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Shooter’s Trunk Contents Blew Dems’ Call For Gun Control


The Las Vegas shooter’s trunk contents just shot the Dems call for gun control to Hell. They can shut up now.

there were already enough holes in the lame arguments for Democrats  to disarm Americans.The discovery of  the shooter’s trunk contents dealt the final blow.

The Dems have been howling for gun control ever since one of their own  opened fire on 22,000 patriots attending a country music concert in Las Vegas.

See ” Programmed Hatred-Not Guns-Fueled Las Vegas Concert Massacre.”

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo reported that the investigation into the worst shooting massacre in US history led law enforcement to check the shooter’s car.

Stephen Paddock’s trunk contained materials to make a bomb. 

He had purchased  ammonium nitrate-a chemical used to make home made bombs.

Well how ’bout that. In yesterday’s post one of the reasons mentioned that makes the call for gun control so idiotic is that Paddock could have just as easily dropped a bomb into the crowd. The Left won’t like this news one bit.

The Daily Caller reported on the find.

“Ammonium nitrate is a high-nitrogen fertilizer and was also found in the well-known Oklahoma City bombing in April of 1995 when a truck-bomb explosion blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Okla., leaving 168 people deceased and hundreds injured.”

Dems gun control arguments were absurd and hypocritical anyway.
  • Europe has suffered tremendous loss of life due to terrorists using bombs and trucks.
  • They didn’t make a peep when one of their own-a Sudanese immigrant opened fire in a Tennessee Church, killing one woman and injuring 7 others-about a week ago.
  • Not a peep about gun violence when one of their own, James T. Hodgkinson  shot Steve Scalise at a GOP baseball game.  In fact lots of them were cheering.
  • Chicago has strict gun control laws-yet it’s the poster city of rampant gun violence.
  • The same characters calling for gun control oppose stop-and-frisk.
  • The bad guys will always find a way to get guns.
  • Speaking of bad guys with guns, the Dems are the same morons who oppose border security-where guns can flow freely into the country thanks to  gangs and cartels.
  • The figureheads of the Democrat party- Obama and Hillary LOVE guns-just so long as they’re in the hands of America’s enemies. Hell they love ’em so much they’ll even supply them! Benghazi was a gun running operation. Then there’s Fast and Furious. They even armed ISIS.

Anyone who votes for the EU-driven Democratic Death Platform has no right to claim that they care about gun violence or the sanctity of life. 

Dems always rush to detract from their crimes.

They jumped on this massacre like a “refugee” on a 10 year old Swede.

All the loud noise and hoopla detracted from the fact that Stephen Craig Paddock-the worst mass shooter in US history- was one of their own.

Paddock  committed a heinous hate crime that was aimed at people who support their political opponent. His rage was fueled by  toxic lies spewed 24/7 by their propaganda arm-the MSM.

The MO is obvious..

When investigations into the Berkeley riots exposed criminal complicity by police and government officials, the Charlottesville Setup popped up.

When similar criminal orchestration was exposed in Charlottesville, the Dems  sliced and diced the President’s response to the event to ignite a race war.

When The US was hit by Hurricanes Harvey and Jose  they fumed with jealousy and trashed President Trump’s handling of the events. All the hard work they put into Charlottesville race baiting dissipated as images of citizens helping one another, regardless of ethnicity, dominated the internet.

Along came Hurricane Maria. In spite of the President’s rapid response, the corrupt and disgusting Mayor of Puerto Rico smeared his efforts. She was quickly being exposed as a vicious anti-Trump fraud who would rather play politics than help her own people in desperate need. Dems were frantic to bury her dirty game.

The Las Vegas Concert massacre would serve that purpose. No wonder they yanked out the gun control card so quickly.

Their weak case for gun control is closed.

Once their arguments are properly ridiculed and shut down we need to brace ourselves for the next crises.  They keep hoping we’ll forget all about the multitude of crimes committed by Obama, his administration, Hillary’s Email gate, the Clinton Foundation, James Comey, Podesta,  and the DNC.

If only we had a DOJ to handle those “matters.”

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  1. JJC

    if Democrats want to talk gun control…I have a question first…why is it…that MOST all of the mass shooters in this country….have been Democrat’s….what is it that your pushing that causes people to do these things….how much hate…and how many more before you GET….the Right isn’t the party of hate….YOU ARE.

  2. CaptnTony

    the AN wasn’t for ‘bomb’ making folks. It’s used by those of us that don’t like paying 10x more for actual tannerite. I’ve used it for that as well. Buy it in 10-25lbs bags every summer around here.

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