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Sessions to Obama & Hillary: Un-Merry Christmas and a Crappy New Year

Sessions opened 3 investigations targeting Obama and Hillary

Sessions launched a triple threat that’ll throw a wrench into Anti-Christmas festivities for Obama and Hillary. 

Lucifer’s treasonous King and Queen got a holiday gift from AG  Sessions that is sure to displease. Looks like someone gave sleepy Jeff Sessions an alarm clock for an office party gift. 

The mild mannered AG unleashed lawyers at the DOJ in 3 separate investigations that could have Obama and Hillary blowing through taxpayer dollars at the commissary. It won’t be all bad. Rumor has it that prison is a great way to hook up. Obama won’t have to pretend he’s not gay anymore and Hillary will have a literally captive audience to listen to her drone on about “what happened.”

Here’s the 3 game changers:

1. Obama bent over backwards for Hezbollah. 

Jeff Sessions will look into revelations that Obama squashed a DEA bust of a cocaine smuggling ring operated by Hezbollah so that his Iran-nuke deal would pass.

It’ll be interesting to see if his odd choice to commute the sentences of  657 cocaine dealers within a few months’ span in 2016 had anything to do with all that. Was he protecting his drug smuggling staff? Was he afraid someone would sing? 

In addition to squashing the cocaine smuggling investigation he also hampered DEA efforts to bust a money laundering scheme run out of a used car dealership to benefit Hezbollah.

The dealership was operated by the Awans-the family of Muslim IT spies  who enjoyed free rein within the DNC and Congress. Without being subjected to the customary background check the overpaid, barely-there Pakistani family had access to highly classified information. It is alleged that the Awans downloaded data from the DNC and members of Congress, sending it to a secret server.

2.Uranium One- it aint’ over ’till it’s over.

Sessions did not recuse himself from looking into pay-for-play between the Clinton Foundation and Russia which translated to a major heist of 20% of our rare uranium reserves to benefit the Clintons and Putin. 

The investigation is being reopened as a result of pressure from Congress as well as a new witness, William D. Campbell, who is due to testify before Congress. As an undercover FBI agent, Campbell has proof that the Russians utilized bribery to win favorable decisions during the Obama Administration in order to grow their uranium business on American soil.  

Campbell had handed over evidence gathered as an undercover agent to Obama’s FBI. We now now that the Obama Administration buried news of the FBI sting so that the Uranium One deal would pass through Congress.

Through obstructing justice and withholding valuable information the Obama Administration, and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave Putin a helping hand to reach his goal-to grab our uranium, then create a US dependency on Russia for the very resource we once owned. 

Congress is realizing that when they OK’d the Uranium One deal they were hoodwinked. They want answers. Not only were they not informed about the FBI stings, when they OK’d the deal it was with the understanding that uranium would never leave this country. However, it did make it’s way out through a third party. 

Another story that should have made massive MSM headlines was news of Hillary helping 10 Russian spies to escape FBI Operation “Ghost Stories” (link below) so that her Uranium deal would pass. Maybe Session’s new investigation will lead back to the”Ghost Stories” scandal and get the coverage it deserves. Although it could be buried again if President Trump orders 2 more scoops of ice cream.

3.The Bundy Standoff and the weaponized Bureau of Land Management.

In response to the mistrial declared in the Cliven Bundy case the DOJ will look into  charges of withheld evidence and the BLM’s abusive treatment of the Bundys.

Hearing this news must have propelled Hillary to her keyboard, frantically shopping online holiday deals for some extra, extra durable adult diapers. This investigation could expose connections between the Bundy and Hammond ranches and the BLM strongarming ranchers out of their uranium- rich land to benefit Clinton donors.

Investigating Uranium One could unearth some nuclear bombshells.

Dems cry that renewed interest in the “often debunked” Uranium One scandal is just smoke and mirrors  to detract from the Russia investigation.

They know where there’s smoke and mirrors there’s fire and mirrors-but it all wafts back to the Left side of the aisle. The rotting corpse that is the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax could be set ablaze.

The breathtaking bias of Team Mueller’s “investigators” has been exposed. Now a renewed Uranium One investigation could expose their own involvement in high crimes and misdemeanors.  Digging through the charred bones of Uranium One will unearth the FBI’s complicity in defrauding Congress and the American public. 

Obama, Hillary, Mueller, Comey, McCabe and Rosenstein all took part in covering up the FBI sting of the Russian racketeering organization so that the Uranium One deal would pass.

Folks may also be reminded that Mueller hand delivered Uranium to the Russians at Hillary’s behest during a secret tarmac meeting. 

The case of misconduct involving the Bureau of Land Management regarding Cliven Bundy is being opened simultaneously. It could expose the weaponized BLM’s intent to lease uranium-rich property to Clinton Foundation donors.

Once again it’s clear that the only colluding with Russia was on the Democrat side of the aisle- and that includes the Mueller-led team of “investigators.”

A New Year’s Roast.

The Kenyan King Obama and Criminal Queen Hillary may spend 2018 on the Congressional  hot seat answering tough questions about their involvement in selling out our country to Russia and Hezbollah.

The DOJ just floated 3 inglorious turds in their royal holiday punch bowl. 


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