Hello Friends!

I am pleased to announce the “soft launch” of the new “Real Great Americans” website. To celebrate and to thank you all, you can nominate someone for FREE!

“Real Great Americans” offers a platform to give a shout-out to the unsung superheroes, supersheroes  and rockstars that impact our lives. 

Maybe it’s your Mom or Dad. A teacher who made a difference. A neighbor or friend who was there for you when you needed it the most. 

Our celebrity-oriented culture has produced a destructive idol-worship mentality. But true nobility is often cloaked in anonymity.  Greatness is found in the heart and soul of the people we interact with on a daily basis. The ripple effects of their actions impact our world in a way that is immeasurable. 

Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has an impact.

Honor or memorialize a Real Great American today. 

Visit realgreatamericans.com

Check out the website. I broke the ice with the O’Donnells, Lorraine Sarra and David Hernandez who is running for Lt. Governor in California.

There’s a related Facebook page too. Only subscribers have their nominees posted there, but family, friends and associates can all join in and comment with their memories and sentiments. 

To nominate someone, just email realgreatamericans@gmail.com. Then watch your inbox for a form to upload text and an image. There’s only 150 characters allowed for the website caption.  Another section allows you to elaborate for Facebook. 

If you want to nominate more Real Great Americans, the subscription rates are super cheap. Visit the “subscribe” tab to learn more. 

Hello December 

It seems like December is the perfect month to launch the site and to give you, my kind readers, a little gift. It makes a nice gift for your nominee as well. No worries- I won’t tell them it was free : )

Together we are making a difference in this world. We are all part of the magnificent patchwork of this country.

God bless you all and have a wonderful Holiday season!

Love~ Diane from IMOwired