicized schools and colleges are being denied the opportunity to learn about the great patriots who were not defined by, but who defied these dark times.

Roy Hawthorne Sr. was not defeated by past events. He was defined by his recognition that America is a land that belongs to us all, and together we must continue to improve ourselves while fighting for our precious freedom.

May the memory of Roy Hawthorne be blessed. We were blessed to have him walk among us.

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National Museum of the American Indian-Very interesting-shows how they constructed the code.

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