Heroine addicts! A California Bill proposes “safe spaces” for drug addicts to indulge in heroine and opioids.

So you though California couldn’t get any more bonkers? WRONG!

Oh well. Half the nation was wrong too. The half that still has their brain intact.

Before jumping to CA conclusions, part of Bill AB 186 kinda makes sense…

The Sacramento Bee reports.

Assemblywoman Susan Talamantes Eggman’s AB 186 would authorize governments in eight counties to test “safe injection sites” in areas with heavy opioid consumption. Adults could bring drugs they had already obtained and use them with clean needles and emergency care available.

Though perhaps a counter-intuitive solution, the Stockton Democrat acknowledged, research on these facilities in other countries has found they reduce overdoses and steer more people toward treatment by having health care providers on hand who can administer the opioid-blocking medication naloxone and refer visitors to services.

OK that’s not too whacked. Or is CA craziness contagious?

Clean needles sounds like a good idea. Especially since Bill SB-239 in CA is proposing to decriminalize knowingly passing along HIV and the AIDS virus!

On hand emergency care seems reasonable enough. And steering people toward treatment is a definite plus.

Aaaah. Law Enforcement. The voice of reason.

The Sacramento Bee explains,

Law enforcement groups oppose AB 186.

…Cory Salzillo, legislative director for the California State Sheriffs’ Association, said the bill “sends the wrong message about drug use” being sanctioned by the government and could create liability issues for cities and counties that open sites.

“You may be able to monitor what happens inside of the facility while it’s happening,” he said, but not “what the aftereffects may be when the person leaves the facility.”

The “safest” space would be a drug-free space.

If only we could just win the “war on drugs.”

Stiffer penalties for dealers would be a good place to start. Fortunately Jeff Sessions is our new AG . He’s going to work hard to protect our borders from all kinds of unsavory characters, like drug smugglers. And our laws will be enforced.

But let’s face it. Even if the flow of illegal drugs were completely stopped, it won’t end drug abuse, if you conducted drug testing you’d still get roughly the same number of users, the only difference being where the flow of illegal drugs come from.

Prescription drugs remain a huge problem. And people who really wanna fry their brains channel their inner chemist by cooking up their own stuff.

Less scientific types opt for huffing, sniffing and bagging anything in sight.

The opioid epidemic in this country is a national tragedy.

Sure, the ideal solution would be to keep people off drugs in the first place. But that seems like an impossible dream.

Family DNA, trauma, and social factors influence drug and alcohol abuse.

But the impact of the soul’s emptiness and despair cannot be discounted. It takes a miracle to heal addiction. The miracle of recovery indicates that the problem begins on a spiritual level.

It stands to reason that given the parallel epidemic of spiritual degradation in our culture. the epidemic of opiod and other addictions is not all that surprising.

Do you think safe spaces help or enable addicts? Comment below!

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