Schools in some rural areas have switched to a 4 day week.

What a great idea! Add up how long the days are for students, plus additional homework, it makes you wonder why we bother to have Child Labor Laws.

Fox News reports.

A dynamic shift has begun in rural school districts across the United States, with many considering — and in some cases implementing — a four-day school week. The reason is to bring down costs and enrich the learning environment with extracurricular development for pupils, as well as giving time to Learn more about online courses for teachers. It allows growth for those working and those attending in equal measure.

The trend has been increasingly popular in the Mountain West region of the country, with 88 districts in Colorado, 30 in Oregon and nearly half of all school districts in Montana shifting to a four-day week, according to The Atlantic.

The slow, grinding wheels of bureaucracy.

Egos and stubbornness aside, many costs are fixed, so not all school districts are in agreement about the savings. Some also disagree about the impact on education.

Fox quoted Newcastle School Superintendent Tony O’Brien who disagreed with naysayers. He said that the plan has softened the blow of state budget cuts.

“I’ve saved almost a teacher in diesel [fuel costs] probably already,” O’Brien said to local news station KFOR. He says they’ve also saved substitute teacher costs because teachers don’t have to take a day off for appointments.

O’Brien had estimated they would save 1 percent to 2 percent of their budget, but they are probably ahead of that figure.

One of his language teachers also said that the students are benefiting and the academics have not suffered.

“Our instruction time is a little bit longer day-wise, so we can get more accomplished.”

Let’s see what Betsy DeVos can do to improve education.

She’s an out of the box thinker and a proponent of Charter Schools. The Dems are in the pockets of Teachers’ Unions. So there was bound to be a clash.

But she deserves a chance. And we need change.

Our cost per student vs. the success rate is not exactly a big W. for our current school system. Ranking 14th in the world in education is nothing to brag about. To break it down more dismally we rank 38th in math and 24th in science.

Scores aside, they’re destroying our kids’ psyches.

During the last election cycle and since, we’ve seen what our educational dollars have bought us, and it’s not pretty. The curriculum has quietly been geared toward anti-American Globalist indoctrination.

Also, rather than focus on science and math, they shove sexually inappropriate subject matter down the throats of our kids. This is done at increasingly younger ages-some as young as kindergarten. This robs them of their innocence and compromises their well being. It could be considered contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

And there’s the issue of teachers.

Our society continues to hold all teachers up on pedestals. They earn a living by criticizing and “grading” others. But any criticism of them sounds like ‘hate speech.”

Sorry, but not all of them are gifted and/or devoted. The reality is that some of them are bitter, damaged human beings that can crush the souls of students that aren’t their faves. Sadly, those are usually the ones that need help and concern the most. Of course, there are brilliant teachers who are really passionate about teaching and go out of their way to make their classrooms inviting with products like these that are often purchased with their own income. But there is a minority that is just hateful.

Some are even sexual predators. Some are downright bullies.

Speaking of bullies, there’s the other students. If your kid doesn’t sit at the cool table, they may be subject to unbearable ridicule and threats on a daily basis. Too often this results in tragedy.

Somehow we expect our kids to be able to deal with all that. Yet adults are allowed to fall apart (or sue) because they’re caught up in a “hostile work environment.” Sometimes you need change, you need options.

It’s a wonder that any parent would send their kids to public school at all.

Do we even need schools anymore?

Why are we still using a snail mail approach when it comes to of all things, education? Shouldn’t we be smarter than that?

Many people choose to home-school for a variety of reasons. It seems like it would be a more popular option than ever,

With so much information available online it could be the perfect solution. Parents and kids can create their own curriculum, or use readily available home-school curriculum.

But that doesn’t mean teachers are out of a job.

Public schools could morph into a community based, cyber-education option.

Teachers could hold classes virtually. Less distraction and cheating. The teacher could focus on the material rather than disciplining an unruly class.

One on one in-person meetings to review progress could be made by appointment.

With so much technology at our fingertips, one on one mentoring is readily available. There’s already an abundance of independent learning options such as online universities. These options utilize SKYPE, texting, email, and face time. The additional benefit is that there are records of all this communication. Another benefit is that it prepares students for what will likely be an increase in telecommuting careers in the future.

For “socialization” there could be independent sports teams and clubs. Parents end up paying extra for all that stuff anyway.

By going this route much of the incredibly expensive real estate and maintenance needed to hold classes can be downsized. The impact of the savings on property taxes for everyone would be a real game changer for the community.

Some of the savings could be redirected for child care vouchers if parents have to work. Some could support independent social. sports and arts activities. Other programs could include apprenticeships, internships and job development.

Meanwhile, it would be great if schools abolished homework.

Homework creates an elitist society. “Parental involvement” became a popular buzzword for what used to be considered cheating. Only the most privileged kids have a parent with the time, money, patience and knowledge to give them that academic edge. Or create a suspiciously perfect science fair project.

Homework can hurt family life. At the very least it takes away time that could be spent together. Fighting over homework creates a lack of harmony in many households. That’s why some families agree with their children using cheetahpapers.com to complete their homework for them. Sometimes, coming home from school and spending hours doing homework isn’t good for children. They need to be able to relax and spend time with their family.

It’s also a way to control and suppress the minds and spirits of kids after hours. Imagine if a kid could own those precious hours after school. He or she might invent a new robot or learn how to play the guitar.

Point is, we have to stop going along with the status quo. Our school systems need to be revamped. Our kids’ futures depend on our action, not our apathy.

What are your thoughts on our education system? Have you experienced problems that you wish were fixed? Comment below!