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Roger Stone: General Flynn Could Blow Pedogate Wide Open

General Flynn

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Roger Stone wears a lot of cool hats. None of them are made of tin foil. He tweeted that General Flynn could blow pedogate wide open-that’s worth a listen.

Roger Stone is no  #Pizzagate goofball.  He was the senior campaign aide to 3 Republican Presidents.  A couple of days ago, Stone tweeted that General Flynn could blow pedogate wide open.  He said “General Flynn has a list of high level pedophiles-the release of which will decimate the Deep State dons.”

General Flynn is no Pizzagate Pepe in uniform.

He’s a US Army Lieutenant General. He was almost our National Security Adviser.

If he says he has a list of high level pedos, we ought to take his word for it. Hopefully General Flynn has beefed up security.

He’s already suffered the consequences of going up against the Globalist Left-most specifically-Hillary Clinton. It was his opposition to her that likely made him the first casualty of the Deep State. He was forced to resign from his appointment as National Security Adviser due to alleged Russian connections.

General Flynn was vocal in calling Hillary to drop out of the election due to her email scandal. He also was fearless in calling her out on Pedogate…

 Business Insider scoffed at his Pedogate allegations. 

“Flynn later tweeted a link to the Breitbart website on November 4. The article to which he linked quoted former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince, who told a SiriusXM radio host that, during the Anthony Weiner investigation, “They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times.”

Hmmm. But Blackwater CEO Erik Prince is no alt-right whack-o.

Erik Prince is a former Navy Seal who founded a company called Blackwater. He’s also the brother of Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos.

The Detroit Free Press sums up his credentials,

“Erik Prince used his inheritance to form Blackwater, a training facility for special operation soldiers and police in North Carolina. …He quickly grew it into a services company that provided security teams for U.S. diplomats in Iraq during the Iraq War and a host of other services in war zones. …”

His statements regarding Pedogate and the depravity found on Weiner’s laptop could explain something disturbing. Even though Erik Prince is a private citizen and had no affiliation with the Trump transition team he found himself the target of an investigation under Comey’s FBI for his business dealings with Russia.

Former CIA officer Robert David Steele is no “conspiracy theorist”

In the video below (starting at 3:54) he explains the twisted tastes of the elite for sexually exploiting vulnerable children. He drives home that Flynn was not fired for talking with Russians on the phone, but rather because he had a list of all the elite pedo-power players in DC, including VP Pence’s best friend.

Cast of credible characters. Not fringe journalists or sources.

Roger Stone, a best selling author and former Senior aide to 2 Presidents.

Michael Flynne, a retired General and former National Security Adviser.

Erik Prince, a former Navy Seal and Special Ops training genius for the government.

Robert David Steele, a former CIA officer.

All these men agree and state that Pedogate exists and that Hillary is a part of it. 

And check this out…

Roger Stone simultaneously mocked the Russian/Trump collusion hoax and (with zero fear of a lawsuit) boldly called out John Podesta as a pedophile.

BTW-What’s up with the #Netherlands?

Not sure, but it is surmised that it relates to the huge pedo bust in the Netherlands  back in 2011. It was a major sting  known as ” Operation Rescue.”

The pedo ring was international in its scope, involving about 30 countries and had 70,000 members.  When Europol moved in, 670 pedophiles were arrested, including 184 Americans. 230 children were rescued.

There’s another odd dot that may or may not be of significance. While Hillary was Secretary of State  the Netherlands donated over $25 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Since her crushing loss-nada.

Flynn’s Pedogate allegations began last year.

Mainstream Media has always buried the Pizzagate story and attacked anyone who dared to cover or investigate it.

On top of that, between the  attempted coup and the continued carpet bombing from the Globalist Left, Pizzagate and Pedogate were put on the back burner.

By design, no doubt.

Could Roger Stone’s tweet imply that something is about to blow wide open?

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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  1. If this is true and can be proven wish they would stop moving at a turtles speed and prosecute, prosecute, prosecute all of those involved, starting at the top! Move it!!!

  2. Barbara

    There is nothing more despicable than abuse of children. Please, Dear God, let there be resolution to this problem. May all who dared to abuse children pay the most steep price in our system of justice. God Bless and protect all children and let us, as Americans, see that justice is done.

  3. Sharilynn Peterson

    Well now here we are and all kinds of stuff is going down. Mass arrests globally related to pedophilia and child trafficking including child prostitution.

    Well done! Still has not reached up to the highest echelons but it will. They even had to plan a fake pandemic to cover!

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