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Seth Rich’s Girlfriend: New Piece of the Puzzle

Seth Rich's girlfriend provides clue to his murder

Seth Rich’s girlfriend provides a new piece of the puzzle that once put together, will bring the DNC to its knees.

If her letter proves to be  legit, Seth Rich’s girlfriend, Claudia Kash, better have lots of protection. It’s a shame that that’s no joke. In a fantastic oversight, no one in the media questioned the girlfriend of the murdered DNC staffer.

IMOwired is transparent about sources. Before you read I’ll let you know that I found this on some backchannels. More about that below.*  However, due to the impeccably detailed account, it rings true enough. Considering the recent murder of Federal Prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant who was investigating Voter Fraud in Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s district, these “coincidences” and any evidence should be examined seriously.

See “Prosecutor Investigating Voter Fraud in Wasserman-Shultz’s District Murdered!

The media and the corrupt officials “debunk” before  investigation. That’s not how things are supposed to work. They’d have us look the other way and wait until information is mainstreamed. However, if Sean Hannity is fired from Fox because he was crying out for justice for Seth Rich, that will be the death of Fox leaving us with only one unchecked flow of information.

Major revelation from Seth Rich’s girlfriend, Claudia Kash.

Ms. Kash  had some very interesting info regarding one of the methods used by the Hillary campaign to steal the election from Bernie.

She reveals shocking organized and orchestrated voter fraud.

The DNC doesn’t even bother to deny that they stole the election. They claim the right to favor whatever candidate they want. However, it would seem that a conspiracy to commit voter fraud and to defraud investors (which is basically what Bernie’s supporters were) would be criminal.

See”Media Blackout: DNC Faces Major Class Action Lawsuit”

In a communication addressed to Irv Beiman  (major  Bernie supporter and anti-Trumper) Claudia Kash stated the following:

Irv Beiman

July 21 at 4:03pm ·

From Claudia Kash: I know why Seth Rich had to die. There were 2 sets of polling places this primary season — one set for most of the voters, who went on state >websites to find their polling locations — a second set for Hillary Clinton supporters who looked on Hillary >Clinton’s website to find their polling location. The Secretary of State for each state had one set of locations on >the record; the other set of locations, the ones listed on Hillary’s website, were not on the state record. I know this because I looked on her website to find where a friend should vote — then double-checked the state >website, which showed a different address. I thought there must be a mistake — I kept checking, right up to >election day. But until they killed Seth Rich, I couldn’t figure out why there would be two different polling >places. This is how I think the scam worked: While most voters look up their location on their state website, voters who >were signed up as Hillary Clinton supporters would be directed to her site to find their polling place. It was set >up the same as any other DNC polling place — with DNC volunteers, regular voting machines, etc. — and a >duplicate voter roster, the same as the roster at the other polling place. Voters would be checked off on the >roster, same as at the other polling place… and after the polls closed, the DNC supervisor would pick up the >roster and the ballots.

The supervisor would then pick up the roster at the legitimate polling place and the ballots there. He(or she) >would then replace a number of Bernie Sanders ballots with an equal number of the ballots from the Hillary >Clinton voting location. Then the duplicate roster from the HRC would be shredded and thrown away, along >with all the Bernie Sanders ballots that had been replaced. That way the number of people who voted (on the >remaining roster) still matches the number of ballots. This is why so many states reported a “lower than expected voter turnout”. Seth Rich, who was responsible for the app that helped voters find their polling places, did not realize that >there were two sets of polling places until he himself went to vote. He lived in Washington DC, which voted at >the end of the primary season, a week after Clinton had already been declared the winner. I believe he discovered it then, and had started asking questions about why the polling places on Hillary’s >website didn’t match the ones on the DC website.

But even if he didn’t say a word to anybody, it would have been dangerous to let him live. He would have >figured it out sooner or later — and he would have reported it when he did.

Talk about a bombshell!

*The media and their controllers are scrambling  to suppress inquiries into Seth Rich’s murder. Don’t expect to see this in any of their publications, unless it’s to push the narrative that the Seth Rich story is mere conspiracy. Expect the Liberal “fact checkers” at Snopes to give it a HOAX or FALSE stamp.

The truth will come out.

The entire Russian/Collusion conspiracy theory created to topple the resident of the Unites States will come crashing down.

Evidence points to Seth Rich, not Russia, who leaked to Julian Assange.

Wikileaks revealed many crimes, including voter fraud, Donna Brazile giving Hillary debate questions in advance  and stealing the election from Bernie.  Not to mention Hillary’s and Podesta’s ties to Russia. The list goes on.

Another perk will be that if voter fraud was proven rampant enough, Hillary and her radicalized Hillbots will no longer be able to point to the popular vote to delegitimize our fairly elected President.

There will be no more noise and diversion to bury the content of Wikileaks by focusing on how  it happened (Russia hoax)  instead of what Wikileaks revealed.

It will be game over for the Globalist Left traitors and thugs.

Watch for a possible retraction-but only on one condition.

Normally I’d say that if Seth Rich’s girlfriend states that this is not a letter from her, that would be proof positive and I’d issue a retraction. But unless that were corroborated by Irv Beiman, I won’t.

As we know, it seems that Seth Rich’s family may have been “encouraged” to tell the media and investigators to stop investigating the murder of their own son.

