It’s Hell on Earth as California battles massive wildfires. 

California wildfires are ravaging Ventura County and Northwest Los Angeles County. Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate. Expensive homes are being burnt to the ground. Animals have been burned alive. One tragic incident claimed the lives of nearly 30 horses at a family ranch. 

What a great opportunity to attack our fairly elected President!

AP News reported  the fires with this propaganda-laced video.

They just HAD to go there. Blaming the fires on “Climate Change.”

Yet it happens every year out here.

Often, the characteristic Santa Ana winds spread the fires. What the AP won’t mention is that in spite of all the Climate Change hysteria, California enjoyed a major amount of rain during the past year, although the summer’s been a bit dry.

National Geographic mentioned in one breath that California was reporting only moderate drought conditions and that eventually, 4 out of 5 fires are found to be caused by people. One example was 29 year old John Ballenger who was arrested for causing a fire last August. Were his actions due to  Climate Change? In another breath they followed up with a comment about Arctic ice melting.

Reuters reported as a matter-of-fact that Europe’s fires were caused by Climate Change. For American readers they spread the Climate Change Hoax/California connection by what I call “stacking.” It’s a way to inspire a conclusion based on the order in which facts are presented. Another technique is to offer quotes so others can say what the publication really wants to say, but can’t.

To report the California/Climate Change connection Reuters chose Erin Mellon.

“Absolutely climate change is affecting precipitation – that’s why we are seeing record drought followed by record rainfall,” Erin Mellon, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Water Resources said in an email.”

Oops! They forgot to mention that Erin Mellon is a Democrat who was appointed to her position by Governor Gerry Brown. The CA Governor has threatened to sue President Trump over the weather. In addition, the LA Times reported, “In a rebuke to President Trump’s disengagement from worldwide climate change efforts, Gov. Jerry Brown [said]the president “doesn’t speak for the rest of us” and unveiled plans for a global environmental summit in San Francisco…”

But why should journalistic powerhouses like AP or Reuters stick to objective news reporting when they can weaponize wildfires to attack our fairly elected President? 

This needs to be said.

I hate to say this out loud, because I don’t want to give any NWO sickos any ideas. But these fires need to be observed as a potential “scorched earth” strategy.

The NWO was set on fire when they lost the 2016 election.

Part of their plan to take over the USA was to destroy our economy.  One method was the Climate Change wealth redistribution scam. In order to ignite rage from the young and/or under educated idiot army, they had to preach the fiery Al Gore Gospel of Melted Ice Cap Armageddon.

Obviously the Powers That Be  will stop at nothing. They will not hesitate to send assassins and/or their Radical Islamic buddies into the field to pull the trigger or ram crowds with trucks or set off bombs that kill and maim hundreds of people at a time. They’ve pulled off the blood-spill of massive wars and coups, so terror attacks on innocent civilians or a political assassination here or there is just small potatoes.

So what’s a few forest fires if they can ignite outrage toward President Trump?

Some  have already suggested that the recent hurricanes we’ve endured were a product of weather engineering, or as CIA Director John Brennan calls it- “geoengineering.”  It may sound a bit far-fetched, but the technology has been in place for decades. As we recall, the hurricanes were also politicized as being caused by Climate Change-and therefore-President Trump.

If you want further proof of this all too real technology, the US Air Force put out a report outlining the weaponization of weather entitled,  “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.”( Link below)

That must take a lot of effort and a tight-lipped team. It seems like it’d be a whole lot easier to have a CIA operative go undercover as a careless camper, armed with a rusty hibachi, some coals and a can of lighter fluid. Or a pack of Marlboros. 

AP just set their own pants on fire.

They’ve exposed themselves as the “Mother of All Fake News.”

Other news outlets such as Reuters who create a climate change connection as a given  will out themselves as NWO stenographers. 

Even Christina Figueres, the  Executive Secreatary of the Climate Change Convention admitted that climate change is nothing more than a wealth redistribution scam. She referred to it as a “transformation of the world economy.”

AP and Reuters are revered fountains from which all MSM flows.

AP just proved that they are not above streaming KoolAid to take down our fairly elected President, our country and our Trumpian economic growth with him.

 If it takes the tragedy of a massive fire to do that-so be it. 

Your thoughts? Comment below!



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