Ryan Zinke, President Trump’s Secretary of the Interior, wants to deconstruct a Yosemite Park dam in favor of nature. “Environmentalists” are outraged.

Why does Zinke want to tear down the Hetch Hetchy dam? To mine copper? To drill for oil? Nope. Sec. Zinke proposes that deconstructing the dam will “return Yosemite to its natural splendor.”

Well that sounds awesome enough.

So why are San Franciscans’ little green panties in a bunch? Two obvious reasons:

1) With Trumphaters, it’s dammed if ya do, dammed if ya don’t. 

2)The Left has vilified Zinke for his role as our Interior Secretary, often pointing to his opening up our natural settings for the fossil fuels industry.

 But Zinke’s greater crime is that he’s destroying “Obama’s Legacy.”

What “Liberals” fail to see is that Obama’s policies to “preserve the environment” were in truth, green shackles designed to hold America hostage. 

America’s ability to be energy independent was on the road to being totally crippled. Obama’s policies would be preserved and enhanced by a Hillary presidency. These policies poised Putin’s Russia to become the #1 Global Energy Superpower. Why is it again that Putin would prefer Trump over Hillary? 

Isn’t it odd that the Putin-haters wouldn’t have a problem with Hillary carrying on Obama’s policies to empower Russia? 

Isn’t it odd that “Liberal environmentalists” don’t care that Hillary enriched herself by handing  big bad Russia 20% of our precious uranium that could devastate the environment with another Chernobyl or nuclear war? Isn’t it odd that they ignored Hillary’s threats to put our coal miners out of business while her pal Obama was importing coal from Russia?

America’s environment would seemingly be preserved while other global environments would be adversely affected. What about the extra pollution involved in getting all those fuels here? Why don’t they care about the environment in other countries that would export their fossil fuels to us? It is a global issue, no? 

The Left’s stance on the environment bends with the Trump-hating wind. 

For example, it appears that “Liberal Environmentalists” in San Francisco have been #Resisting restoring the environment in Yosemite for some time now. 

The San Francisco Chronicle reported,

Spreck Rosekrans, Restore Hetch Hetchy’s executive director, said Wednesday that his group met with Zinke for about an hour on Sunday at Yosemite, where they took a brief tour of the dam.

“The secretary asked good questions and his interest is sincere, but he understands that solving water issues in California is no simple matter, so I think he’ll take a cautious approach,” Rosekrans said.

Restore Hetch Hetchy has long sought the support of the Interior Department [emphasis  added]  in its quest to drain the reservoir,which provides drinking water for about 2.7 million people across the Bay Area. Rosekrans said they asked Zinke for an Interior Department study “that would include keeping San Francisco completely whole with respect to water supply.”

When Green Goes Mean

President Trump believes we can have it both ways. He believes we can enjoy a thriving economy and have clear air and clean drinking water. If Climate Change is real-clean air and water would be the only solution to the problem anyway.

But of course that wouldn’t enrich the Global Elites who want to tax every breath we take. Even Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the Climate Change issue is simply a means to redistribute wealth across the globe. She referred to it as a “transformation of the world economy.

To defeat their anti-Globalist nemesis Trump, the Powers That Be weaponized environmental organizations to form a separate Nevertrumping political identity group. These groups hide behind a green mask to attack President Trump. The endgame is always the same-to interfere in the 2016 election, and when that didn’t work-to keep the push for a coup alive.

Can the toxic wasteland of environmentalist organizations such as Greenpeace ever be trusted again?

In your face, San Francisco

San Francisco is full of “Liberal Environmentalists” aka Trumphaters. They’ve put a ban on plastic straws. Would it be surprising if they followed Santa Barbara’s lead to throw repeat plastic straw offenders in jail? SF bans straws, yet streets and parks are infested with the biohazard of plastic syringes that the city provides to junkies. Human feces dumped by the homeless decorate the once beautiful city streets. But no worries-there’s poop maps to avoid those diseased land mines.

So clearly they care about the environment when it suits them. The destruction of the environment is A-OK as long as it involves importing votes and enabling drug addled dependency on Democrat hand-outs. 

Will the SF residents who rely on the dam for drinking water, admit that sometimes people’s needs really must come from the land? 

In your face, Democrats

Zinke’s visit to the Restore Hetch-Hetchy group provides an epic troll on Democrats who’ve-polluted environmental groups. As the Dems sanctimoniously and falsely paint all Republicans as environment and State Park haters, they’ve #Resisted efforts to dismantle the dam that was constructed illegally and give the area back to Mother Nature. 

The Hetch Hetchy website calls out elected San Francisco Democrats as a major obstacle in their fight.

While restore Hetch Hetchy has more members in San Francisco than any other city, no elected official is willing at this time to openly support restoration.…Several members of Congress have keen interest in restoration. The uncommon influence that San Francisco presently retains in both houses will soon change and provide opportunities for legislation to heal this greatest blemish in any of America’s national parks.

Could this be why Zinke’s visit has garnered so little attention in mainstream media? 

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This post was edited on 8/29/18

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