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Seth Rich/Wikileaks Bombshell: 12 Reasons Dems Are Freaking Out!

10 reasons Dems are freaking out about Set Rich

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The internet is on fire with news that DNC staffer Seth Rich was emailing Wikileaks.

By now we’ve all been reminded that 27 year old Seth Rich, was shot and killed in cold blood on a neighborhood DC Street.

Rumors had swirled that he may have been the DNC leaker who turned the world upside down when he leaked emails to Julian Assange. Others claimed that he was about to visit the FBI to give them the heads up about the DNC emails.

His death and what appears to be a cover up of his death is beyond suspicious.

Here’s 12 reasons why the Dems are freaking out:

1. The entire Trump/Russia narrative would be destroyed if it’s proven that it was Seth Rich-not  the Russians who gave emails to Wikileaks.

2. We would remember to ask this question: If the DNC was hacked, why did they refuse to hand over their servers to the FBI for investigation? Was it because they knew that Seth Rich compromised their system?

3. The public might demand to know why Comey didn’t insist on inspecting DNC servers. After all, the DNC claimed that they were hacked by Russians. Supposedly “an act of war,” according to Democratic Senators and RINO McCain. Hillary felt it would be a severe enough act to warrant “military response.”

4. This new  revelation could provide a reason to properly open the investigation into Seth Rich’s murder. If it appears that there is  DNC corruption as well as a cover up within the DC police, Trump’s brand new FBI may have reason to intervene in a local criminal case. The Dems don’t want any of their own heads to roll.

5. The info resurfaces, and with it, so does interest in the content of the emails, rather than playing the game of focusing  on how  they ended up in pubic.

6.  As info circulates we might see things like this pop up: John Podesta’s email that says it’s a good idea to make an example of a leaker even if there’s no evidence.

7. The public isn’t so dumb anymore. The second this news was made public, the WaPo made a lot of noise with a very, very, very fake story citing make-believe sources within the White House that President Trump blew some highly classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador during a meeting.

The story was quickly disproved by National Security Advisor H.R. McMasters  and the others who were in attendance. Even if President Trump had disclosed such information, there would have been nothing illegal about it.

But their cover noise reminds the public about that whole White House/Media leaky thingie. Comey didn’t even bother to investigate the illegal leaks even though there was no question they were occurring. Such leaks to the media can jeopardize national security.

8.The WaPo’s noisy diversion reminds us of something else. That John Podesta now writes for them and can spin away to his empty chest cavity’s delight.

9. Memories could be jarred to the point where someone might want to have another chat with Guccifer 2.0. Back in April Wikileaks  posted a conversation that Guccifer was having with a model. The Russian hacker tells her that he didn’t hack the DNC. Wikileaks got the info from a “whistle-blower” by the name of Seth.

10. While the media’s been busy churning out the Russian/Trump hoax, citizen investigators have been busy seeking answers and justice for Seth Rich.

Indie-journalists were ready to blow through the covers off any diversions. They quickly busted the family’s spokesperson.

The family was angry with PI  Rod Wheeler for bringing up the Wikileaks connection. Why? Didn’t they want to know who murdered their son?

Turns out that their family spokesperson is  none other than Brad Bauman. He’s a slick professional who also happens to be a Democrat Crisis PR Consultant! He’s already blasting the renewed interest as “conspiracy theories.”  Wonder who the third party is that hooked him up with Seth’s family?

11. Another thing about James Comey-within 96 hours of Seth Rich’s death his computer was turned over to the FBI. Rich’s  computer showed that he leaked thousands of DNC emails to Wikileaks. So why was Comey sitting on those thousands of emails? And why would he ignore them while aiding the Dems in their baseless Russian conspiracy when he knew who the leaker was?

12. After all is said and done the media will have to answer for why once again, they chose to bury instead of investigate this story.

Justice for Seth Rich.

With a new President, AG and FBI in place,  there’s renewed hope. There may be justice for Seth Rich’s murder.  If all the dots are connected and wind up confirming suspicions, it would result in a death sentence for his killers, mainstream media and the Democratic Party.

Do you think the “conspiracy theorists” have it right? Comment below!



  1. Jenny Kastner

    I always ask the venerable question: Who profits? It seems therefore that the DNC had both motive and opportunity, and the attempts at covering up confirm that suspicion.

    • Totally agree! Once upon a time police would have seen the connection immediately. The whole thing stinks big time.

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