A repeal of “net neutrality” is on the FCC’s December menu. Democrats are freaking out. Why?

The upcoming FCC vote on net neutrality will impact our internet and free flow of information in ways that could potentially deal even more death blows to our First Amendment rights. Or so it seems.

Net neutrality rules state that all internet traffic must be treated equally. If the law is not in place, it is said that the providers could tweak internet speeds according to their own whim-that is, their own political leanings or personal interests. If you’re looking for a service provider that might fight against net neutrality and still give you your right, look into this comparison of cheap internet service providers and decide who the best provider could be for you.

In short-they would have the power to make or break the internet presence of political or business opponents.

Given the Left’s assault on Conservative speech through Globalist giants Google, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook ,Media Matters, and MSM, you’d think the Republicans would be more up in arms about repealing net neutrality than the Democrats.

Yet the opposite is true. Democrats are flipping out. Why?

The Hill reported, “Our Internet economy is the envy of the world because it is open to all,” Democratic FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said in a statement. “This proposal tears at the foundation of that openness. It hands broadband providers, such as those listed on ATT Bundles (https://att-bundles.com/directv), the power to decide what voices to amplify, which sites we can visit, what connections we can make, and what communities we create. It throttles access, stalls opportunity, and censors content.” Broadband customers don’t want their providers to dictate what content they consume, but what they do want is a high speed connection using future-proof fiber technology, like that offered by EATEL (www.EATEL.com/residential/internet/), with which to access online content from home.

The Right has been complaining loudly about the very issues Rosenworcel raises. Our free speech and free flow of information has already been hampered by corporations that are Pro-Hillary, Pro-Obama-in other words- Pro-Globalist.

Meanwhile, Left-leaning bloggers, vloggers and journalists were unscathed.

So what’s going on?

Follow the money.

Who would benefit from keeping things as they are?

Why, that would be the large Globalist corporations. Repealing net neutrality would open the market to competition and innovation. It could also provide a step toward much-needed monopoly-busting.

The companies that would be most affected include Verizon, Comcast, Charter, and AT&T, who account for the majority of internet subscribers in the United States. In a feeding frenzy, these companies have been eyeballing each other to fill their insatiable bellies. For example, Verizon was interested in merging with Comcast and Disney. Comcast attempted to buy out TWC. Comcast and Charter did merge.

These Globalist giants have another thing in common…

They can all be linked to corporations that control our news-feed in various forms. The very same news-feed that we’ve noticed pushes NWO presidential candidates, the NWO agenda and buries information that doesn’t fit the narrative.

So, as with the Trump/Russian collusion hoax that attempted to bury the Dems’ Russian collusion, the snowjob of “caring” about free speech is a ruse. The companies who benefit the most from monopolizing the internet also benefit the Leftist agenda through their mainstream media tentacles.

Yeah. It might be a good idea to open up this industry to some outside competition.

Rush Limbaugh breaks it down.

Although Rush Limbaugh and others have still not linked this initiative to the idea of taking down mainstream media, basic arguments are worth noting.

Limbaugh warned a young caller about government intervention. He also made the argument for free trade and competition. He closed with this perfect statement.

“When liberals want to regulate something, Rob, it’s not for fairness, and it’s not for equality. It’s to punish. It is to give themselves an advantage, or it is to essentially implement socialism into whatever arena they want to regulate. Which means they want to give the government total power in determining who can do and say and provide what. And, Rob, you don’t want the government doing that in any business, and certainly not on the internet. The market will always work if you keep government and the regulators out of it. That is the history of spectrum.”

A short video on a similar note….

The FTC could become the internet police.

The Hill quotes FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and an FCC official to explain:

  • The FCC will vote to roll back Obama-era net neutrality rules that require internet service providers to treat all web traffic equally.
  • Pai blasted the rules as “heavy-handed, utility-style” regulation of the internet imposed by Democrats. He said, “Under my proposal, the federal government will stop micromanaging the Internet.”
  • “Instead, the FCC would simply require Internet service providers to be transparent about their practices so that consumers can buy the service plan that’s best for them and entrepreneurs and other small businesses can have the technical information they need to innovate,” he said.
  • Pai believes the Federal Trade Commission is better equipped to police internet service providers than the FCC.
  • “In a call with reporters, a senior FCC official who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that under the proposed rules internet service providers will be able to block, throttle or prioritize certain web content as long as they publicly disclose that they do so.”
  • The Federal Trade Commission would then be able to take action against providers if they’re found to be engaging in anticompetitive behavior.
  • Congress could choose to replace the FCC rules with legislation but that wouldn’t be necessary since all of the major internet providers have committed to not blocking content.
  • The move is a win for companies like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T, which would be freed of restrictions on blocking or throttling certain content or requiring websites to buy into internet “fast lanes.” (That indicates that it is another means that the Trump era will boost industry in the US-by unshackling regulations that prevent businesses from growing.)
  • But to net neutrality supporters, repealing the rules means giving those companies a free pass to block, slow or favor certain internet content.
The free-flow of information is the Globalists’ worst nightmare.

