Robert Kiyosaki is the charismatic author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” He has another story to tell. As a Marine, Kiyosaki was recruited by the CIA to run drugs.

Robert Kiyosaki is a Marine veteran who served in the Vietnam War. He’s also a patriot who supports President Trump and has a healthy degree of skepticism about the sinister underbelly of the US government. The CIA in particular. No wonder. While he was on his tour of duty Kiyosaki was recruited by the CIA  to run drugs.

No one would know better than Robert Kiyosaki that blind submission to authority is a dangerous and dirty business.

The CIA recruited and  bribed the young man with a salary that would exceed $85,000/yr, which was a lot of money back in those days.

When he found out what would be involved he said no.

The Infowars interview can be viewed in the first 9:35 minutes in the video below. Points that he discussed include the following:
  • When he was  a Marine pilot he was recruited by the CIA.
  • In 1973 he was approached by ” Air America” and offered $85 K/yr.
  • Air America  was actually a dummy corporation for the CIA.
  • Kiyosaki was told he could make a lot more money if he ran “special packages.”
  • The “special packages” were drugs originating from Laos and the Golden Triangle.
  • Kiyosaki had no desire to run illicit drugs and said no to the lucrative offer.
  • The CIA will deny this drug running operation. Kiyosaki cited both  the Fast and Furious  scandal and the 1985 Iran/Contra affair as ample reason to distrust them.
  • Speaking of shady government deals, Kiyosaki questioned Obama’s gift to Iran of over 150 billion dollars. Iran is a hotspot for exporting terrorism. He asks “where did that 150 billion dollars come from?” He explained that the money came from Switzerland.
  • Kiyosaki first ran into the CIA at the age of 19 while in Thailand. He became disillusioned when he realized that he was unknowingly taking part in a CIA operation to start a war there.

Given their track record there is no reason to naively assume that we can trust our government-and certainly not the shadow government.

The very rich dad is equally rich in morals and patriotism.

The mainstream media repaid him and other Patriots with filthy slander.

Kiyosaki attended the Red Pill Expo in Montana. The media reported that the event was filled with “White Supremacists.” That was not only a disgusting and seditious lie, but absurd as well. Robert Kiyosaki was hardly the only one who attended who is not of white ethnicity.

Lies, slander and programmed hate fuels the radicalized Left.

It’s odd that Hillbots want so desperately to mimic the social revolution that defined the sixties. The radicalized Left is comprised of wannabe or withering flower children. Yet they are clueless as to who or what they’re fighting for.

And there’s nothing “cool ” about them.

In the sixties there was an extreme anti-establishment sentiment that was at the core of the movement. Psychedelic 60’s godfather Timothy Leary coined the phrase “question authority.”

Yet they blindly bow to “leaders” and institutions that are the very definition of the establishment and totalitarian authority.

The sixties encouraged the younger generation to “expand your mind.”

Yet the brains of today’s radicalized Left are fossilized and brittle.

They will only believe what is spoon-fed to them from their masters in the mainstream media and their “professors” in the college swamps.

There is more than enough evidence and history of the media being a propaganda tool of the CIA. Yet the radicalized Left shuts down curiosity and investigation.

See “CIA-Masters of Deception.”

Today’s Left is fighting for the establishment, for war, for the corrupt government. They fight for the primarily white elite scum who seek to rule the earth and have not one shred of concern for anyone, let alone minorities or women.

The Powers That Be manipulate and exploit their Leftist army through the drip-drip-drip repetition of lies and playing with their emotions.

The radicalized Left has become, and fight for-all that  they claim to hate.

Robert Kiyosaki is an amazing American.

He turned his back on big bucks  as a young man when he refused to run drugs for the CIA. Given today’s political climate, he takes financial risks as a businessman to speak out in support of President Trump.

This Fourth of July we can be especially thankful to all who take personal risks to serve our country and continue to fight for independence.

That gratitude should also  include all you keyboard warriors out there who have risked personal relationships to fight the fight on social media.

It feels good to be on the Right side of history, doesn’t it?

Were you surprised by Robert Kiyosaki’s experience? Comment below!


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