The trend of self imposed black segregation is an accomplishment the Globalist Democrats can be proud of.

But for the rest of America self-imposed black segregation is a national tragedy and a disgrace. Not just for America as a whole, but for the very students and others who are who are buying into it. It’s also an illusion.

Obama set our country back in terms of  racial harmony.  But in fairness, he did not act alone. George Soros is behind many groups such as the ACLU and BLM. George Soros does not act alone either.

The Globalists arm their soldiers in the  #Resistance movement with one of their favorite weapons. Race-baiting.

A new degree offered across college campuses. Masters in Bigotry. 

Hatred toward whites-especially straight white men-is loud and clear. They don’t even try to hide it. Indoctrinated “hip” white”Liberals” readily absorb the self-loathing curriculum.  They jump right in, calling for their own annihilation.

Campuses are a breeding ground for antisemitism and the  the boycott Israel movement. Nazi collaborator Soros is behind many of those groups too. Fostering sympathy for poor Palestinian terrorists and being “anti-Zionist” offers a cushy mask for hating Jews. They have successfully indoctrinated  secular Jewish “Liberal” students into suicidal  self-loathing as well. Of course many enjoyed the “Head Start Program” because their parents were also secular, Israel hating Jews.

Pathetic waste of four good years. 

These students just blew through 4 precious years of their lives and will be in debt up to their eyeballs for the foreseeable future.

But as they say-money cant’ fix stupid. Can’t fix indoctrinated either.

Black Leftie students, like other “Liberals” are resisting everything that could help them and working on behalf of  everything  and everyone they claim to hate.

They’re clueless that they’re fighting for the richest, greediest, and whitest  scum on the planet. They can’t shake the branded image of the half-black god, Obama as the face of their #Resistance movement.

They’re resisting progress and hope for a better future.

What are they resisting when they BOO Betsy DeVos?

Betsy DeVos gave a commencement speech at the historically black college Bethune-Cookman University. She was treated rudely by many students who booed her. Some turned their backs on her. Others walked out.

She has not been well received at historically black colleges, which is puzzling DeVos praised these institutions.  She said they are “real pioneers when it comes to school choice. They saw that the system wasn’t working, that there was an absence of opportunity, so they took it upon themselves to provide the solution. HBCUs were founded because black Americans were not given the choice to attend white universities, not because of what typically is defined as “school choice.”

Are they angry because children in minority communities will have school choice?

School choice is the golden ring that would enable minorities to circumvent the elitist system that creates financial divide. It would break the vicious cycle of poverty for disadvantaged kids.

They should change the name of the campaign to #ResistProgress.

What are they resisting when they BOO Omarosa?

The students at Bethune-Cookman had another opportunity to shame their University as they booed  Omarosa Manigault.

Why is she on their #resistance list?

Perhaps it’s because she’s an example of a beautiful, strong, intelligent, accomplished  black woman.

Maybe they’re resisting her because President Trump made her the Director of African-American Outreach. By doing so, they’re resisting the opportunity for for input and shared dialogue between the  black community and the President of the United States. Not too smart for college grads.

They’re resisting job development and opportunity and a cooperative effort to heal hard-hit communities. They’re resisting peace in favor of revenge.

Because Omarosa is a  patriot and a conservative.

And because their rich white queen Hillary lost the rigged election.

Their boos  only highlight the true, underlying division. A division created by their rich, white Globalist masters.

What are they resisting by having  a separate graduation ceremony?

Although whites are invited to attend, Harvard students will be holding their own black-only graduation ceremony.

Daily Mall UK reported,

Harvard University is set to host its first school-wide commencement ceremony specially for black students.

Organized by students, the event called Black Commencement 2017 will be held on May 23, with students from across Harvard’s college and graduate schools wearing African kente cloth stoles over their traditional robes.

Black Commencement 2017 is ‘not about segregation’, Michael Huggins, president of the Harvard Black Graduate Student Alliance, which is organizing the event

The primary reason we wanted to do this is we really wanted to come together to celebrate Harvard black excellence and brilliance.’

Apparently these snotty  Harvard kids think the rest of the world is stupid. It would be quite easy to celebrate Harvard’s black excellence and brilliance in a way that did not embrace division and segregation.

You have to draw the obvious parallel-imagine if white kids did this. Come on.

If they’re so proud of their excellence and brilliance, why not shove it in the smug faces of the privileged white students? Oh wait-they’re privileged Harvard students too. That sure puts a turd in the narrative punch bowl.

What are they resisting by having their own  separate dorms?

Apparently they’re resisting being accepted by others, which is what they claim to want. Because they won’t enjoy acceptance if they’re not available to accept.

Dorms that offer a “safe space” by offering black segregation feeds into the overall  weakening and dumbing down of America. Students are resisting becoming strong, cooperative and resilient.

If they were harassed in the dorms all they had to do was complain to the board, sue the school or spit on the bully’s toothbrush.

Minority Conservatives are our most outstanding patriots.

Seeing Omorosa booed is a prime example of the backlash that conservative minorities face every day from within their own communities.

Minority conservatives represent outstanding patriotism and courage.

Their voices can literally rock this world straight into a Renaissance. They are the game changers. They’re also the biggest  threat to the Globalist Democrats.

The dirty rotten secret.

The media won’t cover the groundswell of conservative voices in the Black, Latino, Muslim and other minority communities.

If  every Black or Latino “Liberal” woke up to the Left’s subliminal and supressive racism, the game would be over. The Globalist Left needs to keep conservatives and Liberals apart to prevent the exchange of information.

That’s why at the end of the day, it’s not self-imposed segregation at all. It’s really white people-specifically the white elite Globalist scum-who are the driving force behind today’s black segregation. Those that engage are just useful idiots. 

What do you think of this trend toward “self-imposed” black segregation?

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