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OK So Now Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock’s Hard Drive is Missing.

shooter's hard drive is missing

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The Las Vegas shooter’s hard drive is missing.

Reports claim that the hard drive is missing because the shooter had taken it out before killing himself, and it was gone before police busted into the room.

ABC News reports,

“A laptop computer recovered from the Las Vegas hotel room where Stephen Paddock launched the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was missing its hard drive, depriving investigators of a potential key source of information on why he killed and maimed so many people, ABC News has learned.

Paddock is believed to have removed the hard drive before fatally shooting himself, and the missing device has not yet been recovered, sources told ABC News.”

Maybe it’ll turn up on The Ellen Show. 

Oh FBI! How we want to just believe every word you say so we can go back to our comfortably mundane lives: ( But your story keeps changing and without clarification this new missing hard drive narrative sounds about as plausible as Vince Foster committing suicide by shooting himself twice in the head.

“They” call us conspiracy nuts because we ask questions.

When we don’t get clear answers or any at all, that just makes us ask more questions. Call us crazy, but we actually care about learning the truth.

So now the FBI has inspired more questions:
  • Wouldn’t the hard drive be one of the first things they looked at? Why are we first hearing that it’s missing now?
  • Have they wondered who a missing hard drive might benefit? ‘Cause we’re thinking it would benefit the narrative that Stephen Paddock is the shooter and there’s no explanation for who he was or why he did it.
  • Wouldn’t the hard drive be in the room?
  • Why would he keep an empty shell of a laptop in his room?
  • If Stephen Paddock planned to escape or decided to kill  himself, why bother erasing a hard drive? Especially considering some of the hard drive could have been recovered using data recovery methods.
  •  Original reports said he planned to escape. So when did he decide to remove it before offing himself instead?  It seems that there wouldn’t have been enough time between all those rounds of bullets.
  • Will the FBI contact his service provider to gain access to records of his browsing history?
  • Will they contact the NSA who is supposed to have records of all our emails? BTW-while they’re at it, maybe they could find Hillary’s missing 33,000 emails. Did we give up all our rights in the Patriot Act solely to benefit the elite?
  • It is said that ISIS doesn’t take credit for attacks they don’t do. If ISIS acted alone, why wouldn’t the FBI just say so? Could the Leftist-backed Antifa who has vowed to overthrow our election with violence be involved?
Just give us some honest answers. 

Don’t call us kooks. Give us some answers that make sense so we can trust you again. Our collective heart aches with longing  for the days of obnoxious food pics and cat videos on our social media posts.

Wait-what’s all this about an MO? 

ABC went further and explained that there were 3 other mass shooters who destroyed their “digital clues.”

“In 2007, Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung Hui removed the hard drive of his computer and disposed of his cell phone shortly before the massacre. Authorities even searched a pond for the missing digital media, but the devices were never recovered.

The 2008 Northern Illinois shooter, Steven Kazmierczak, removed the SIM card from his phone and the hard drive from his laptop, and neither was recovered.

In 2012, Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza had removed the hard drive from his computer and smashed it with a hammer or screwdriver.”

But here’s the thing…

At this point an awful lot of people have become so jaded and skeptical about our corrupted investigative agencies and the compromised mainstream media that we might not think of those examples as proof of a mass shooter’s MO. Instead, we might think of it more as a favorite pattern employed by the FBI and CIA.

This is what happens when trust is lost.

Come clean, FBI so we can forgive you like the betrayed wife who is hopelessly in love with her philandering husband and whose self esteem is in the toilet.

Your thoughts? More questions of your own?  Comment below!


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  1. Hook. Line, and Sinker! The FBI would have that hard-drive within an hour! Must be something on it that the public must’nt see – so it goes “missing”. I’m not a great “conspiracy theorist” -but see it as routine governing operation. But it never hurts to throw the dogs a bone to fight over now and then – when there’s so much other shit going down (like a fledgling U.S. military operation in Niger) that can’t bear public attention just yet.) Our govrnment is so fragmented and conflicted that even Trump didn’t want to learn about it the first couple of weeks in office. After his first Intelligence Briefing – he was so shocked that he refused to hear any more until he had time to figure out WTF he had got himself into!

  2. cindy

    And while you’re at it, tell America why the FBI wiped everyone’s phones and laptops of the videos of the concert that night. What are they keeping from us?

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