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Stay Outta the Water! The Weinstein Feeding Frenzy is a Setup

Weinstein a set up to impeach President Trump

It’s a veritable feeding frenzy as powerful sexual predator Harvey Weinstein is being ripped to shreds.

But the bloody waters are teeming with circling sharks. The dramatic and tawdry Harvey Weinstein reality show  is a set up. The plot sickens.

The scrubby Illuminati ogre is being thrown under the bus by the most powerful celebrities in Hollywood. He’s an easy target since he may have outlived his usefulness. Or maybe he just pissed the wrong people off.

But here’s the danger…

The Powers That Be  will use Harvey’s fat nekkid ass as sharkbait. 

We’re chomping our popcorn and enjoying the show. We’re watching Hollywood’s turned-up nose being rubbed in glaring hypocrisy for being ‘outraged” about  then-candidate Trump’s P*ssy tapes.

There’s plenty of applause on both sides of the aisle. On the Right side of the aisle it also makes for delicious comedy and sweet justice. It’s so much fun.

But will our gloating be our downfall?

Any good drama offers the adrenalin burst of the unexpected.

So expect the unexpected.

Imagine if lowlife lawyer Gloria Allred or her spawn Lisa Bloom (who  already regrets rushing to give Weinstein some legal advice) were to roll out yet  another line-up of presstitutes eager to frame our fairly elected President.

Allred tried it last December as she represented a dozen women who crawled out of the woodwork to accuse then-candidate Trump of all sorts of groping and grabbing. He called them liars and threatened to sue them.

They continued to accuse him after the election, but they’ve quieted down. Many of them were debunked. Rumors swirled that ex-apprentice start Summer Zervos was paid $500,000 by Gloria Allred to take down the President. Even Liberal “fact checker” Snopes could only rate that as “unproven.”

The atmosphere of Weinstein mass hysteria would make this the perfect time to revive their claims and/or pimp out some more cash-strapped crisis actresses.

The plot unfolds….

If you watch Hillary’s interview with Andrew Marr she’s already laying the groundwork as she say’s “….It’s important that we not just focus on him…but that we recognize that this type of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it’s in entertainment, politics…after all we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office..” A total lie of course.

CNN was dissing both Obama and Hillary for their lack of response and also for their friendship with Harvey. It sounded promising but then they circled the waters and repeatedly mentioned having an admitted sexual predator in the White House. Both Hillary and CNN lied as President Trump has never admitted to being guilty of sexual assault.

The Allred scenario came to life before this post was published.

The Daily Caller reported,

“A former contestant on NBC’s “The Apprentice” who once accused President Donald Trump of “unwanted sexual touching” is now asking for the presidential campaign’s documents on similar accusations, according to a Sunday report.”

That would be the same Summer Zervos who Gloria Allred paid $500,000 to accuse then-candidate Trump of sexual assault. (Her own half mill or Soros’s?)

It’s clear that the Globalist Establishment intends to impeach President Trump  by dusting off the magical pink pussy hats of hypocritical outrage.

Have your script ready.

We need to be very careful how we frame our response. 

The Weinstein debacle is ensnaring other big Tinseltown fish in the net. There’s already been allegations leveled at Oliver Stone, Benn Affleck and George Clooney.

Given how Weinstein and celebs play such a huge role in politics, it has already spilled over into the DC  Swamp with accusations of hypocrisy and dirty donations.

It only makes sense that the net will snare politicians next-and that puts President Trump in grave danger.

This is not to say that this entire thing was all staged in advance.

However, we can expect another example of “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

So far there has been more sustained media coverage about the scruffy media mogul’s open robe than there has been about the Las Vegas Massacre. That may be no coincidence.

It also offers another opportunity to ramp up the continued coup-in-progress.

How to escape the shark attack.


The left are presumptuous enough to think that if they brought out some more presstitutes it would be reason #157 to impeach someone they don’t like who won the election fair and square.

Ironically, Trump’s accusers are from his single days. We’ve had Presidents who not only grabbed and groped, they cheated on their FLOTUS’s.

So even if President Trump did do such things to women in the past, that won’t mean a thing-not because of morality, but because of precedent.

That’s what Bill Clinton should have used for his defense back in ’99.  His mistake was denying and covering it up. If Bill had not denied the Lewinsky affair and feigned contrition, he was such a beloved president at the time that his fans would have been fine with it.

The most notorious player in the White House was the beloved John F. Kennedy. Aside from him you’ve got Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, FDR and more. So there is no law that says that a President can’t play around-even while in office and even if it involves cheating on their wife.

Since there is no law prohibiting messing around  after taking office, there is surely none that forbids it before taking office.