Google has already admitted to altering algorithms to favor their NWO candidate Hillary. Anyone aware of the issue can see other attacks though search engine results and the strange disappearance of unflattering images of Hillary and Obama.

Conservative voices and truth seekers are being slandered, censored, demonetized and shut down entirely. We’ve been witnessing the most unprecedented attack on free speech in US history.

Biggest perpetrators include Google, Google’s You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and George Soros’s Media Matters and other “fact checkers.”

News and social media bias and censorship are major factors in the Leftist toolbox.

Coincidence? Pai said Twitter is “part of the problem.”

CNN reports,

FCC chairman Ajit Pai on Tuesday accused Twitter and other tech companies of being disingenuous by arguing for a free and open internet while they “routinely block or discriminate against content they don’t like.”

…Pai argued that it’s actually the “edge providers,” the FCC’s term for services like Google and Facebook that “are a much bigger actual threat to an open Internet than broadband providers, especially when it comes to discrimination on the basis of viewpoint.”

By vocalizing this point to argue this highly publicized power struggle, Pai puts a spotlight on the Left’s use of censorship and propaganda.

Seductive term. Net neutrality.

As always, we’re dealing with semantics which as we’ve learned can be lethally deceptive. The term net neutrality sounds great. Who wouldn’t want the government ensuring that large corporations don’t meddle with internet speeds to boost their allies and destroy their opponents?

Yet this is exactly what the Democrats were pulling off in the 2016 election.

It’s the Democrats and their Globalist cronies who want to control the flow of information and shut down opposing points of view.

Corporations in charge

We’ve already seen the undermining of our first amendment rights by private corporations and social media giants. Do we want to hold this open door for them so they can crush the flow of information that exposes them and destroys independent journalists and researchers?

If we trace their links to Mainstream Media, it becomes more alarming.

Julian Assange warned that even our President could be affected by slowed down communications…

Government in charge

As eye-glazing as all this information is, it will have enormous impact on our speech which is already under attack by the Globalist big-wigs who want to shut us all down. But too many things fly under the radar in favor of more titillating headlines.

  • It was Obama who pushed for net neutrality-for “a free and open internet.” That should get the ol’ hackles up right there.
  • It was October of 2016-under Obama’s watch that he relinquished US control of the internet to foreign entities. The Democrats were silent.
  • It was Obama who repealed our Propaganda laws in 2013, allowing the government to direct propaganda against US citizens. The Democrats were silent.
  • It was Obama who revived Operation Mockingbird in Sept 2016, allowing FBI agents to pose as journalists. The Democrats were silent.

After seeing all the seditious wool that was pulled over our eyes during the 8 year Obama sham of a Presidency, how can we give the government our blind trust?

While we feel confident that Trump, with God at the helm, will crush the competition in 2020, nothing in this world is certain.

It would be better, IMO if we could have a bit of both. Competition but with options for consumer protection. It would seem that that is what Ajit Pai was driving at when he suggested transparency but with independent FTC oversight.

Not only could the FTC respond to concerns about transparency, they are also in charge of enforcing the laws regarding anti-Trust violations.

If the Democrats are FOR something we have to wonder why.

Although the link to media giants has not been a part of MSM’s coverage on this issue, it seems worth pondering. The last thing we’d want is to feed the media monster so aptly termed the “Opposition Party.”

Oddly it seems that repealing net neutrality empowers providers. However, if the law is repealed and stewardship is handed to the monopoly-busting FTC, it could be a clever move that places them in a vulnerable position.

If the Dems are howling, they’re feeling some pain.

Ajit Pai’s family and children are under vicious attack. “Liberals” are calling him every name in the book-attacking his race and sexual preference.

We know the Dems don’t give a damn about free speech. We have to question their real motive. Perhaps they’re fighting for the core issue-to retain and strengthen their propaganda outlets that control free speech and information.

Repealing net neutrality would create a huge vulnerability for their monopoly masters. Their free reign would be suddenly be under the scrutiny of the FTC .

After all, President Trump vowed to break up monopolies such as Amazon. In spite of the fierce #Resistance he is fighting hard to keep his campaign promises.

And let’s face it-no one hates the Opposition Party more than President Trump.

What is your opinion? This can be a confusing topic. Please weigh in on the comments section below.


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