Please find a family member who (unless they’re the guilty party) calls off the investigation of the murder of a loved one. Please find a murder case where law enforcement stopped investigating a murder because it was upsetting the family. Please find a political  or criminal case where the media backed off anything because it was upsetting anyone.

And let’s not forget that the new family spokesperson is Brad Bauman. He is a professional PR spinner for the DNC and specializes in DNC damage control. He is being paid for by a third party(who?)


Serial killer(s) on the loose.

How many more people will have to die before evidence and leads are investigated? Out of curiosity  I looked up the number of murders that is reached for law enforcement to deem a series of murders as the work of a serial killer.

The number for murders to be considered the work of a serial killer is 3. Three.

Clinton body count aside, we easily have three murders connected to the DNC. We’ve got Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas and Beranton J. Whisenant.

All three were investigating DNC voter fraud.

The entire nation should be outraged. And very worried about the Left’s gestapo techniques used on political opponents. That would include Obamagate.

Domestic terrorists.

Between these eerily connected murders and the violence that is encouraged by the political hot shots on the Left, the Democratic Party ought to be labeled for what it has become-a domestic terrorist organization.

Defined: “The committing of terrorist acts in the perpetrator’s own country against their fellow citizens. “Domestic terrorism plagued the country during a time of high political tensions.””

Seditious conspirators. 

Another way that President Trump could create jobs is through prison construction. We’ll need plenty more if everyone that is involved in the ongoing seditious conspiracy were to be tried and convicted.

As defined by Cornell Law: “If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States…”

Sticks and stones.

We’re allowing ourselves to be destroyed because we’re afraid of being called names. Fear of being called Islamophobe or racist  will destroy us, just as it has the once incredibly beautiful countries in Europe.

Fear of being called conspiracy theorist or tin foil hat  wearer or batshit crazy  is shutting down our right to seek justice for murder victims and to keep America safe.

It’s also effective in keeping us from exploring truth instead of being spoon fed our view of the world through deep state-controlled media.

Turn it back on Leftist  bullies. Ask them questions like:

Sooo you think it’s more important to protect pedophiles than to investigate evidence that points to the possibility that children are being harmed? 

So you think that law enforcement should ignore evidence and patterns that point to a crime because the newspapers and government tells them to? 

So you think that a  series of murders that are all linked to the same source with the same possible motives for killing them should  not be investigated , but “debunked” prior to investigation?” 

We can’t let them get away with this. 

The media and the American Globalist Left Party are dictating what crimes we are allowed to investigate. They deem them “debunked” the second they surface with no investigation at all.  This is not OK.

We are at war with the Deep State.

People are dying for political reasons right here in our own country. Ironically the Left vilifies Russia, with a 1950’s Soviet Union paintbrush. Yet the Left is strong-arming Americans with the same Stalin-esque techniques.

Do you think this letter rings true? Comment below!



  1. Therese Kolodziej

    Boy, you hit the nail on the head. Corruption & murder at it’s best done by the dem o rats.

  2. Connie Rogers

    EXACTLY!!! Same thing I been say’n – glad to share your work & would love to contribute from time to time. It’s crazy that the DOJ or any other Law Enforcement Agency has made an attempt to investigate the numerous deaths of people linked to the Clinton’s criminal activities, which has been happening for decades & the total disregard for the CONTENT in the emails that were leaked, which implicated a number of Demon-Rats that are extremely disgustingly evil… No wonder Huma filed copies of Killery’s emails on her Weiner’s laptop & labeled it “Life Insurance”, no wonder Lynch & Comey opted out of doing their JOBS & prosecuting those who are SUSPECT… I bet Lynch & Bill were talking about grandchildren & that’s why she just said no, but I’d lay odds that Comey found his suicide letter in one of the attachments on some of the actual leaked emails… or one that sounded similar to what he’d say if he was making one… perhaps he could shoot himself in the back of his head twice & it’d still be ruled a suicide with the right note & a few more corrupted or blackmailed officials…. All this Russia did it rhetoric is a major distraction & it;s time to put the distractions aside & get down to the business of taking care of business… THANKS!

  3. Bubb

    Found a problem with the ballot replacement and voter log scheme. What did they do about the number sequence of the voter logs vs. the replacement ballots? In my state, the ballots all have numbers in sequence on them and that number is recorded next to your name when you sign the voter log. If they replaced a bunch of Bernie ballots with Clinton ballots and kept the official State log book while trashing the fake log book from the Hillary polling places, the numbers on the Hillary ballots will not match the ballot numbers recorded next to the signatures in the State polling log book. Am I missing something?

    • That’s a good catch! I’m going to look into it. There is a lot of pieces of the puzzle floating around. Many I don’t print if I think they’re overblown or too much of a stretch. If your theory busts this one open I’ll retract. This is why it’s so great when people comment. Your input is highly valued. I’ll comment again here when I find out. Thanks again!

  4. Wow really brings the whole shebang full circle, and it’s a known fact voter fraud is rampant, I live n Indiana and checking after the fact obama didn’t have enough votes without fraud to get thru the primaries here n the first election smh !!!

    • That’s interesting! Some people are questioning whether his “re-election” was legit. What a bunch of thugs!

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