February 28, 1993.

70 ATF Agents surrounded the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

The siege was to last 51 days ending on April 19th,  and would culminate in a tragedy that  took the lives of 50 adults and 25 children.  Four ATF officers were also killed.

Within the compound was a small religious cult led by their charismatic leader David Koresh. Koresh (born Vernon Wayne Howell) preached celibacy to his followers, but claimed members’ wives and took them for himself to sire children. He also married children as  young as 10 years old. So while this story is sad and a travesty of justice in many ways, there is  no intent to paint Koresh with a brush that implies that all was well within the compound.

The agents arrived with search warrants based on evidence that the cult had been stockpiling weapons. It was later revealed that the cult legally bought and sold weapons at gun shows as a source of income.

In addition some faulty information was  put forth to justify the use of such aggressive force. Janet Reno was told the children were being abused. Another story was that Koresh was operating a meth lab. This allowed military assets to be deployed under the “War on Drugs” provisions.

Koresh was tipped off to the raid, eliminating the element of surprise and giving the Branch Davidians time to prepare. It was their core belief that it was their destiny to die in a military-style  Armageddon. So arming themselves rather than allowing agents inside to search the premises was their innate reaction. However, within one minute of the raid Branch Davidian member Wayne Martin called 911 and pleaded for help and a  cease fire.

Testimony varies as to who fired the first shots. But some of the first  were definitely fired by agents when they shot and killed the dogs on the compound.

It quickly turned to a disaster and surely must have seemed like Armageddon to members trapped inside. Helicopters circled above. Agents were crawling up the roof and into windows. The air was riddled with bullets. Four agents were killed and 16 wounded.  A cease fire was declared. The FBI arrived on the scene. For the next 53 days the drama of negotiations played out. David Koresh was allowed to give interviews with various media outlets.

Final assault. April 19th 1993.

Janet Reno had been fed information that conditions were deteriorating and the children were being abused. There were also fears of mass suicide. The price tag  factored in as well. The standoff was costing over a million dollars a week.

The final assault was brutal. The FBI was heavily armed with .50 caliper rifles, and hand grenades. They used tanks to bash through the wooden structure so they could stream CS gas inside through the openings.

Mothers and children and infants hid in what the FBI called a bunker. They tortured them with a stream of CS gas for about 3 hours straight.

Finally the compound was set ablaze and swallowed up in flames. The nation watched in horror. Some family members of those trapped inside also watched as their loved ones were engulfed in flames.

Reports are conflicted. Some say that Koresh set fire to the compound himself.  Others claim that the fires started due to the assault on the compound.

We may never know who started it. 

Due to destruction of the crime scene , missing evidence, and contradictory testimony the public will never know for certain who fired the first shot. Some examples include:

  • The door, a key piece of evidence that would have shown which direction the first shot was fired, went missing.
  • Although military force was used because of meth/drug related charges, the warrant had no mention of drugs.
  • 15 people were shot but reports claimed their cause of death was “inconclusive.”
  • Some officials felt that the fire was started because the FBI streamed tear gas in an unsafe manner.
  • The bodies were preserved in a near frozen state in 2 trailers for forensic examination. However, the FBI did not supply the trailers with electricity, so the bodies decomposed to a point rendering forensic analysis impossible.

The story of Waco is a chilling reminder of how things can go horribly wrong when the military force of government is turned against our own citizens.

Now here’s where it goes all Hillary…

Many Americans witnessed this horrific tragedy,  but few realize that it was Hillary that pushed for the final assault.

Brietbart quoted Linda Tripp, who was a secretary in the Clinton White House. She is most remembered for having recorded conversations with Monica Lewinsky.

In 2001, Tripp told CNN Host Larry King that Hillary Clinton pressured the late Vince Foster, former deputy White House counsel, to resolve the Waco standoff problem in 1993. Former House Waco investigator T. March Bell charged that Hillary pressured Attorney General Janet Reno through Deputy Attorney General Webb Hubbell to initiate the attack on the Waco compound in 1993 that left 86 people dead, including children. Bell charged that Hillary orchestrated the action because the Waco standoff was dominating the news.

Shortly after, Vince Foster was found dead.  The reported cause was suicide, but his death remains a mystery to this day due to so many inconsistencies. And so many clues that would point to homicide rather than suicide.

He was reportedly quite upset about Waco. Before he died he said “The FBI lied to me.”  He was also deeply humiliated because Hillary humiliated him in public. This might seem to some that he was despondent enough to commit suicide.

However, in typical Clinton Cartel mode, the following  events stink to high Heaven…

Papers regarding Waco that had been in Foster’s desk disappeared. Eyewitnesses claim that boxes of files were removed from his office the night before his death. One witness testified that he personally helped to bring the boxes up to First lady Hillary Clinton’s residence with Hillary’s Chief of Staff Maggie Williams.  She told him that the contents of the box needed to be reviewed by the First Lady.

Witnesses also claim that the pressure that was put on Janet Reno to launch the final assault on Waco came from Web Hubbell who was acting on behalf of the First Lady.  Linda Tripp claims that Hillary pressured Vince Foster to resolve the standoff and that it was at Hillary’s direction that Vince Foster transmitted the order to move on the compound, that culminated in the deaths of the trapped Branch Davidians and 25 innocent children.

It should also be noted that Hillary ordered Vince Foster’s  body to be moved to avoid a murder investigation.

Oh and interestingly enough- FBI files that link  Hillary to the death of Vince Foster have also vanished.

Not that Waco is by any means the only sordid connection that Vince Foster had with the Clintons. When President Trump was campaigning he alluded to Vince Foster’s ‘fishy” death. Of course he was bashed and  her supporters in the media shut down people who would like answers as conspiracy theorists.

What shifted in Hillary’s consciousness?

In 1993  a small religious cult of people living in Texas was apparently so abhorrent that she gave the orders for them to  be killed.  But by the time 2016 rolled around she wanted to flood our country with a bloodthirsty “religious” cult whose ideology includes, stoning, honor killing, murdering gay people., rape, gang rape, decapitation, bestiality, female genital mutilation, child marriage, homosexual activity with young boys and making snuff films?

It’s not just her. At some point our entire country shifted. The  radicalized Left has lost their minds. And souls.

Our society has been groomed for anarchy and  degradation on all fronts. Michael Moore still has a following after stating ““I hope she did kill Vince Foster. That’s badass.”  That shows how low we have sunk as a society.

What do you think of the Hillary connection to Waco?

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