Again-since other Presidents have been guilty of having sexual liaisons, there is no precedent to impeach our fairly elected President.  If we’re talking assault-President Clinton’s record of sexual assaults was not what got him in hot water. And since the Left has given him a complete and total pass on all that..well.That’s that.

If the most immoral group of individuals who call themselves Democrats think there ouggta be a law-make one. It’s not like they’ve accomplished much of anything else.

Today’s Feminism is fiction

An old stereotype about women is that they can’t make up their minds.

Ironically all the pink hatted  “powerful feminists” in Hollywood and DC remained mute about the common knowledge of Weinstein’s ongoing assaults.

Feminazis continually ignore Bill Clinton’s history as well as the horrific treatment of women by the only  “religion” they approve of-Islam.

“Feminists” will decry the Weinstein assaults while weeping about being victims.

You can’t play the victim card and the powerful woman card at the same time. 

While it’s horrible to be sexually preyed upon,  all the women involved with Harvey Weinstein took the steps they wanted to take. If women want to think of themselves as “feminists” they need to stop playing the victim card.

Some of the women took the moral high ground, sacrificed their dreams and took the pig to court. Others chose their career and money. Powerful choices either way.

That is not to say that the experience didn’t cost them a fair chance at a career or leave them feeling shaky. But “feminists” need to focus on the power of their choices in order to build muscle.

Women are not the only victims. 

The Powers That Be  will exploit this as yet another reason for Hillbots to ramp up their war on  white alpha males and play the misogynistic man-hating card and/or the weepy gender card.

Newsflash-it’s not just women who are sexually harassed in Hollywood. Men who want a shot at the entertainment biz are preyed upon by other men.

Most troubling-and the one that should have the most attention- is rampant pedophilia in the industry. Most of us are hoping that this debacle will not only shut down the hypocritical Social Justice Warriors in Hollywood, but could deal a death blow to rampant pedophilia in both the film industry and elite DC circles.

The ugly truth we all knew. 

Hollywood is synonymous with sexual predation.

The term “casting couch” is as old as the industry itself. People who go into that business are fully aware of body-bargaining.

For at least the last 50 years we’ve had our eyes opened up to the dangers that face child actors. Yet their parents are still willing to ignore that history.

Hollywood is also notorious for high powered homosexual predators. That common knowledge earned the nickname “The Velvet Mafia,” which applies to other industries as well.

A step further

The themes of the movies themselves are often laced with gratuitous nudity and graphic sex. Actresses walk the red carpet wearing lace and no undergarments or slits that reveal almost everything. The staged “wardrobe malfunction” takes it to the next level. Female music industry celebs are basically porn set to “music.” Sometimes I get confused and think I’m watching instead of actual people that exist, like, in real life.

Yet now they’re all weak and wobbly about unsolicited sexual advances.

Are they “asking for it?”

No of course not.

But IMO (I’m a woman) they knowingly put themselves in that position and they need to stop with the delayed crybaby shock and own their part in it.

If a college student goes to a beer bong  party,  gets sh*t-faced drunk, doesn’t keep her eye on her drink and ends up in a bad situation, the perpetrator may be guilty of a criminal act. But in order to move forward emotionally she must own up to her initial reckless choices.

If a person decides to go into the “adult” film industry, how shocked should they be that they’ll be expected to have sex and may contract a disease in the process?

So they didn’t “ask for it” but they knew beforehand that this was the notorious core of the business they were trying to break into. It’s a bad neighborhood.

Most importantly-since it is in fact, terrible behavior and a rotten company culture, they need to do whatever is necessary to fix it-especially for children.

However, if their focus turns to wielding it all as a weapon to take down our President we’ll know they’re totally full of of Oscar-winning baloney.

Life is a reality show.

A really nice takeaway from all this would be if celebrities would develop a little compassion for the “little people” who made them wealthy. The commoners  that they kick in the teeth just because they’re Trump supporters often deal with this.

In the real world, this type of behavior happens in the workplace all the time-workplaces that are not notorious breeding grounds for sexual predation.

When a single mom is making a real-person  wage she doesn’t get to choose between fame and fortune and her moral high ground. For her and her kids it means survival and can derail a hard fought career path.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is horrible. But unfairness in the workplace is not limited to sexual advances. Favoritism and bullying and other abuse of power is rampant. And it happens to both men and women. All colors. All sexual preferences.

Randomly assorted closing thoughts.

Life is unfair. Hollywood needs a good HR Department. If someone is raped they need to go to law enforcement immediately. If people falsely accuse others of sex crimes they need to do serious time. Pedo-gate needs our full attention. We need to focus on the possibility of the Democrats’ spinoff of this highly rated reality show.

We need to get back to work to MAGA.

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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  1. Donna Jones

    Total agreement & this is also a diversion to get people to stop talking about the shooting in Las Vegas. Trump 2020!

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