Sorry Dems! President Trump and Betsy DeVos just scored a victory in a big blue blue state.

A  poll shows that a majority of Californians love the idea of school vouchers, an idea that Betsy DeVos  champions.

It’s also a victory for President Trump. When he first nominated DeVos for Secretary of Education there was a lot of negative push back. Aside from the opposition pointing to a “lack of experience, ” they were opposed her ideas for overhauling the school system. Vouchers were a big part of that package.

Vouchers allow parents to choose private, religious and charter schools.

The LA Times reports that a whopping 60% of adults and 66% of parents of school aged children in California support the voucher system. It was no surprise that Republicans favored the idea more than Democrats. But was was interesting to note was that the overwhelming support came from the Black and Latino communities. President Trump is proving that he has the backs of minorities and cares about their children.

School vouchers represent freedom from the educational caste system.

Parents no longer have to settle for the mandatory nightmare of stuffing  their kid into a yellow bus full of chaos to be belched out at the nearest school swamp.

It”s not clear why parents now prefer the voucher system. The LA Times article mentioned that in 2000 a voucher bill met with widespread disapproval.

But a lot has changed since then. Maybe it’s another case of Democratic backfire?

As the Dems have ramped up efforts to pollute our schools with inappropriate sex education and anti-American indoctrination into Islam and Communism, maybe parents welcome alternatives.

Looks like common sense and concern for one’s own children may be alive and well out here in sunny CA after all. It gives us hope that  they will apply that mindset to other issues as well.

Sometimes a good idea wins out over hate.

What do you think of school vouchers? Comment below!

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