Imagine the Dem outcry if President Trump went with this design! Hungary built an electric  fence wall that will toast the invading army known as “refugees.”

Victor Orban showed mercy. He didn’t just want his people to sit back and watch intruders fry like a mosquito zapper at a drunken BBQ. He had the courtesy of putting up a warning sign on the electric fence wall-in Arabic.

Business Insider reports,

“GARA, Hungary (Reuters) – A daunting new barrier is beginning to loom over Hungary’s southern border, capable of delivering electric shocks to unwanted migrants and armed with heat sensors, cameras, and loudspeakers that blare in several languages. ..

“Attention, attention. I’m warning you that you are at the Hungarian border,” the loudspeakers say in English, Arabic and Farsi from the new barrier.

“If you damage the fence, cross illegally, or attempt to cross, it’s counted to be a crime in Hungary. I’m warning you to hold back from committing this crime. You can submit your asylum application at the transit zone.”

The “transit zones” are two border posts where a total of just 10 migrants per day are allowed in legally. Rights groups say they are wholly inadequate and, by creating such a tight bottleneck, may be illegal.

The new floodlit fence of wire reinforced with steel will give anyone who touches it an electric shock that well-informed sources say is mild. A police roadway will run between it and the old barrier. “

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban means business.

Imagine that. Orban is really serious about protecting his country and his citizens.

He’s been pushing back hard against the EU.

He gave an address to the EU Parliament ripping into George Soros. He’s been trying to detox Hungary from the Nazi collaborator by sweeping away his NGO’s (Non Govermental Organizations).

Orban asserted the country’s right to self governance and defended its actions to protect itself from mass migration.

Unlike Obama, Angela Merkel, or Macron, Orban doesn’t want his country to be swallowed whole by EU-mandated unsustainable immigration.

PM Orban doesn’t buy into the total bull that “cultural diversity” is a treasured value. Once a country is invaded by Islamic jihadists diversity is dead. Between violence and breeding, it’s game over. It becomes one culture-the Islamic culture.

The EU forces immigration by citing the laws of the Geneva Convention.  But VP of the EU Commission Frans Timmerman admitted that these are not assylum-seeking migrants, but economic migrants. Therefore, the laws don’t apply.


Build That Wall!

So if Americans become angry when they hear that a fence may be proposed instead of a “wall,” this could change some minds. This ain’t no ordinary fence.

Good job Hungary!

What would you think of having a fence instead of a wall if it were something like this? Comment below!

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