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Las Vegas Shooting A Botched FBI Sting? History Proves It’s Possible.

Las Vegas shooting a botched ISIS sting?

2010 FBI sting caught Najibullah Zazi


Thanks to the Obama Administration the  FBI is about as trustworthy as a pack of dollar store condoms. Could the Las Vegas Massacre be a botched ISIS sting?

There’s several reasons why this sordid affair in Las Vegas has people feeling that something is just not right. “Conspiracy theories” are flooding the internet, and being ridiculed as fast as they pop up.  But could it be that one of the first conspiracy theories-that the Las Vegas Massacre was a botched FBI sting- was on the money, or at least partly right? It went something like this…

“Paddock was an FBI agent conducting an arms sting with Isis. Isis leaned of the entrapment plot and killed Paddock and started shootings in Vegas. TheLVMPD know this and can not tell the truth because it implicates the FBI. They’re afraid to warn the public that armed Isis agents are freely moving about our country. Paddocks hotel camera setup was done to record the sting operation. Paddock was not a millionaire from playing video poker. He was using the casinos as a way to launder dirty money.”

When I first heard that I didn’t buy it because IMO why would ISIS take credit for the massacre if they knew it was a sting to entrap them? Or if they knew, wouldn’t they have gloated that they foiled the sting? Maybe they still don’t know it was a sting and that could explain the FBI’s secrecy.

Another part of the story that IMO didn’t add up-Why would Paddock be running guns to ISIS that were all legally owned by him? Unless…they were lying about that.

People have questions and they deserve answers, not ridicule.

There’s several troubling issues that have people asking questions rather than swallowing the ever-changing sketchy narrative:

  • The Sheriff was a lot less forthcoming the second the FBI arrived on the scene.
  • We were immediately told there were no ties to Islam-but there was  obviously not enough time to investigate.  Especially since Obama had the DHS scrub the records that linked Muslims to terrorism back in 2009.
  • ISIS repeatedly claimed that Paddock was their recruit.
  • Even after we were told there were not ties to Islam, Sheriff Lombardo said that Paddock may have been  “radicalized.”
  • Additionally, Paddock took a number of cruises to the Mideast. He and his girlfriend visited Dubai around the time that ISIS says he became a soldier.
  • First we were told it was a “lone wolf.” After evidence circulated of eyewitness testimonies and cell phone audio and video they had to admit that he must have had help.
  • Stephen Paddock’s ghost-past makes him either a perfect patsy or an undercover agent.
  • The timeline for the Las Vegas Massacre has changed 3 times.
  • The gun count changed multiple times.
  • People are questioning why there were not more spent shells in the room. Some say there should have been as many as 2,000 in there.
  • Why is there no camera footage in a place that is well known for being loaded to the gills with cameras?
  • We have still not had any answers about why an Hispanic looking female warned concertgoers of the attack.”You’re all going to die tonight.”
  • His check in time was erroneously reported the first time . Thanks to  the work of investigative journalist Laura Loomer, the FBI was forced to correct that information.
  • Why did the Mandalay Bay delete Stephen Paddock’s reservation records immediately after the incident?
  • The FBI confiscated cell phones and laptops from witnesses-when they were returned they had been wiped clean (fringe sources-not mainstream)
  • The CEO of MGM that owns Mandalay Bay has ties to ISIS. He donated to CAIR-a terrorist organization and the ADL-an anti-Trump, pro-Islamic organization.
  • The owner of the Mandalay Bay sold most of his stock in weeks leading up to the incident.

See “Programmed Hatred-Not Guns Fueled Las Vegas Concert Massacre”

See “Lone Wolf Theory Dissolves. Liberal Tears Will Fall.” 

Red Flag: Witness who confirmed multiple shooters found dead. 

One of the eyewitnesses that reported multiple shooters  died on October 9th. Kymberley Suchomel, a 28 year old  happily married mother of a 3 year old child, died in her sleep. It seemed like “fake news,” but while her facebook page has become private, the archived post describing the event can be seen here…

Her grandmother, Julie Norton said that Kymberley suffered from epileptic seizures. She feels that the stress of the Las Vegas Massacre could have taken her life. Maybe that’s true. But given the whole sorry state of affairs in the Las Vegas investigation, it could  be filed under “questionable” for now.


