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Russia/Syria Fiasco: 10 More Obama Legacy-Busters

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Obama’s legacy is getting shot to Hell where it belongs.

It’s hard to know what Obama’s legacy will be most remembered for. Obamagate? Transgender bathrooms? Islamification of America? “Fundamentally transforming” our country into a red hot mess?

The Russia/Syria fiasco can now compete for a place in his shady history.

As things heat up in response to President Trump’s airstrike in Syria, more is revealed.  None of it reflects well on Obama. It’s a sorry combination of incompetence, impotence and questionable motives.

Here’s 10 legacy-busters rising out of Syria and Russia:
  1. Obama and Hillary were the founders of  ISIS. They created the Syrian refugee crisis. Not new news, but worth remembering.
  2. The New START agreement with Moscow  reduced our nuclear forces but not the Russians.
  3. BHO smugly dismissed candidate Mitt Romney’s warnings about Russia , as “a relic of Cold War era thinking.”
  4. Allowed Russia’s ally Iran to to preserve its nuclear program.
  5. “During the red-line fiasco, he eagerly grasped a lifeline from Russia at the price of accepting its intervention in Syria,” Rich Lowry reported.
  6. Refused to give Ukraine “lethal” weapons to defend itself from Russian attack.
  7. In the same way that he dismissed “ISIL” as being the “JV Team,  he  downplayed Russia as being a threat of any kind.
  8. Cut US defense spending and cracked down on fossil fuels — a policy that benefits Russia. Its economy is dependent on high oil prices. Their coal policies also benefited Russia.
  9. The Obama administration knew. James Clapper testified before Congress last year that Syria probably still had chemical weapons.
  10. Antony J. Blinken, a former Deputy Secretary of State also said that the administration knew they hadn’t gotten rid of all the chemical weapons.
His weakness was nefarious.

Rich Lowry of the NY Post was careful to state that Obama’s policies were not nefarious but due to weakness. However, most of us are more suspicious.

Part of Obama’s NWO-inspired agenda was to weaken America. From that perspective, the weakness is in and of itself, nefarious.

Obama and Hillary’s energy policies were designed to strengthen Russia’s energy and weaken ours. Those policies went beyond weakness and into straight-up opportunity for Hillary.  Under Obama’s nose she sold 20% of our uranium to Russia to line her pockets via the Clinton Foundation. More profits were sure to follow.

The horrific chemical attack probably was a false flag. 

There were many reasons to believe that the chemical attack was a false flag.

But a big  part of the false flag theory was based on the assumption that Syria willingly surrendered their chemical weapons. That assumption was based on the word of liars. Obama, Kerry, Susan Rice, the CIA, Assad and Putin all lied to us.

If it was a false flag it now must be re-labeled as an opportunity. 

No one wants an all-out war. That’s one of the many reasons the Right didn’t vote for Hillary. But cleaning up the cesspool in Syria could end the world-destabilizing “refugee” crisis. In that case, it will prove to be a tremendous opportunity.

It’s been going on for 7 years. It would be nice if it were OVER.

What do you make of it-false flag or opportunity in disguise? 

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  1. Thomas Hagan

    Why haven’t Obama & Clinton be prosecuted for their treasonous acts ?

    • I wish I knew the answer:( Hopefully they’re working on something behind the scenes. Very dangerous people.

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