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“War Hero” Songbird McCain Trashes “Nationalism,” Praises Globalism

Songbird McCain

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Songbird McCain was hoping to drive another nail in America’s heart before croaking.

More importantly, he was looking for another way to tear down President Trump. Old Songbird McCain thought he was doing what he does best-collaborating with the enemy. But all he accomplished was ripping off his Globalist Masters’ camo.

Joe Biden bestowed the fraudulent war hero and chronic traitor with a pukeworthy award for what was termed “a lifetime of service and sacrifice to the country.” reported,

“U.S. Sen. John McCain jabbed Monday night at unnamed pushers of isolationist politics, saying at his National Constitution Center Liberty Medal ceremony in Philadelphia that abandoning America’s role as an international leader is “unpatriotic.””

His fellow swampmonsters gushed over his Navy service and time spent as a POW.  IMO it would have been a more jovial affair if they joked about how he got his nickname Songbird, and played some outtakes from the propaganda tapes he made for the enemy.  A full-on roast would have been even better.

McCain’s leaking toxic brain spew revealed the enemy’s coordinates

The old bird confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are a nation under siege. It’s WWlll by stealth as the Globalists seek to destroy our country and all other sovereign nations to institute a One World Government.

Songbird McCain leaked the open secret specifically when he said, 

“To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain “he last best hope of earth”for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.”

So there it is. 

John McCain, a “war hero,” ridicules Americans for being “nationalistic” because we don’t want  our country destroyed. Satan’s lapdog calls that “unpatriotic.”

Globalists have been leaking their open secret for years. But Americans are waking up from their stupor. If Globalism was such a great idea it wouldn’t have needed three quarters of a century of secret backdoor handshakes.

Our treasonous leaders have been taunting us by speaking about their nefarious plans, then ridiculing us as “conspiracy theorists” when we call them out on it. It’s a bizarre combination of waterboarding the truth and drip-drip conditioning.

McCain has touted the NWO before. Other leaders who’ve publicly leaked the plans include Joe Biden, Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Walter Cronkite, Obama, John Kerry, Pope Francis and more.

See “McCain Touts New World Order. Watch 15 Other Leaders Pitch Our Demise”

Obama, Hillary and McCain stick like sh*t to a blanket.

None of them will go back to their birthplace, back into the woods, or back home to die. You have to wonder what’s in it for McCain at this point? Why is he so obsessed with this anti-American mission? He doesn’t have that much longer to suck up oxygen on this planet.

They all seem to share Obama’s narcissism as it pertains to their “legacy.” McCain is still fuming that then-candidate Trump dared to poke a hole in his “war hero” status when he said, “I like people who weren’t captured.”

Trump took a lot of heat for that, but he was actually showing extreme restraint. John McCain’s entire career has been built on a lie.

There’s a reason his records are sealed.

See”John McCain. Once a Traitor. Always a Traitor.”

Obama, Hillary and McCain are psychotic abusers.

They want to destroy this country and have all Americans fawn over them at the same time. It kills them when sane and informed  Americans see right through them. They’re like the drunken abusive husband that gives his wife a black eye, and then is baffled when she doesn’t welcome his romantic overtures.

McCain and his cronies are attempting to breach our contract.

Our veterans did not sacrifice life and limb for an unelected bunch of elite Luciferians who thirst for global governance. Our veterans did not enter the battlefield so that we could all salute the EU flag.

That was not the deal. That was not the contract.

Not all Americans are useful idiots. We and those before us put our blood sweat and tears into this country to build it up. We invested our lives, our futures and our children’s futures here based on the understanding that this is America and all that it stands for. Not what the EU stands for.

That was the deal. That was the contract.

The manipulated Left has no idea that they also dodged a major bullet when Hillary lost. Many of them have been trained to hate this country even though many of their own relatives served and put their lives on the line to fight for our freedom.

Hillbots have a strange naivete as it applies to their trust of MSM and the Powers That Be. They’re fighting on behalf of everything and everyone they claim to hate.

As Hillbots sacrifice their priceless young years at the altar of Globalism, they lose NFL contracts, add arrests to their resumes, and commit soul-crushing crimes.

Their contract to fight as idiot soldiers for America’s enemy is a deal with the devil.

No rest for the wicked

Soros, who Hungary officially declared as an agent of Satan, is still going strong too.

Maybe none of them will go away  because part of the “bargain” involved serving their Lord and Master, Lucifer until their last dying breath.

They’re naive enough to think that they’ll enjoy eternity serving him.

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John McCain. Once a Traitor. Always a Traitor.

RT-Hungary says Soros is Satan


Special thanks to JoAnn Zitelman-Gordy for bringing this to my attention




  1. Ruth Gerko

    Thank you for presenting and proving the facts. I will show this to my husband, a Vietnam Vet, and to all the others we know.

    • Thank you. And they are most welcome to comment. I read alot of accounts from Vets that were real eye openers. Please thank your husband for his service ~Diane

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