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War on Children: Sociologist Says Preschoolers Aren’t Gay Enough

preschoolers aren't gay enough

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Heidi M. Gansen, a sociology instructor, has concluded that preschoolers aren’t gay enough.

To arrive at the twisted and undoubtedly premeditated conclusion that , Gansen observed 9 preschool classrooms over the course of 10 months. Her lofty observations were published in an academic journal.

The war on children’s innocence is in full swing as the radicalized LGBTQI and transgender agenda is being forced on our children and eagerly lapped up by Loony “Liberal” parents.

The Daily Caller reports,

“A sociology instructor at the taxpayer-funded University of Michigan has published an academic journal article exposing America’s preschool classrooms as hotbeds of “heteronormative play” where “traditional fairy tales” persist and “heterosexuality is always assumed, expected, ordinary, and privileged.”

“Heternormativity.” Another vomit-inducing term from the far Left meaning that people are not gay and don’t cross dress or assume “cross gender roles.” Which is normal, because if they do not identify as part of the LGBTQI movement, then why force them?! If it was the other way round many would be called anti-homosexual, for those who will grow identifying as homosexual is the next big thing.

The Daily Caller reported her other pedo-filtered observations:
  • “Heteronormativity” permeates preschool classrooms.”
  • Preschools promote “practices that facilitate heteronormativity in classrooms” and the “reproduction of inequalities pertaining to gender and sexuality.”
  • Heterosexual behavior is “produced” and “enforced” by teachers and preschoolers.
  • She observed that preschool girls like to play “house” to mimic the behavior of their mothers. To whatever extent the boys also play “house,” they don’t act like mothers. Instead, they act like fathers.
  • Preschool kids find it weird if a girl tries to act like a father. She expresses shock and sadness that “children did not allow cross-gender roles.”
  • Teachers who say a boy has a “crush” on a girl or who read “traditional fairy tales” in class also perpetuate “heteronormative play.”
  • Another mistake preschool teachers make is to assume that preschool boys who express affection toward other boys — and preschool girls who express affection toward other girls — are just being “friendly” and are not sexually expressing “same-gender signs of affection or homosocial behaviors.”
  • Gansen suggests that America’s preschool teachers need to start disrupting all this “heteronormative” behavior. They need to start telling little preschool kids how great gay marriage is.
  • Without such active disruption, Gansen warns, “heteronormativity” is “already ingrained in children by ages 3 to 5.”
  • Additionally, my data suggest young children are learning in preschool that boys have gendered power over girls’ bodies.”

Such is the danger of sick, stupid people flaunting a worthless college diploma.

The psychobabble contained in her article coupled with her obnoxious use of her word-a-day calendar equate to nothing more than a war on children and gender.

Sadly, there are many people who will swallow this pretentious gobbledy-gook.

The war on children’s innocence is a war on God.

The Left is taking everything that is natural, beautiful and God-given, ripping it to shreds and setting it all on fire. The Globalists are using our children as part of their social engineering experiment to depopulate the earth and create mindless robots out of the remaining population. Before you stop reading this because that sounds incredibly whacky, it’s all part of the UN’s plan called “Agenda 21.”

All species are hardwired by God. Aberrations are rare.

It has always been fascinating that boys prefer to play with trucks and girls choose to play with dolls, even when given the opportunity to do otherwise. It’s just as normal for children will play with toys or enjoy activities of the opposite gender, but it’s never been a big deal. Until now.

Loony Lib parents run to the nearest wannabe Dr. Mengele to inject their children with life altering hormones. Starved for attention and in a desperate bid to appear “hip,” they gleefully post the vulnerable child’s intimate process to social media.

School choice.

The Daily Caller rightfully hammered home the point that this woman is paid by a taxpayer funded University. Taxpayers also fund public schools that are actively pushing the gay and transgender agenda on young children.

Another form of psycho-sexual abuse taking place in our schools is instructing children in graphic, age-inappropriate sexual practices.

No wonder our students rank so poorly on the world stage. It’s time to take sex-ed out of the curriculum and stick to math and science.

It doesn’t even make sense. If we took an adult ed course to brush up our skills on Photoshop but they taught us Quickbooks Accounting instead, we wouldn’t put up with it for a minute. It’s safe to say that parents send kids to school to learn academics, not how to engage in dangerous sexual activities.

The last thing parents expect is to have knowledge stolen from our children.

From the beginning of time we’ve been hardwired with the basic knowledge that we’re either a boy or a girl. Chromosomes still support that reality. Yet the transgender agenda leeching into preschools is stealing that knowledge from our impressionable children and replacing it with life-altering confusion.

The Left had no problem taking God out of the classroom. Or the Pledge of Allegiance. We must insist with equal aggression that all matters related to our children’s sexuality be removed from the classroom.

At the end of the day, the schools’ obsession with feeding sexual agendas into the curriculum amounts to psycho-sexual abuse, contributing to the delinquency of minors and sexual harassment.

Parents are going to have to band together and fight back. It’s not easy. Thanks to the war on families and stay-at-home moms coupled with the high cost of living, parents are either working, recuperating from work or are still tied to their jobs through rude bosses who send emails and texts after hours.


If the schools won’t comply and remove this garbage from the classrooms, parents need to yank their kids out of the muck of the pedo-school swamps.

The easiest options to consider are private schools or charter schools. But in the age of the internet, homeschooling has become an increasingly more viable option.

Homeschooling may seem daunting for working parents, but it’s easier than the ramifications of losing their child’s souls and minds to the “educators” who own their kids for the majority of the day and, thanks to homework, into the night,

Just the same, we should still be worried about children who will be left to the radicalized Leftist agenda of the public school system.

Drain the school swamps!

Do you think sex ed belongs in our schools? Were you ever for it? Comment below!

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