A picture circulated the internet of a pervy sex toy teacher in a classroom showing kids how to use a dildo.

The photo of the sex toy teacher was quickly slammed as a hoax. But it’s not an actual hoax-it’s just that some of the facts were wrong. Her name is not Sharon Mercer. She was not corrupting kids with tax dollars in Florida or Nebraska- she was in a classroom in Toronto-carrying out Globalist Trudeau’s war on Children.

See”Common Core Corruption! Drain the Porn School Swamps!” (disturbing)

Note~The mission of IMOwired is to provide commentary based on credible news sources. A reader spotted that the photo of the sex toy teacher in the first post was fake news. It was mortifying to have made such a mistake, but I dug a bit more and learned that while the facts were off, it wasn’t a total hoax. Here’s the deal...

Turns out the professor of perversion is Carlyle Janson.

She owns a sex toy shop called Good for Her in Toronto. High schools invite her to speak to students, not just about the science of reproduction, or STD’s, but about sexual pleasure. Janson is a member of the LGBT community, so that also fits the bill of Canada’s alternative lifestyles and transgender agenda.

The Toronto Star Reported in 2009,

“Recently Jansen’s skill in normalizing conversations about sex has led to invitations from Toronto high schools, usually phys. ed. or guidance teachers who realize they don’t have enough training in sex education. In the past 18 months or so, she’s been to a dozen schools to talk about sexual health including the joy of sex, like the joy shown on videos from websites like watchmygf.xxx – something different from charts showing diligent sperm swimming up Fallopian tubes and warnings about sexually transmitted infections.”

In Trudeau’s Canada the Globalist war on families and children is in full swing. Check out these prior posts regarding situations up there.

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There’s no mistaking that it’s her.

The image on the left shows her legally contributing to the delinquency of minors in a classroom. On the right she holds that same vagina puppet.

“Parents can make a difference.” Sometimes.
  • Parents in Cupertino were able to defeat that school’s peddling of explicit sexual information to minors by pushing back.
  • In Minneapolis a Sex-Ed teacher took middle school and high school students on a field trip-to a sex toy shop with a variety of toys in it like a custom sex doll. There was no parental notice given and parents were furious. One angry Dad withdrew his kids from the school. Too bad Dad. The damage was done.
  • A teacher in Encinal High School told his sophomore students that for extra credit in his class, they should go home and rifle through their parents bedroom to find sex toys. Then take a selfie with the sex toy. Parents wanted him fired, but he was just suspended, pending an HR investigation. Even if the perv had been fired, the damage is done. The parents’ privacy had been violated, and their kids were sexually exploited.
  • In a New Mexico school a teacher, who was unauthorized to do so, passed out a survey in the classroom. The survey asked the students to mark if they were sexually active and to list the names of people they’ve recently kissed.
  • It would seem that some parents in the NYC schools made enough noise to at least win an “opt out” for some classes. NYC Sex Ed curriculum involved steering kids as young as middle school to a website that offered info on phone sex (like that available on Live 121 Chat with Mature Grannies), vibrators and bestiality. Kids as young as 11 were being taught about oral and anal sex and mutual masturbation sometimes using materials similar to hdpornvideoxxx, for examples. But the “opt out” doesn’t resolve the issue. Schools are exposing young kids to graphic sexual material. Some parents will cave to their kids who dread peer pressure and ridicule for not being allowed to attend. Their classmates will give the “opt-outs” an earful anyway.

The Ninth Circuit in CA just flatout says NO, parents cannot make a difference. The Village will raise your child and indoctrinate him or her or whatever gender, our way. The Ninth Circuit decision in Fields v. Palmdale School District took away parents rights. Once they drop them off at school their rights as parents ends.

Eagle Forum Education Reporter explained,

“Parents and politicians alike were shocked when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled on Nov. 2 that parents’ fundamental right to control the upbringing of their children “does not extend beyond the threshold of the school door,” and that a public school has the right to provide its students with “whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise.”

Licensed Child Molesters

So apparently if you want to engage in graphic sexual conversations and How-To’s with children as young as Kindergarten all you have to do is buy your pedo-ticket aka teaching credentials from a College Swamp.

It’s hard to believe that we’re still kowtowing to “teachers” and Principals” as authority figures, while ignoring a history rich with child molestation in that industry. Just who are these people who own your kids all day and beyond?

An abundance of teachers have been arrested for having sex with students. Many of the predators are women. Some are sports coaches. Some of the worst have been Priests.

Additionally, as with Carlyle Janson, “teachers” are brought in from the outside. The abortion mill, organ harvesting Planned Parenthood offers workshops within the public school system. Planned Parenthood promotes kinky sex-inlcuding S&M and bondage to minors. It’s been exposed through undercover video. (see link below)

Licensed pervs are getting their hooks into kids as young as preschool and kindergarten. Until parents jump off their hamster wheel of juggling work and parenthood and explore their options, they’re knowingly putting their kids at risk

It’s not a perfect world. The only way parents can make a difference is to yank their kids out of Public Porn School Swamps.

Indoctrinating and weakening children by psycho-sexually molesting them is one reason why the Left and the Teachers Unions are fighting President Trump’s School Choice initiatives.

Parents need options. Children deserve protection and a proper education.

The only way to Drain the Public Porn Schools is to stop supporting them with the head count tax dollars they receive for the privilege of molesting our children.


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Special thanks to FB friend Bill Reilly for his input and graciousness