Dems and RINOs need to stop the Russia/Trump hoax NOW. Give it up. Shut up. Get back to work.

Their “evidence” is as useful as a torn up whoopie cushion.

The first Wikileaks Vault 7 dump shot their “evidence”to Hell. It exposed the CIA’s ability to cover their hacking tracks and cyber-pose as Russia.

But the press ignored it and the Opposition got louder. The rest of us were dealing with orchestrated daily carpet bombing chaos.

But the new dump further exposed the CIA’s capability to disguise their hacking fingerprints. They can make it appear that a hack originated in Russia, China, Iran, Korea, wherever. Hey Boise-better watch your back.

That’s it. Case closed. It’s over. Move on. 

We cannot entertain any more of this Alt-Left Trump-Putin conspiracy. We  must insist that this be put to bed NOW! They have got to stop waging war on our fairly elected President and the American people who voted for him.

They also have to stop jeopardizing our relationship with Russia in the process.

Face it-the “evidence” from their “intelligence” agencies couldn’t have been much to speak of anyway or they would have come forward with it.

Even Rachel Maddow may be hearing the air seeping out of this bloated scandal.

She gave a heads-up to her toxic viewers that there just might be a possibility that the Trump campaign is innocent of being in cahoots with the Russian government.

That could spell trouble for her. Her Geraldo-esque Trump Tax Return humiliation is already filed under “Legendary.”

If it registered with her Hillbot hopefuls that they’ve been played long and hard with this Cold War con game  it may be the end of her. So skipping past an apology, she breathed new life and hope into their seething hatred. She waved a whole new batch of scandalous carrots in front of their glazed adoring eyes.

Give it up Rachel, Maxine, Obama Soros, Reich, McCain, Hills, Chelsea, Schumer, Shillaries- alla y’all.

Not one more tax dollar. Not one more minute sabotaging President Trump’s work.


But we have to be loud, clear, and persistent.

We can’t let them perpetuate this fraud. The only evidence they’ve given us proves that the Shadow Government is real.  And that they are our enemies, waging war against their own country.

But of course they will persist because their magic cloak of invisibility and detraction will be ripped off their bony shoulders. The last thing they want is for Congressional resources to be freed up to investigate their actual crimes.

The message is simple. Vault 7 annihilated your “evidence.” Move on.


Spread the world, repeat it and share till the NeverTrumpers get the message!