To get in the Halloween spirit the Feds OK’d a “Frankenfest” to honor Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” at a price that’ll have taxpayers screaming!

“Frankenfest” will take place in Indiana and will last for an entire year. To foot the bill taxpayers will fork over $300,000 bucks.

The Indiana Humanities  will be hosting the festival which will kick off a 2018 statewide read of Frankenstein-Mary Shelley’s classic novel, which is celebrating its 200th anniversary. The Gothic story has had tremendous impact on our imaginations that has played out in comics and films.

The hair raising price tag will support the following festivities:
  • Statewide read of Mary Shelley’s classic novel.
  • “Franks-N-Steins” beer garden.
  • Special “Frankenstein Speakers Bureau.”
  • Speakers will be paid $400 per talk, which should last about 45 minutes, plus time for questions and discussions.
  • Throughout the year there’ll be talks about the book’s key themes and film and writing festivals.
  • One festival will present a marathon screening of a Netflix show, “Stranger Things.”
No idea on what Frankenstein’s connection is to Indiana exactly.

But the blood curdling screams of outrage about the bill can be heard all the way from Arizona. Apparently  AZ Senator Jeff Flake publishes an annual “Wastebook” and he had a blast torching this project.

However, if Flake thinks it’s a way to placate his constituents, he is dead wrong. His reputation as a Trump-hating Swampmonster from the DC Lagoon is sealed.

Dr.  Frankenstein Globalists enjoy a wicked laugh at our expense.

It’s a creepy thought, b-b-but Globalists are so in-your-face these days…

It could be more than “coincidental” that the rekindled love affair with Frankenstein mirrors the Dr. Mengele/Dr. Frankenstein/Dr. Moreau experiments they’ve been imposing on the population. Making us feel all warm and fuzzy about Frankenstein could lower the resistance to  their human engineering initiatives.

Sounds crazy, but the Globalists are positively psycho.

The pinhole always morphs into the abyss.

Our initial shock and disgust back in ’96 regarding cloning settled down as we grew numb with complacency and learned helplessness. The clone of Dolly the sheep opened a creaky door into the minds of mad, yet revered scientists.

To make it more acceptable to continue to alter the  sacred DNA of life they justified experiments by citing examples of cross pollinating and interbreeding that have been with us for thousands of years.

They strengthened their grasp by delighting those who are easily entertained by creating glow-in-the-dark fish, mice, cats and bunny rabbits.

The real-life Dr. Moreaus created chimeras-hybrids of animals. Sheep and goats became “geeps.” Lions and tigers are “ligers. Zebras and donkeys are “zonkeys.”

There was even talk of a Jurassic Park scenario, splicing dinosaur genes with other animals like chickens.

Stepping further into the outer limits, scientists became giddy with the idea of designing whimsical creatures such as teeny weeny rhinos, unicorns and flying pigs.

Dr Mengele style gender-genetics experiments.

Not content to work on animals, scientists want the ultimate playtoy-humans.

Moohaha! They’re cutting flesh to remove unwanted breast tissue from one subject while inserting implants into another. They’re slicing off penises here, and sewing them on subjects over there.  Prescribe a hormone cocktail for voice and hair alterations and  voila! The Bride and Groom of Frankenstein have reversed roles!

It doesn’t end there. Chimeras are the stuff nightmares are made of.

Scientists have been working on producing  animal/human “chimeras”-ostensibly for the purpose of “life saving organ transplants.” The highly paid Dr. Frankensteins are pushing past a ban on animal/human chimeras and gestating human cells in the bellies of pigs and sheep.

Scientists have no idea what they would do if a chimera were eerily human. The Chimera could exhibit incredibly human features and/or speak.

The potential for disaster by blurring the lines between species is a horror documentary waiting to happen.

There have not been successful attempts at creating human/animal chimeras to date. (unless they’re keeping it under wraps) However  there’s this rather creepy image from BBC of a pig-human embryo.

The most famous image of a chimera was the Vacanti “earmouse,” a product of genetic engineering in 1997 that seeded cow cartilage on the back of a mouse.

In 2016 scientists in Japan grew an actual  human ear on the back of a rat.

These  vile experiments are truly from the Bowels of Hell.

But then, that’s where the Globalist spirit resides. John and Tony Podesta both own extensive art collections that reek of Satan and pedophilia. One of their favorite “artists” is Patricia Piccinini. Her chimera sculptures are deeply disturbing-just the way the Podestas and other moneyed-up “art” collectors like it.

Goth Horror/Sci Fi Hybrid.

It’s been in the works for a while to create hybrids of man and machine.

The US defense company DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)is famous for creating dangerous robots and military weapons. In defiance of the  Human Chimera Prohibition Act, they aim to engineer a “super soldier” using the human genome.

In addition, using optogenetic neural stimulation,  soldiers can control behavior in animals. Naturally we can assume that the technique using light stimulation will have a similar effect on other humans, including the soldier by his or her handler.

And of course, they’re developing  “neural implants” aka brain microchips. Again, this is dressed up as a way that would help people who are suffering with brain injury and diseases. And it’s likely that it would.

However, we can see the bloody writing on the wall. It won’t be long until we’re convinced that if we don’t accept a brain microchip that creates human beings with brains of supercomputers, we’ll be woefully left behind.

It’s equally easy to imagine some people lining up for chips to make purchases easier, like they recently did in Sweden. Or just because it “looks cool.”

Globalists Play God.

On the one hand the Globalists cannot take enough barbaric steps to reduce the world population, while on the other hand conduct reckless and soulless experiments masked as an urgent need to save lives.

Clearly the Globalists need an exorcist.

As for the Frankenfest- it’ll probably be a lot of fun. Bait is always yummy.

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