Security Guard Jesus Campos went missing. He was supposed to do 5 television interviews and cancelled at the last minute. The initial story stated that Campos was a hero. He heard the shots, found the room and was shot through the door in his leg. He continued to do whatever he could to help others. However, as time has gone on people are questioning his story and how it jives with the shifting timelines. As of this moment, he is still missing.

See “Heroic Las Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos is Missing”

History-not tin foil hats- gives us ample reason to be skeptical

Julian Assange may be called many things but “conspiracy theorist” isn’t one of them. He tweeted,  “Almost all “terror” plots are created by the FBI as part of its business model. What is the business of the FBI? Extracting tax. What does it need to do that? A stable threat. Prob? Real terrorists are sporadic & make FBI look weak. Solution? Make them.”

In his tweet he was referring to some mission to extract tax. I am clueless about what that’s all about,  but the fact that he acknowledged that the FBI stages events is something that should have all our hackles standing up. This isn’t even new.  But we’ve all been so busy, so asleep.

Here’s the thing…The FBI has actually created numerous terrorist plots as stings aimed at ISIS to “protect” us from terrorism.

Judge Nap lays down the hammer on FBI orchestrated chaos in this short video…

Can we trust the FBI at all anymore? 

Thanks to James Comey the answer is probably a resounding no. But considering how long the FBI has been orchestrating entrapment schemes, many of us  have to ask ourselves why we trusted the agency before the Comey scandal.

The FBI sting games are much like those whacked out wannabe heroes who volunteer for the fire department and set fires so they can put them out.

There’s a  multitude of details that just don’t add up, coupled with ever-changing stories.  Unless the FBI comes clean with us-even if it’s mortifying to the agency-we may never be able to trust them again.

One thing is certain. We will pay a price.

Some people have speculated that the Left created the event as a false flag to grab our guns. Even if the Dems were not one bit involved in the creation of this massacre, they always exploit these events to drive their political agenda.These atrocities always end up giving the Dems a reason to attack the NRA and innocent law abiding Americans practicing their 2nd Amendment rights. The mission is always clear-disarm Americans.

In addition, this event has given the Dems renewed justification to attack our first amendment rights.  As rumors swirl and people ask questions, the Left is slamming “fake news” while printing plenty of their own.

These events leave us traumatized, begging to hand over our Fourth Amendment rights to law enforcement. Some people even surmise that the Las Vegas Massacre was orchestrated and/or will be a good excuse to bring back Rapiscan full body scanners. The scanners were used at airports, but were later banned because of outcry due to invasive images. They were also found to be carcinogenic. Rapiscan scanners, if utilized in casinos,hotels and high rises would line the pockets of investors George Soros and (former DHS Sec) Michael Chertoff. IMO it would  clearly be a benefit, but not worth masterminding the massacre.

Actual Rapiscan full body scan image

Bottom line-we’re still looking for answers.

If it was a straight-up terror attack Americans have a right to know. We don’t need to be spoon fed or kept calm,  as Sheriff Lombardo stated.

If the FBI was complicit they need to come clean immediately or it will be the final death blow to the agency’s credibility.

Some will always dare to ask more questions while others just shut them down as tin foil hat conspiracy theorists so they can go back to sleep.

Your thoughts? Comment below!

Note-Another story/rumor floating around is that John Beilman, allegedly a Las Vegas witness, was questioned by the FBI. He  shot himself and his disabled daughter a day later. That is all true and can be found on credible news sources. What we do NOT know is the reason why the FBI questioned him or if he was present  at the Las Vegas Massacre. See and USA Today.


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  1. Great article! The evidence (or lack thereof) speaks for itself

    1. Where are all the brass casings (about 2,000) in the suite?
    2. Where is the “13” tattoo on the dead shooter’s throat?
    3. Why isn’t the fake news interviewing the witnesses to the attack?
    4. Where is the Mandalay Bay video evidence of Paddock using the freight elevator?
    5. Where is the preliminary ballistics report on found bullets from the crime scene?
    6. Where are the drum magazines needed for the extended fire (more than 30 rounds) heard and witnessed?
    7. Where is the explanation of how key card access was made to the 32nd floor suite when Paddock’s car was out of the parking area?
    8. Why was Paddock’s home left unsecure during the investigation?
    9. Why is the FBI not analyzing the audio evidence recorded confirming multiple weapons being used for the attack?
    10. Why is there blood smudged on the revolver Paddock used to shoot himself?

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